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  1. I have to ask what you mean by legacy rolls, cause every riven stat changes at the moment it's disposition changes.
  2. As SneakyErvin said, let's wait another month or 2 for D2's numbers to stabilize out before we start fully saying if it's gonna be competitive or not. You can't just go off steam numbers since Warframe has 3 different PC launchers to D2's one through Steam.
  3. No? Cataclysm was always a Rift sphere centered on you, like Snowglobe. It could nuke enemies in the weeks following Limbo's rework, but that was patched out.
  4. Yeah, D2 had a very basic F2P that only took you to level 7. Then they released the base game for free, but you still had to pay for expansions. It's just now that it's almost entirely everything for free.
  5. I never said those aren't just as bland, but Hildryn's 3 damage in negligible and comes at a higher cost to the ability, and at base is meant to link with your teammates, not deal damage. How is it anything like Cataclysm. His 4 just spawns a sphere of Rift. Ember's new 4 is more like Hydroid's 1, so why would being on a small map affect it. If you're calling Fireblast AoE damage, then it was already redundant to WoF in her current kit. Fireblast is actually being given a separate identity then by being the CC focused ability, albeit at the loss of Accelerant, though her 2 shouldn't be as need to buff her damage with her new passive and her armor strip.
  6. They do care, just don't expect them to respond to every little complaint we put out onto there's forums. Something like sensitivity decimals is so much lower priority than getting out their big releases (Railjack, New War) and reworks (Vauban and Ember).
  7. Devs almost never respond to topics, and even then only ones they might have a personal interest in. Something like this is more than likely a low to non priority.
  8. Since it keeps needing to be brought up, DE have said explicitly that they're not gonna do passive trading. There HAS to be some form a player to player interaction for DE to consider the suggestion, not just clicking on a button and then getting plat.
  9. Never gonna happen. DE had explicitly said they don't want to incentive higher level missions like that.
  10. It was announced in the initial outlines for Melee 3.0. Channeling is being removed (along with the combo counter) and replaced with a Super Mode/Devil Trigger type ability. As far as I know, nothing has been announced so far that indicates their not still gonna removed it. In fact, the aforementioned combo counter change is coming about the end of this month from the latest Devstream.
  11. I mean, channeling is explicitly gonna be removed for it's lack of purpose/use anyways, so it's unlikely anything about it's functionality it's gonna change.
  12. He was still able to summon and use his exalted blade. No matter what, frames don't need operators to use their powers.
  13. Cool. That works in a game like L4D2. That won't work in Waframe, where multiple frames can and will invalidate any enemies the moment they spawn, not giving them the chance to do any the fancy new behaviours you've given them. Or can just make themselves invincible and let your new enemies wail on them to no effect. While there is an issues with our enemies (namely armor scaling), changing their AI or raising their levels won't do S#&$ unless you stop us players from completely invalidating enemies with our insane crowd control.
  14. Except most of the complaining is that DE is somehow obligated to make sure one specific reward appears at one specific time in a RNG shop for no good real reason/ other than "it should".
  15. People really be thinking they just deserve stuff
  16. Why would they be obligated to do that? The store is probably automatically reset anyways, so they don't always decide what's in it at certain points in the first place.
  17. ..............the ability is called Stomp. Why would the animation be anything other than a stomp?
  18. Elemental immunities have already been given a hard no by DE, and now that she'll have a better passive, letting her be immune is more useless than it was before.
  19. Cross save could work, it's just that some obvious things are not gonna transfer between accounts, namely plat and Tennogen. Rivens might also transfer over, but you'll likely share your riven storage across all accounts. And why wouldn't current players be allowed Crossave? DE would probably just make you choose which one you want to be your "main" and just merge everything they can.
  20. They are based on intended performance. That's how the past 3 dispo changes minimum have been done. DE had said multiple time they're not just going by popularity buy by internal metrics as well.
  21. I mean, DE knows this, which is why they've said explicitly that they're also balancing on internal metrics of that the weapons power level should be. It's why weapons like the Kohm haven't been touched in any of the changes.
  22. DE has said multiple times that melee dispositions aren't gonna be touched until Melee 3.0 comes out
  23. Note, only 120-150 of those 300 employees are the actual programmers.
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