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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2


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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

Please note that Operator cosmetic issues are known and the team are working to smooth out these wrinkles. Earliest ETA on fixes for these are Monday - please continue to point your Chimera issues to our Megathread:

Missed QoL Change:
You can now swap your A B C Appearance loadout order in the Arsenal!


  • Heavy Blade and Hammer Zaws now have a Range of 3 meters which should fix the continued inconsistency since the Mainline.
  • Restored Venka Prime's 0.75 Melee Combo Multiplier.
  • Removed the requirement to be higher than Initiate to replicate Clan Research - further review of this initial change is required.
  • Reduced some distortion on Radiation Status FX.
  • Removed some unnecessary sounds from the Daily Tribute UI.
  • Removed an extra Icon on the Dojo minimap.
  • Minor sounds mix adjustments to Melee slide attack / heavy attack / slam attack.


  • We have live fixed Arbitration missions rewarding the incorrect amount of Vitus Essence at End Of Mission, and inability to complete the Mastery Rank 26 test.
  • Fixes towards a crash related to Discord. Much love to Discord for diagnosing and implementing the fix!
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a Host migration if you had an active Specter.
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Lunaro match.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Grab in Frame Fighter.
  • Fixed earning multiple Ayatan Statues in an Arbitrations mission, but only receiving one once returning to your ship.
  • Fixed Defectors falling through the floor in the Corship Ship Defection tileset, resulting in inability to extract.
  • Fixed Defection missions not spawning the correct number of Colonists, and therefore not counting rescued squads correctly.
  • Fixed < and > characters causing input boxes (search bars, password, etc) to break.
  • Fixed the Cetus tower appearing too large in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed Blast Status FX showing on invisible weapons. 
  • Fixed Grineer Flameblades freezing up in animations when dropping from the Dropship in the Plains.
  • Fixed some weapons (Dakra Prime, Deimos Claw Skin, etc) having an incredibly long weapon trail FX.
  • Fixed skyboxes unintentionally getting too dark when turning FX settings down in the Options.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.
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Will Power Donation give 7 capacity along with Steel Charge to standardize the Aura system? Inconsistency between Aura mods is why players who wish to use Umbral Mods always run Steel Charge. It would be nice if Aura Mods all offered 7 (or 9) additional capacity at max rank to level the playing field.

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Well, finally fixed Neptune Defection.

This is what Vay Hek would say to you DE: "You're late, maggots! This wouldn't have happened in first place if you came sooner! Hahaha!"

After all those frustrations, thank you, still, I would be happy if you at least made sure things are achievable before you drop an update and content hammer. In other words, little testing wouldn't kill you at all.

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