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Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes


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Hail Tenno!

With the excitement surrounding Fortuna, it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Riven mods - Cephalon Samodeus’ creations can turn the game’s balance on its head, transforming almost any weapon into a uniquely vicious powerhouse.

Since not all weapons are created equal, “Riven Disposition” was introduced as a sort of counterbalance, ensuring that weaker weapons get stronger Rivens and vice versa. Some effort has gone into maintaining Dispositions as new weapons and Primes are introduced, but because of Warframe’s ever-evolving status as a living game, some Dispositions are not an accurate reflection of their weapon’s popularity and power.

As you explore the Orb Vallis, you may notice your Rivened weapons performing differently than usual - this is because we have tweaked Dispositions across the board, to better uphold the delicate balance of power that Rivens represent. Releasing these changes without warning is our way of discouraging market exploitation, which may have occurred if some players knew change was coming, while players who didn’t visit the Forums would be unaware. We understand Riven Disposition is a touchy subject, since many players have accumulated vast and valuable Riven collections. To help keep market fluctuation under control, we followed a few simple rules:

  • No Disposition has changed by more than one “pip” in the Arsenal. (For those knowledgeable about how Rivens work in code, no Disposition will change by more than +/-0.2)
  • Dispositions are based roughly on the weapon’s usage among mid-to-endgame Warframe players, with handmade tweaks where appropriate.
  • If usage stats show that a number should be changed only slightly, we didn’t change it at all - about 40% of all gun Dispositions have gone untouched.
  • As of posting this Workshop, all players who own Rivens have received an in-game message warning them of changes. Buyers beware!
  • Changes will be rolled out to all platforms as quickly as possible, to further prevent market exploitation.
  • Melee Rivens have NOT been changed yet; those tweaks will come along with weapon rebalancing in Melee 3.0.

Based on these parameters, here is the complete list of changes we have made:


Amprex: 0.96->0.85
Argonak: 1.0->1.1
Braton: 0.96->1.01
Burston: 1.18->1.25
Buzlok: 1.55->1.45
Cernos: 0.86->0.92
Dread: 0.82->0.9
Ferrox: 1.0->1.1
Grakata: 1.1->1.15
Hema: 1.0-> 1.1
Ignis: 0.79->0.7
Javlok: 1.0->1.1
Lanka: 1.1->0.95
Latron: 1.07->1.15
Miter: 1.6->1.55
Mutalist Cernos: 1.21->1.26
Opticor: 1.21->1.15
Panthera: 1.55->1.5
Paris: 0.96->1.05
Penta: 1.18->1.25
Quanta: 0.9->1.0
Quartakk: 1.2->1.25
Rubico: 1.1->0.95
Scourge: 1.0->1.1
Simulor: 0.5->0.7
Soma: 0.5->0.55
Stradavar: 1.18->1.25
Supra: 1.14->1.0
Tenora: 1.0->1.05
Tiberon: 1.5->1.3
Tonkor: 0.55->0.75
Torid: 1.14->1.2
Vectis: 1.0->0.92
Veldt: 1.0->1.1
Zarr: 1.0->1.08
Zenith: 1.0->1.1
Zhuge: 1.1->1.18

Arca Plasmor: 0.9->0.7
Astilla: 1.2->1.1
Corinth: 1.0->1.05
Hek: 0.55->0.7
Strun: 1.42->1.35

Akbolto: 0.85-> 0.8
Aklex: 1.0->0.92
Aksomati: 1.26->1.2
Akvasto: 1.24->1.3
Atomos: 0.87->0.8
Azima: 1.35->1.25
Ballistica: 0.85->0.95
Brakk: 0.75->0.95
Bronco: 1.2->1.3
Castanas: 1.42->1.35
Cycron: 1.0->1.1
Despair: 1.24->1.3
Dual Cestra: 1.35->1.3
Dual Toxocyst: 1.19->1.25
Euphona Prime: 0.75->0.7
Fusilai: 1.2->1.3
Gammacor: 0.53->0.65
Hikou: 0.69->0.75
Hystrix: 1.0->1.05
Knell: 1.0->1.15
Kohmak: 1.2->1.3
Kulstar: 1.1->1.2
Lato: 1.51->1.4
Marelok: 0.5->0.65
Pandero: 1.0->0.95
Pox: 0.82->0.95
Pyrana: 1.2->1.0
Sicarus: 1.5->1.3
Sonicor: 0.5->0.65
Spira: 0.66->0.85
Twin Grakatas: 0.76->0.85
Twin Gremlins: 1.5->1.4
Twin Kohmak: 1.1->1.2
Twin Rogga: 1.0->1.15
Vasto: 1.53->1.4
Viper: 1.53->1.45
Zakti: 1.0->1.1

On another relevant note separate from these Disposition changes, we have removed Sentinel weapons from the Riven generation pool. Those that own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still own them in their Inventories. Unveiling a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons.

We hope that these changes help bring us closer to the original intention of Riven Mods, reinvigorating weapon diversity at a high level. We will continue listening to player thoughts regarding Dispositions, in hopes of better maintaining this system in the future. Thanks for reading Tenno, and see you on Venus!

EDIT: Wanted to clear up one comment I'm seeing lots of. Many of you have mentioned the Kohm as well as Detron - These weapons were marked for a reduction, but we opted not to change them, because some players depend on these Rivens to achieve 100% status chance. Because of this, small disposition changes had the chance to make a much larger impact on these weapons, so we have left them as is. 

EDIT 2: Thanks to everyone who left their constructive feedback. In response to your suggestions, I wanted to share two plans we have going forward:

1. We are looking into ways for players to intentionally acquire Rivens for their robotic companions' weapons. They will remain outside the Riven generation pool, as previously stated.
2. We will be revisiting Riven dispositions periodically, using the same rules laid out above, to further uphold our stated intentions.

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I had an idea that disposition you have right now wouldn't change, but when you go and trade the riven the stats would get nerfed. This makes it so new rivens are under the new changes, but the ones you have personally are subject to no change. It's a good way of keeping players happy imo, you aren't nerfing their builds.

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Connor said:

On another relevant note separate from these Disposition changes, we have removed Sentinel weapons from the Riven generation pool. Those that own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still own them in their Inventories. Unveiling a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons.

So will we be able to get Sentinel Rivens eventually through some other means?

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the changes are overall not nearly as bad as people were expecting. this shouldn't affect the market too much either so i think they did a rather good job with this.

but now i feel somewhat obligated to buy a sentinel riven for each one i dont have just for collection purpose lol

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