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  1. To be fair a legendary core per forma wouldn't be enough (at least for me) considering the time wasted etc levelling up... It's not like the majority of the players using umbra forma will likely have much use for the legendary core anyway as they'll likely be the ones who have all the main mods levelled already. To be honest, I haven't actually used my umbra forma but I have used umbra mods....
  2. Dragon Key? Sounds like you've got the one that reduces damage on to me. edit: iirc there were some changes to bows a little while back but I think in most cases they made them better not worse.
  3. You're complaining about the argon crystals.... honestly that was one of the 'easier' things to get from zero. I spent far longer on mining on earth and venus than I did farming for argon, hell the carbides and cubics took longer too.... Now don't get me wrong I think the game has become too grindy with the recent releases but (iirc) 15 argon wasn't that bad in all honesty.
  4. Well part of the issue with the sentient ship is also the weapon parts.... I personally don't like rare crates, they're 'too rare' to put something like ephemera or umbra forma in imo. I very rarely see them on the star map so considering the short duration of the sentient ship it seems like it's just making a bad situation of rarity even worse, especially considering it seems the ephemera competes with the captura scene for drop chance (not seen it myself just what others are saying)..
  5. Ironically with the melee rework I'm using less melee weapons than before because I just don't like the stance reworks on some classes of weapons (polearms is a perfect example) and in all honesty I doubt they'll ever get looked at again so.... As for my builds, if anything I have less variation in their builds now too due to the way that they reworked certain mods....
  6. Pretty sure people were saying it was a rare cache drop on empyrean maps.... and it was at least originally available one all maps but only meant for high end ones or something like that. Basically it's so rare it might as well not be there....
  7. UM... have you been missing the threads/comments about them because they've been pretty prevalent, especially on release. Players have been asking for ways to lock riven stats, for fixed stats rather than rng and other things on rivens. Kuva weapons have had people asking for ways to 'level up' the low stats to higher stats, the removal of forced 5 forma for full xp from and 'better' ways to get the weapons we want. As to the main topic... in all honesty, railjack was released unfinished and likely had next to no testing/balancing done beforehand and sp we're left being the beta testers as always...hopefully DE will listen to us and quickly fix the issues we have with the game modes after they come back from holidays
  8. Yeah I've been saying grind is getting excessive and that 'this years' cash cow is forma. IMO I know why it's like it is and it's basically due to DE's own decisions to focus on the 'big additions' at the expense of everything else and so they need to find a new way to make profit from players. I don't begrudge them making money, it's just how they're going about it... the current grind is making me LESS inclined to spend money on the game, in fact I've refused to pay plat (even what I traded for) to get certain items because of the excessive grind.... I completely HATE the multiple layers of grind/rng introduced with liches and empyrean, so much so that I haven't been bothered with empyrean (the gaming experience wasn't exactly fun when I tried it) and I just got bored of my liches after the first one but managed to force my way through a few more until I just said nah, this one can just sit there doing nothing on mars (or is it mercury, one of them) Yes we've been asking for 'end game content' but for most people 'end game content' is not multiple layers of grind, while doing the same thing over and over without any real sort of variation or real sign of progression other than luck of the draw rng rewards. The problem imo is two fold, one is that no matter how much us long term players raise the issue, DE won't listen while they have new players coming in paying plat for instant gratification and then leaving when they realise how 'stale' (lets be honest the game is pretty stale right now), expensive or just plain grindy the game actually is. The other is that the people leading the development of the game just don't experience it outside of their sandboxed environment with all their devhacks to speed up the grind etc so they think these excessive grinds are 'ok', that and they're not actually listening to players anymore imo, it used to be a case of they'd take notice of feedback, now it's more a case of it's 'our game tough if you don't like it'
  9. Haven't done it for ages but couldn't you just click on the 'alert' to be taken to the mission? Pretty sure that's how I did mine.
  10. During tennocon they showed the control panel where you would shift stuff around mid battle to manage things like energy and the likes which would run out.... anybody who plays the game regularly could see that wasn't 'right' for warframe..... so they had to rework that (it basically got moved to the 'mod page' on the control panel in docks) and we ended up with what we have now including the need to build resources and put out fires mid battle instead (both annoying imo)
  11. I'm assuming (more accurately hoping) there is more to come for railjack that didn't quite get finished (more archwings for example) but I suspect most of the time went into DE making the overly convoluted micromanagement system more than once, they already said they ditched the original shown at tennocon (who would have thought that something like that wouldn't work in warframe..... most players) and then working out the systems which we'll end up grinding out. Mind you I've literally touched it for the first day or two after release and am just ignoring it until DE does something to fix the issues that most players have... I'm also like you I came for the warframes and PvE, not 'pirates in space' (which railjack is basically when you think about it....) I also kind of feel similar about liches, apart from a random part generator for the liches there isn't really much to it and considering how long all this has been being built for I just don't see where the time went if you get me. Railjack and liches sure don't feel like '1.5-2 years' of work if you get me. I've given up expecting a decent UI from DE, they clearly haven't got anyone in house who specialises in UI and UX design, and it's made even worse when, like me, you do have a background in design and have done UI/UX before.... Hell I've chatted with other clan members about improvements to UI stuff in game and some of the things they suggest to me are just basic they should already be in game type things....
  12. The thing is that (especially) with the last few updates it seems that DE sees these excessive amounts or multiple layers of grind as a acceptable (yes I know some are saying it's the hema again, sort of testing player limits but I'm not so sure) and is ultimately what they see as 'replayable end game content'.... in essence end game is a massive repetitive grind to get the 'golden egg' reward(s) which are then used to basically do the same thing all over again, just with stronger weapons.... What makes it worse is that it didn't even start with railjack, we got stupidly low drop chance on those Jupiter puzzle rooms for those mods and new mod additions to arbitration were stuck in the drop table not in the store for vitus (many of us complained, nothing done). Then we also have liches, which as we all know not only have their multiple layers of rng/grind, they also have the necessity of 5 forma on each weapon for their full xp and no other gain other than capacity.... and lets be honest the released version of liches doesn't look like they spent much time on the actual game play side of things, or rewards (they're a 'copy paste' skin with some stat changes in all but 3 cases...) if I'm being totally honest. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure DE can make 'replayable end game content' that doesn't revolve around rng and grind.
  13. While I wouldn't say it killed warframe, I would say that it's quite divisive, there are some who absolutely love it and some who are basically doing because they want the weapon/mods. Then there are others (like me) who still don't see a reason for it to have been added (I feel the maps with a bit of tuning would have been great for just archwings) or just not that bothered about farming it in it's current state and as such not in any rush to do it and completely happy to wait for any future updates which 'might' improve the farming/grind side of it. Then you have this minor thing called christmas and new years....
  14. More likely there is rng weighting to the percentage value and the lower numbers are weighted higher so you get more of them. This is likely there to 'encourage' you to keep going back and farming for the higher stats. Like many others, this is one of the things about liches that I don't like.
  15. And my 'reward' for fighting the bosses at a higher level is.... honestly outside of sorties I haven't fought any of the bosses once I have the weapon parts unless I wanted to help a clan mate get it done quicker (thinking things like jordas), hell if I don't enjoy a boss fight at sortie level (ambulas for example) I just don't bother doing the sortie. As a higher level mr player there just isn't a reason for me to fight them and making them a higher level isn't going to change that.
  16. Actually I didn't miss the first part of what you said.... I didn't quote it because it wasn't the part I was replying to.
  17. To be fair that speed boost is pretty much pointless when one of the main uses of ivara is using her for spy missions (not saying there aren't other uses) where the sprint speed is just disabled due to prowl. Personally I'd have rather seen a 'unique' ability that allowed her to move faster when using prowl over the stupid constellation she has when invisible....
  18. It's not about actual numbers, you're complaining about them being overpowered compared with the other weapon types when they're not overpowered when you start needing to deal with higher level enemies (maybe you just haven't gone high enough yet). So as I said I don't agree that melee is overpowered, I think it's the other way round, the other weapons aren't strong enough at high level enemies and I'm not alone in that viewpoint, at least in my clan.
  19. No, they're not too good, the other classes of weapons aren't good enough... Melee are the only weapon class that viably scales to higher level content and can deal with the way the enemies scale at higher levels.
  20. True but that isn't the point, the OP made a choice to go for the cheaper route of saving for a console when they could have chosen to save longer and get a pc and in this context get 'timely updates' To be fair the internet connection is kind of mute in this context, you need it for both a pc and/or console. People are still assuming the delay is still on DE's end....it is entirely possible they may have submitted the hotfix but sony didn't want to do it before christmas. Now the likely reason is they either haven't finished the QC on consoles in house (they have to test obviously) or they may have decided to wait until more updates are ready so it's more cost effective, they have to pay after all, and to be honest I don't blame them on this because at the end of the day DE is a business and need to use their money in the most effective way. As you say this isn't the first time, iirc PoE was a buggy mess over a major holiday on PC, so it's not exclusive to consoles and while yes it was annoying, it wasn't the end of the world... it's still there, it's still got most of the same issues we raised on release and it's still an 'ignored' area for most of us who bothered to do it, a few weeks didn't make that much difference. Now don't get me wrong I agree about the releasing it unfinished to hit the deadline of that game awards thing was a bad move but at the same time I can't complain that DE are taking some time off over christmas. At the end of the day we don't have to play the new stuff if it is that buggy or the rewards aren't good enough. Hopefully DE will bring some decent fixes in the new year but either way I'm not going to lose sleep over a buggy release, it's pretty normal on major updates from DE unfortunately.
  21. I don't mind the overall look of ivara prime but I just wish the galaxy pattern when invisible was toned down and the helmet didn't clip so much.... The galaxy pattern is just too prominent/distracting (ideally a non prime option or at least toned down would be nice) and the helmet not only clips on itself but on every single syandana you might want to use. Considering that some people may have bought ivara prime for not an inconsiderate amount of money the least DE could do is make sure the helmet doesn't clip, at least on the 'ponytail' (mind you ivara isn't the first and I doubt it will be the last)... I haven't noticed it yet but some have issue with the artemis bow blocking visibility of the target too..
  22. Yeah I would like the effect, at the very least, toned down because it's pretty annoying from a visual standpoint in all honesty. Mind you I'm not a fan of the helmet clipping everything either so at this rate I may just end up running it as the non prime...
  23. No, I'm not in a bubble.... you chose to save less and buy a console, you could have saved more and bought a pc... not exactly rocket science is it. Yet you have basically been saying that a hotfix is more important than them having a holiday and it's funny how you say it's simple for them to do a hotfix, it isn't or consoles would be 1:1 with pc's.... The fact you say it's not a big deal is kind of contradicting everything you've been saying about a lack of a hotfix.... Not to mention it can't be 'that buggy' if you can play it for 10 hours daily since the 19th..... so lets just be honest, what you're really ranting about is the fact you haven't got the improved drop rates and instead of just waiting till an update drops you're burning yourself out trying to farm for something that you already know will have improved drop rates early next year....
  24. Pretty sure some places have legal requirements for this but at the same time I personally think it's a good thing to have something like that in game because some people can get addicted to games and don't know when to stop etc. Not to mention you can easily lose track of how long you've been doing something in the game imo, especially as there is no physical clock in the game (outside of enabling time in chat)
  25. You still chose to go console, the pc option was there you just needed to save longer to get it... Being F2P doesn't mean the company doesn't make money.... they have to otherwise there wouldn't be any reason to update the game in the first place... And people wonder why games companies have crunch and their workers get overworked etc.... it's because some players are just totally unrealistic about what game designers can do in a 'normal' amount of time... you also assume that DE are the reason for the delay... it could have been sony not wanting to do the cert testing before christmas.... At the end of the day DE are people and they deserve some time off over christmas like most other people, warframe is after all just a game, it's not the end of the world if something isn't working right. And honestly you're coming across as a spoilt brat if I'm being honest.... you're making out that an update is more important than DE staff actually getting some time off to spend with their families over christmas, having likely spent several months 'crunching' to get the update out in the first place.... yes it's later than planned, yes it's buggy, yes its far from ideal, but it's still playable and honestly if it bothers you that much, don't play it until the fix is out... there are other games you could be playing
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