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  1. That's for the scanner. Mining upgrades come from Biz in Fortuna iirc, they're permanently on once obtained. There's just those two atm. Extended max range and a silencer.
  2. Hear me out here. K-Drives are modular. Revivification is the system for making the new modular infested pets via conservation. We do conservation on velocipods. Velocipods can function as K-Drives... Let us revivificate velocipods into summonable K-Drives! This way we can get the new really cool ride-able infested bugs, but mod them and summon them even in the other open worlds.
  3. How are you gilding it? I just tried to gild a max rank Pharaoh Predasite, and it told me to bring a max rank ungilded companion...
  4. There's a workaround for the synthesis scanner and operator thing: just melee, then operator. When you swap back your melee will still be equipped, but when you aim, your scanner is back, no need for gear wheel or hotkey. Still agree with more consistency and QoL being nice though.
  5. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this line from the female kuva liches yet: "I have been bisected, dissected, autopsied, upgraded... the line between who I was and what I am erased and redrawn more times than I have bothered to record." That one line just really captures the horror of the process a lich goes through to get to where it is, and how the only thing fuelling it at this point is it's drive for vengeance upon you. (And then a simple death threat makes it friendly to you, somehow. Like how are we even maintaining these liches? Is Steel Meridian taking them in or something?)
  6. Oh boy, Valkyr lore, here we go again. You actually bring up an interesting point with the regeneration. First of all, Umbra is the only instance we see of this, many years after valkyr's introduction, so it likely wasn't a thing yet back then, but let's explain this with "there are limits to the regeneration". After all, Umbra himself was completely destroyed in the cutscene at the start, which is why his helmet was damaged in the first place after we reconstructed him. Alad V probably had some method to either inflict lasting damage or turn off the regeneration, neither of which are unl
  7. Hinmun (Konzu's uncle that was lost on Eris). Early lunch runs in the family, right?
  8. 39, gonna get ash systems from the stream tomorrow, that'll make 40, then it's just Simaris Standing for mirage parts, octavia bp, and all of titania.
  9. TL:DR: Post ended up longer than expected, I don't agree with your ideas, listed some of my own. I made sure to include the why's. No offence meant. Totally not a thread necro So basically, you want to make something completely different, then slap the name "Lunaro" on it and just delete what we have now. Now before I begin answering the stuff you said: I'm aware Lunaro is in a terrible state at the moment, but I'll get to that later. Have you ever watched a match with more than 2 skilled players? Because when everyone knows what they're doing, people start using this magic
  10. Finally I can get an Ash Systems, been farming for days with only neuroptics and chassis drops. Thanks a lot!
  11. Right, thanks for clarifying that, I assumed OP knew about it because they mentioned charging the glaive. To reiterate: charge it first, proceed to use your gun to get her hp down. Then explode the Xoris while she's reversing time. Any weapon can deal damage to Protea, the only thing you need the Xoris explosion for is stopping her time reversal.
  12. Charge the Xoris first, then get her health down, use Xoris, repeat.
  13. I'd absolutely love Ash next week. The systems are the only non-Simaris warframe part I've yet to get again to complete my duplicate warframe collection.
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