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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3

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Thanks for the Hotfix~

What i'd personally love to see is an increase in wisps found on the plains (you need quite a lot of them and they're already kidda hard to spot and pretty rare), make fish appear without the requirement to have a spear in your hand first and perhaps increase visibility of mining nodes, but it feels nice so far ^^

Edit 2:

Bounty rewards:

  • Make it so that at all times there is a chance to get any of the 5 lenses.
  • Remove relic rewards from the bounties, at least from the higher ones
  • Void traces are still not something (i as a vet would say) is desireable (why should someone farm prime items with traced up relics if they already have all the primes?)
  • Credit rewards in general should go especially for newer player those rewards are just too low to justify the effort that goes into them
  • same applies to Endo


  • Add more of the rare materials / gems into the loot pool, rewards we actually can use directly on the plains / in cetus.
  • Add prebuild baits to the pool, something that incentivizes the player to go out there and fish aka. play the game more (isn't that a desired goal after all?)

Lets hop ingame and see if the rewards are a bit better now ;)

Edit: while i'm at the very top, let's abuse that a bit

Would you mind explaining what exactly the blue orbs do to the warframe / operator when picked up by them?

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shield disruption too OP



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Sweet. Kudos to the whole team at DE for this uber update and continued fixes :D

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Sorry if this was answerd, im kinda late for this update... one thing i want to know is when i pick those intact cores they are only registering like 1 in 10 pickups... is this bug or working as intended???

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