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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed the ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins not actually being visible.

Thanks! Any chance scarf will be separated from other Umbra attachments and put into auxiliary slot?

And more importantly, will original Umbra's helmet and body textures be brought to Sunder helmet's level? It was made couple years later and looks way more detailed.

Sunder helmet:


Original helmet and body:



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7 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Increased Atmo Systems drop by 1 quantity (from 4 to 5) across the board for the Profit-Taker Heists rewards to slightly reduce friction in ranking up in Fortuna. 

Sure, now you do it. Bump up the repellors too.


7 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a case of Kuva Clouds spawning right beside the Kuva Siphon in the Gas City tileset, resulting in the mission being difficult to complete as the Kuva Cloud gets almost immediately sucked up. 

Happens on Eris too. And Mars. And Ceres. Screw that siphon on Ceres. Anyone who Kuva farms knows exactly which one I'm talking about. Instead of redesigning entire maps, how about cleaning up the ones we already have. Someone cleaned up that stupid grate in front of the holding area on Corpus settlement rescues, and that person deserves a medal and a raise.

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12 hours ago, K4RN4 said:


the worst part about anything relics is a matter of not getting any rewards even if you participated or got 9/10 or more pieces of reactant in the future. The fights end shortly and somebody messes up and end up without a reward because you werent fast enough to equip or their cat interupted, i personally dont always have a relic since i just restarted my whole game, so i just show up to level up weapons, the rewards and spoils should include other bundles and occasional syndicate and planet revelant stuff to fulfill the need to quit, losing in this game also its very awful, you collect like 50 mods and things and you if you die you go home with nothing, i hope this things are fixed so relic missions can be less frustrating,  so parties dont breakup after one round because they dont have relics, its really not fun, i think, depending the planet you expect to see treasure chests with fish or parts, and other incentives to joining relic parties as a assisting / hired or scientist to yet collect the pieces of reactant for yet other NPC or Equipment purpose or yet a trader can turn them  into somehting, say the vanishing items last longer or your pets are replentished, etc. AnYTHING, maybe and mining crystals, or supplies, mods, demoweapons, keys, and options, blueprints, usually are norminal to add toys and decorations for the ship or palettes with the planets in mind, you can add skins, and weapon related mods to collect, yet pvp rewards and other things mixed in these packs can be set to ????? or UNKNOWN until you get to the ship, they just require participation;.without relic equiped, gameplay shoiuld still be good

4 hours ago, Hyohakusha said:

Instead of redesigning entire maps, how about cleaning up the ones we already have. Someone cleaned up that stupid grate in front of the holding area on Corpus settlement rescues, and that person deserves a medal and a raise.🤘🚶‍♀️❤️

Yea, i cant wait to see some new monsters and enemies added with AI improvements in addition to cleaning up and improving the maps with interesting mods and blueprints which could be added to the lockers to add some personality, all the mods are usually damage dealing to corpus with no fun or detrimental causes like hey you need to grab a key, i just happen to have one i got it from a guy over there, or a monster drops a weird glowing thingy which is used but you are ambushed by the enemies who can smell it as the dragon or goblin keys some items in the missions need to be more exciting or rewarding, mostly why is scanning important and why opening lockers is good at all if you get the same stuff in all of the lockers, the most i seen a star drop, no floofs, or personal belongings, or keys to a spaceship or alien weapon, i always think the lockers should have weapons to use and ciphers, keycards to red lockers and locations, though my last mission i though that the cephalon could be hidding in small pieces which the enemies drop instead of investigating the whole map, its really silly, or it could be found inside some lockers as it calls to fall from the topshelf like something from metal gearsolid, or that resident evil games does really well, we dont have much reasons to want to hack, did a resent observation on the enemies how they just sit infront of the #*!%ing computers solving the puzzles or forgot their login password so they always die when they are alerting security, it should be a simple thing like:

" Enemy pushes button" the doors are locked. or

"Corpus swipes up in a motion and activates the alarm and robots nearby with a scream, or a grenade toss, smoke, or flashbang to escape if he/she is alone. Instead of just dying, at least some enemies do put up some inflatable shields but not in annoying ways to block doors, or block the consoles, so the AI will need perfection,.

the syndicate wars is interestly outdated this last update lol, the rewards and enemies got those huge price guards, man if this game just added random rolls and attachments to recrafting gear it would be useful to get up on the faundry, i mean the rivens is the closest to that sort of fun, but rebuilding a warframe or weapon doesnt have randomized parameters, or imperfections like in Destiny2, the players get a gun and if its the same weapon it comes with different moddifiyers; so in essense the blueprints and warframes we get or find should have that chance to come with less default presets, different formas or poison damage, a bonus mod or gift could be added, i like to find a machine gun like the furis that comes in GREEN and already has a few mods equiped, last thing is reloading and mods that can BREAK with this new system you can jump on some warframes from OP in missions later, say Archwing requires you to switch your Odonata is about to blowup and you need to evacuate, or abandon your ship in the comming upgrade to the game, you will need to use your K-dive and additional gear to comp.

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unrelated to this patch but is there any hopes of fixing the very numerous and frequent bugs involving gantalyst???? every time i've fought it there's been some bug that makes the fight exceedingly more difficult e.g. his stomp pulse emitting way more than its meant to as well as the death pulses from the shield dome being used without the shield dome being present, resulting in insta deaths for the entire squad and lures.

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Please fix vacuum/fetch mod so that it works under laggy conditions and isn't reliant on pet distance along with other variables such as host CPU which adds a huge delay to vacuum even if the ping is below 50ms.

Please add medallions to defense tilesets or boost the standing gained by at least 8*500 = 4000.

Please make medallions persistent in maps so the host can pick up the medallion and people joining after will still get them.

Please re-add mastery symbols at a glance to hover over market item icons instead of requiring 2-3 click through.

Please clean up the new index map, tons of nooks and crannies make reactant impossible to collect.

Please draw the minimap so that parts of it that you've already explored show at all times instead of fading away in weird blotches. Or whatever this weird mechanic is. Increase the tolerance level for exploration for verticals.

Please add favorite weapon feature so we dont have to scroll through an extremely limited UX that doesn't scale by resolution.

Please add configuration names to the Arsenal general screen so we know what frame and weapon configs we have selected at a glance. Glance value can improve a lot of UX complaints.

Please allow the loadout list to be re-arranged or reordered.

Please fix Tyr Regor assassination maniac spawn so they do not teleport/clip through walls/water. They become unreachable and you need to wait a long time for them to "despawn" for the fight to move on.

Please increase extermination spawn rate if players reach the end. Certain extraction tilesets do not spawn enemies until players are far away from the spawning zones.

Please improve survival spawn rate. It breaks if people extract separately, if you're the last person, only 1-2 enemies spawn at a time. Please make the spawn rate better across the board so soloing survival is more comparable to soloing defense.

Please show the number of shadows Nekros has stored up to the maximum 20.

Please fix the terrible AI when holding position. 100% of the time they will stop shooting due to queued up actions until you put them back on follow. This applies to spectres as well.

Please fix Arca Plasmor disintegrate not working with Nekros Desecrate (the invisible corpse does not get rolled on for extra drop chance). 

Please fix medallion riven challenge so that picking up medallions actually counts towards unveiling the riven.

Please fix Zhuge Prime reload speed. Emptying the mag results in a 2 second reload instead of the advertised 1.5s reload.

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Tried out the new Glaive Tekelu skin, since I've got Glaive Prime built, and the elemental effects still render in the locations of the normal Glaive blades instead of on the pointy triangle blades from the skin.

Nice looking skin, but it looks weird with gas puffs coming from nowhere.

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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added a highly requested ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins! This predominantly hides / shows Umbra’s scarf

How to hide this damned scarf? I do not see toogle anywhere.

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12 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Rathuum/Index not tracking kills done by Umbra or spawned allies (Equinox Duality, etc) when the player is in Operator mode.

Does that mean that Nightwave/Rivens/Norma missions will also track the kills done by spawned allies? That would be great. 

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