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Last Chance for Saryn Prime!


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On December 12 at 2 p.m. ET, Saryn Prime, Nikana Prime and Spira Prime will enter the Prime Vault, and their Relics will no longer be obtainable in the game.

If you already wield the power of these Primes or if you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.

Tenno, you have 6 days left! Obtain the Relics before they are gone!


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11 minutes ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

Begone toxic woman.
Fun aside, I am absolutely against vaulting right now since we have the relic mechanic... your argument that there isnt enough place in the drop tables is invalid to be honest.

So where would you put it? Alerts?

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