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Ivara skin process(update)


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This time, I will do it carefully............I know the 4 hands added rhino and 4 horn loki are dead man to the 15th Tennogen ......Let‘s start with new concept.

Ivara comes A little bit late,vote for your favorite one~15453889917089.jpg

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Gara has only 1 skin and I'm already tempted to buy it... 

And as an Oberon fan, I must say Titania needs some love. She did get a new skin recently, but neither look unique enough to me tbh. I'm still using the Solstice skin+Aurai helm, since there's nothing worth spending my money on atm (sorry creators, but that's just my opinion). 

Khora could also use a skin or two, Banshee and Valkyr have two Tennogen skins and some helmets, Octavia has one skin and Garuda still has nothing (I'm not even sure if her model is out yet, haven't checked that in a while).

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19 hours ago, LuckyCharm said:

Titania, one thats not so... busy looking since she has a lot goin on with like every skin she has

It's partly that her base model is so complex. Like, no skin can do away with the butterflies along each limb, the hanging bits around the waist, the big collar with extra spiky bits and of course the Archwing-like wings coming off of her lower back (which just by themselves have a lot of polygons!). Maybe if they tried a full-body catsuit thing instead of the complex tunic-bowtie-leggings-gauntlets-vest arrangement she has on her default skins.

I don't think I'm ever switching from the helmet I have for her now, but other skin options? Yes, please!

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