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  1. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    K-Driven Achievement will take some dedication

    I'm currently over halfway there, but getting less and less active on the vallis because I've got everything.
  2. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Redo old prime skins

    I for one dislike how the newer primes have ridiculous amounts of prime details on them, it means skin choice is much more limited/doesn't work. Also they ruined my chroma prime fashion with the change to some prime bits showing, now it's either your skin is irrelevant or the prime bits are all gone, whereas previously you could have some but still have the skin actually show.
  3. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Launcher music.. make it stop

    I mean, you can just click play before it finishes... it doesn't play until then and doesn't force you to listen to it.
  4. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Optional Subscription Service

    No x12 And as others have already said, prime accessories every 3 months will get you affinity and credit boosters, and some good cosmetics.
  5. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Moa suggetion

    *cough* Umbra *cough*
  6. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Lunaro checking is 2x faster and longer than intended

    It's not a bug, it's a feature. A feature that killed Lunaro completely.
  7. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Sunpoint Plasma Drill

    Does it have the same ore detection capabilities as the advanced nosam cutter though? I was able to get it, but had to go off before I could test it out.
  8. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    How to kill the biggy spider?

    I don't think an Ignis (Wraith) is going to miraculously deal damage when other weapons don't.
  9. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Arbitration's "5 HP Bug"???

    You just ran out of life support in survival, nothing out of the ordinary (also if you stay in and alive for 5 mins or so after this you fail the mission). To reiterate: not a bug, just the result of life support dropping to 0%.
  10. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Possible making scanner/s directional, like mining laser?

    You can just stop and start aiming to pulse at will, the pulse always beeps, if it detects anything it beeps extra, and highlights the object briefly.
  11. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    mod idea: life steal augment for Vulpine Mask

    Why? Why only rapiers? Why not simply use healing return if you want status bound health regen?
  12. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Pair 2 frames together an explain the child they would make

    Oberon + Nekros = Actually Satan Nekros + Nidus = zombieframe (add in toilet paper and food preservatives for Inaros) Nezha + Ivara = joke I'm probably not allowed to make (frame that lays things that capture creatures) Ember + Frost + ??? = Hydroid Atlas + Gara = gemstone frame Frost + Zephyr = penguin
  13. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Limbo Banish, Volt Speed Boost, Opting Out

    Welp, nothing to be done about those players anyway.
  14. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Limbo Banish, Volt Speed Boost, Opting Out

    There's this wonderful thing called chat. It can be used to ask people to stop doing things you don't want done. Alternatively you can stay out of range so they don't tag you by accident.
  15. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Only the sheath of the Paracesis is missing

    Nikana zaw says hi, they clearly don't care about sheathing viability.