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  1. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Pair 2 frames together an explain the child they would make

    Oberon + Nekros = Actually Satan Nekros + Nidus = zombieframe (add in toilet paper and food preservatives for Inaros) Nezha + Ivara = joke I'm probably not allowed to make (frame that lays things that capture creatures) Ember + Frost + ??? = Hydroid Atlas + Gara = gemstone frame Frost + Zephyr = penguin
  2. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Limbo Banish, Volt Speed Boost, Opting Out

    Welp, nothing to be done about those players anyway.
  3. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Limbo Banish, Volt Speed Boost, Opting Out

    There's this wonderful thing called chat. It can be used to ask people to stop doing things you don't want done. Alternatively you can stay out of range so they don't tag you by accident.
  4. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Only the sheath of the Paracesis is missing

    Nikana zaw says hi, they clearly don't care about sheathing viability.
  5. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    So, has all this Void travel jump started puberty?

    Rell supposedly died of old age though, but kept his consciousness alive inside harrow.
  6. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Is riven system balanced now?

    I'll just leave this here...
  7. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    I call for a boycott on the fomorian!

    Warframe halloween "content" usually comes around quite close to the actual day (shocker, halloween is a single day, unlike how the internet treats it these days). It'll probably just be recycled lime last time though, in which case remember to equip firewalker for extra damage. On topic: meh, probably rigged anyway, not a huge fan of new strata anyway, the layout isn't as good as other relays imo.
  8. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Question about players with Zeniths.

    Do you mean zenistar? (big ol' flaming disc of doom, as compared to meh disk of semi-auto infinite buggy punch-through that shows heads and was way cooler on release) I don't think I've EVER seen anyone besides myself run zenith in a squad with me.
  9. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    People do not play Lunaro anymore !

    We had 2 tournaments during the summer holidays actually, quite enjoyable. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/298892691?collection=3c98yIhURhV7sA Can't speak for other regions, but EU has decent enough activity in lunaro, though not necessarily always public games. (no ability to organise teams properly, various matchmaking bugs such as 2v1 in warmup becoming 3v1 in warmup because reasons, preventing match starting, people that are disliked being able to join, etc.) It feels like DE abandoned it though, the last fix/change was when you could literally not end a public match without everyone crashing (thus also voiding rewards and challenges). The main changes it needs: removing ball-guard (should also fix stagger immunity issues), DElay for pickup/unstable after a throw lowered to at least 0.3s from 0.5 (the amount of times I've missed a perfect shot because I broke the speed limit...), adding knockdown immunity to checks (ONLY knockdown, not stagger) so lag doesn't make defending 5x harder because you can't defend against successive shots even though you did in fact hit it the first time.
  10. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Putting Revenant in Rare Bounty rotation is bad.

    I was trying to make a joke about buggy miniquest stuff, but yes I am planning to build multiple, because we still can't get more than 3 fashion configs. I actually agree with some of your earlier points, though I feel like this particular case could've been handled better than putting him in bounties. I'd compare this to atlas or nidus before I did to khora, mesa or vauban. My reasoning being that atlas and nidus' missions are mind-numbingly boring to keep running over and over, mesa grind doesn't let you run the same thing over and over (and you can usually get her in 1-2 keyshares), while vauban is just waiting for alerts as opposed to becoming more annoyed every time you finish another useless run (after the first 10 or so).
  11. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Putting Revenant in Rare Bounty rotation is bad.

    *Has 2 main blueprints but 0 Neuroptics* Once, you say?
  12. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    I require autopilot excal umbra build for afk index.

    Going to wager the idea is to make it tanky and having the hp regen operator arcanes, while giving it strong weapons, cause umbra AI is not exactly good at surviving.
  13. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    OK So i want to change my name

    Not sure I understand the logic as to the multiple accounts, but you can ask support to delete your account or to make the name available if the account is inactive for a loooong time (or you have access to it, I suppose). The name change itself will still cost 200 plat though.
  14. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Give me ideas for a clan event

    Lunaro tournament, and make sure to open it to alliance members too.
  15. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Just Remove Current Conclave + Frame Fighter ft. Lunaro (w/ Suggestions)

    Aim to throw? As in it zooming in? No thanks, just practice to get good aim, it's not too hard, you even have lines on your reticule to help you with this. Special abilities? NO! NO GOD PLEASE NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Operator mode: it's funny how lunaro was first teased with operators included, which was then never mentioned ever again, still, Lunaro as it is right now would never see operator usage, it just isn't worth it. (them not being mobile enough for one) Bug fixes: yup... recent superspeed ball bug, check immunity (also remove ball-guard already), DElay needs to be shortened (the no pickup/unstable time, not really a bug but still needed), etc. Actual rewards would be nice too, arcanes from conclave standing would be nice for example.