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  1. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Call of the Condrocs - the Flying Eidolon Bossfight

    Just something a few friends have been saying for a while, they seemed pretty sure about it, though I'm not certain of what their sources are.
  2. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    3000 cap

    Ì mean, you can just go back on forth on the long pipe for extra multiplier too, just turn around in midair. It would just be a massive pain to grind like that.
  3. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Call of the Condrocs - the Flying Eidolon Bossfight

    Aren't the flying eidolons coming to reworked gas city already?
  4. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10

    ...is still dead, R.I.P.
  5. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Why are forma blueprints all over relics?

    Because back in the time before relics, you could get built forma as well as blueprints as drops from void missions (which required keys). The strange thing is that uncommon forma now comes as a blueprint as well, instead of pre-built like before.
  6. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    Didn't the Mesa Kudegra get accepted as well? It was shown along with the rest on stream after all.
  7. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Let Lunaro with Abilities be our Battle Royale

    Not since the Chimera update, R.I.P. the last remnants of Lunaro.
  8. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Odd find in Fortuna Cave

    They're scannables with lore, like the thousand-year fish on plains, and cephalon fragments in normal missions.
  9. Imo they should drop from their respective raknoids (vega from Mite raknoids, calda from Scyto raknoids and sola from Kyta raknoids), standing values can get adjusted. (Also is it just me or does the crisma toroid look like it belongs to the spaceport's Orb?)
  10. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Can we stop dancing with archgun when we take it?

    You forgot the final step: Finally finishes equipping gun. Dies.
  11. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    The Galvacord Build

    Why do your gold mods look like bronze mods?
  12. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    Pretty sure I got the first Frost and Mag unvaults, and then the Ember unvault as well when she came together with frost, yet I received none of those noggles (none at all, even) only other PA stuff I got were accessories which aren't eligible apparently, but I'm kind of annoyed that the first few unvaults aren't worthy enough.
  13. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Sooo... Prime Regulators are worse than normal?!

    There're the pics that were linked. That is strange though, especially considering all other stats are identical. EDIT: I'm told it's due to power strength.
  14. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    Poor Poor Hystrix

    That's actually not how the Hystrix works. The post above yours explained it correctly: changing mode simply guarantees a proc of that damage type, but doesn't give that elemental damage to the Hystrix at all.
  15. --Q--DragonSkllzz

    K-Driven Achievement will take some dedication

    I'm currently over halfway there, but getting less and less active on the vallis because I've got everything.