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Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.5

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Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.5

Hotdropped Changed:
Swapped the ‘Defense with Friends’ Nightwave Act with ‘Eximus Executioner’ due to complications with the Orokin Derelict Defense node. This Act has been fixed for future Acts of its kind:

Exploiter Orb Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixes towards infinite loading/disconnect upon Entering Deck 12 while other players are still loading in.
  • Fixes towards Clients seeing a massive Exploiter Orb in the last vent cinematic scene.
  • Fixed a crash when killing Coolant Raknoids.
  • Fixed Coolant Raknoids not attempting to destroy Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls.

Hildryn Changes & Fixes:

  • Improved Hildryn Ability Line-of-sight so they work more often when targets are on different elevations.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality after using Hildryn's Balefire ability while having an Archgun equipped.
  • Fixed Aegis Storm suspending bosses/VIPs that are meant to be immune. Those respective bosses/VIPs will no longer be suspended, but will receive the damage-over-time. 
  • Fixed inability to descend in Hildryn’s Aegis Storm if Toggle Crouch is bound instead of Hold To Crouch.
  • Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Armor not sitting properly on Hildryn.
  • Fixed a script error when Hildryn’s Balefire deactivates. 

Hysterical Assault Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment Mod max Range from 30m to 40m.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment Mod having broken functionality with Melee 2.99997 due to the removal of Secondary Fire in Melee mode. Now Aiming + Melee will trigger the leap function while in Hysteria. The Mod description has been updated to reflect this new mechanic.

Assassin Changes:
Assassins (Stalker, Wolf of Saturn Six, The Grustrag Three, Zanuka Hunter, etc) now scale levels based on player counts, not based on the weapon levels of the target player.

  • Slightly decreased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s Health.
  • Slightly increased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s damage output.


  • Aviator and Agility Drift now apply to Titania while she is in Razorwing. 
  • Removed all wildlife killing Riven Mod Challenges. All existing Rivens with wildlife killing Challenges will be retroactively updated with a new Challenge. This change is in preparation for the upcoming Plains Conservation! 
  • Updated Secura Penta's napalm projectiles when using the Napalm Grenades Mod, so that they better reflect the Penta's stats (higher Status Effect and Critical Chances).
  • Disabled two optimizations that are suspected to be causing problems for dual-core potatoes.


  • Fixed edge case script errors that could result in an inability to return to Fortuna from Vallis.
  • Fixed a Client script error that could occur when joining-in-progress during the initial Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit transition that would prevent the player from casting Abilities until the next Zone was activated.
  • Fixed toggling Mesa’s Regulators on and off and instantly switching to your Melee resulting in ability to use them freely without any Energy cost or restrictions. 
  • Fixed Frost’s Ice Wave ability preventing casting of other abilities until it finished.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria accumulated damage not being reset upon recast.
  • Fixed the Larkspur having infinite Ammo as an Atmosphere Archgun after pressing the deploy button twice without letting go of the continuous fire.
  • Fixed being able to get out of bounds of The Index map by throwing your Warframe off the map and Transferring to your Operator, and then falling off the edge with your Operator so that you get forced back to your Warframe who is now off the map somewhere.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rumblers Explosion Damage stat claiming to be Impact when it's actually Blast.
  • Fixed the Arbitration Defense Reward UI displaying ‘Wave 5’ when it should be ‘Wave 10’.
  • Fixed Nightwave Mods not being linkable in Chat. 
  • Fixed the Garuda Successor Skin not applying to her Talons.
  • Fixed Valkyr Spectre at the Ceres >Jupiter Junction causing a hitch when she uses Hysteria.
  • Fixed using a Gear item instead of Aiming if Melee is triggered right after throwing a Fishing Spear.
  • Fixed wonky arm animations when Dual Wielding. 
  • Fixed the Tarock Thrown Blade Skin not sitting properly in some cases when equipped on Spira, Spira Prime, or Despair.
  • Fixed the Synoid Heliocor displaying as the regular Heliocor in the Appearance section of the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Battacor charge UI persisting on the screen in times where it should be hidden (hacking, etc). 
  • Fixed "Title" text appearing briefly in the UI before Survival reward finishes loading.


We have tracked down the cause of the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act appearing incomplete after meeting the requirements, and are working on a fix. Our goal is to have this fix in the PC and Console Prime Vault Hotfixes tomorrow.

It's worth noting that you are receiving the 5000 Standing for Act success even though the UI states 'incomplete'.

Edited by [DE]Megan
added known issue about Nightwave Index bug
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Also please fix melee slower backswing speed on full melee mode compared to fast melee mode, its been there since time immemorable. Zaw stats are bugged too.


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Please add an option to exclusively disable Nora Night!

Here are the reasons behind this request:

  • Disabling "Enable Hint Transmissions" drastically reduces frequency of Grineer & Corpus chatter over the radio. I do want to listen to radio, just not Nora.
  • Disabling "Enable Hint Transmissions" does not disable Nora's minute-long in-mission monologues, sometimes she even have multiple monologues per one mission (god)
  • Also disabling "Enable Hint Transmissions" disables some Lotus lines and I kinda like her transmissions    spacemom I miss you...
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STILL no fix for broken melee combos?! It's been weeks!

Melee block combos still force you back to your gun after you finish the attack animation, which completely ruins the flow of melee combat and makes those combos really frustrating to use, which is a serious issue considering block combos are often some of the best on many stances.

Also, the Astilla's FX is still borked and so is the Spira Day of the Dead Skin not applying to Spira Prime's projectiles. Just to get all my little issues in there. 

Still, thanks for the update! 

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Assassin Changes:
Assassins (Stalker, Wolf of Saturn Six, The Grustrag Three, Zanuka Hunter, etc) now scale levels based on player counts, not based on the weapon levels of the target player.

  • Slightly decreased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s Health. 
  • Slightly increased the Wolf of Saturn Six’s damage output.

I'm okay with most of this, but I think increasing the Wolf's dmg output might not be that good of a thing especially if he attacks a new player. Just my grain of salt.

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1. Bring back quick attacks
2. Fix the slow spin for polearms/staff (cannot function/very unbearable to use) (Detailed thread here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1073258-slow-polearmstaff-spin-attack/?tab=comments#c)
3. Right click should not switch to guns. Constant zooming while melee aim-glide/right click combos is annoying.

Thats all I ask since you changed melee. Other than that, its good so far.

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Pls make ephemera tradeable. If done the orb fight 103 times and im still missing one got 4 of the shock one. at this point their not reward's but a cruel penalty game. 

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I changed the amount's did a few more runs.
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