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TennoGen Round 11 - Accepted Submissions!


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It’s finally time for us to announce TennoGen Round 11!

This is the largest wave yet, totaling 34 accepted submissions that will be making their way into the game. We want every creation to have its chance to shine, so this round will be released a little differently than others due to the sheer number of pieces included.

The accepted creations will be split into three batches that we hope to ship over the course of a month or so on PC. For our Console Tenno, we hope to get you these pieces in the future, but full details on the exact deployment plan are not yet ready to share! 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what to expect in the coming Round(s): 

Warframe Skins

Warframe Helmets


Weapon Skins

The diversity of content in this round is astounding, and I want to offer a huge congratulations to everyone who was accepted! Your creativity and talent knows no limits. :community:

If you’re a creator who submitted a piece but didn’t get accepted - don’t fret! We’ll be sending out supplementary feedback over the course of the next month to creators, so keep an eye on Steam. 

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