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On the subject of melee any plans to touch up Archwing melee? I enjoy Archwing and always have but whilst it's melee is indeed very effective it's not very satisfying or varied. Perhaps that's down to a lack of stances Vs normal melee but I feel it'd be nice to have an wee look with a view to a rework as before there was a definate argument of "are there enough Archwing fans who would use it enough to justify it?" But now we're open world Archwings have suddenly found themselves core to a thriving open world setting that I feel does justify a melee rework for.


Ps. When can we expect more Archwing content? Lol

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1.) when will we be getting more melee weapons added to the gun+melee mode?

2.) how will aimgliding work with the new melee changes proposed, since right click will now be a second attack?

3.) How will abilites that scale off combo like bladestorm or landslide work after melee changes?

4.) How will mods that rely on channeling like lifestrike apply to the new melee system?

5.) is shield gating dead in the water or still being tested?

6.) wukong rework when?

7.) any plans to rework obsolete or mostly useless abilities such as radial javelin, iron jab, spectrorage, tribute, etc?

8.) in this melee rework will you also be buffing the base damage of exalted melee weapons like talons or diwata?

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A few questions:
1) How will directional slams function with Exodia Hunt and Epidemic?
2) How will Condition Overload be affected?
3) Will Maiming Strike be seeing its well-deserved nerf?
4) Will there be a change to the stances, speed and range of scythes?
5) Will Covert Lethality be affected by the rework? Since as it stands, that one mod is the only saving grace for daggers.

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Hi my question is....


When you release Warframe on Switch and you have already mentioned the possibility of account migration will that be strictly be for the Switch or will u do it for all accounts as my PS4 account has so much stuff on it as that is were I started my Warframe experience and recently transferred to the PC I would love to be able to transfer my PS4 account to my PC as all my fashion frame items are on the PS4 I spent so much money on that account and now it is just sat there doing nothing?


Please say you can even if it is for just a single day.


Hope to here something about this anywhere.


Many Thanks


VimtoVampire or ps4 RS2000_86

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1) Are you planning on ever introducing a combo system like Devil May Cry or other Musou style games? With light, heavy and directional attacks you can chain any way you want? 

Stance could be used to add effects and modifiers to the specific types of attacks instead of locking your animation into specific comboes.


2) Any plans for exalted melees on this melee 3.0 pass? And if so, will they be stat only changes or also mechanical reviews? 


3) Any plans on having at least model swap skins (like the ones from deluxe bundles) work on the Zaw melees? 


4) Tennogen Limbo Vasiona skin loses its starry sky effect on the coat tails if prime details are turned on, would it be at all possible to have it stay? 

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What will happen to the mods affected by the combo multiplier such as: Blood rush, Berserker, maiming strike, Weeping wounds and the weapons that passively have something to do with the same as for example: Venka prime?

I also wanted to know what's going to happen with mods affected by channeling attacks such as: Life Strike

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Hi there DE!

1. Will there be changes to dual wielding?

2. More Gunblades? Maybe a twin gunblade or a gunsword?

3. What's in the future of scythe stances and channeling?

4. Changes to Arch-wing melee?

5. Operator Melee?

6. Any changes to the effectiveness of damage types like puncture and impact?

7. How will the changes affect the exalted melee weapons?

8. More splitting sword! No seriously, we only have one in game if I'm not mistaken, I think its a good concept an we should get more... Maybe like a zaw?

9. How about we could equip Daggers as a 4th type of weapon, like a secondary melee? I think it will add a bit more to the tactical feel... Or make like a zaw in a zaw... ZAWCEPTION!

10. Lightsabers?

11. Combo multiplier, stances, channeling mods...?

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With the current melee system I see as much appeal in flavour and fun as there is in pure power, an example being heavy blades where you have brutish bashing with rending crane, crazy berserk mode with cleaving whirlwind and pretty much dancing with tempo royale, true variety. I worry that it'll be hard to unify stances without sacrificing some of this flavour, so can you (DE) somehow reassure me that I will still be able to dance around for fun with my blades in melee 3.0?

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Please ! Now that you finally brought up the melee code again with melee 3.0 will we be getting the possibility to use skins on zaws?? Many of us are waiting for it for months... A simple thing that you said was complex and maked no sence in january please DE !


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I have a couple of questions regarding the Combo's and Charged attacks:

Q1: do we spend our entire combo multiplier to make our charged attack unleash one really powerful combo or will these Charged attacks spend increasing amount of combo kills from said Combo multiplier per charged attack used?
Q2: will there be Combo's that are harder to use and be more rewarding? (for example doing more damage and getting more melee multiplier stacks)

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