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Hotfix 25.4.1 +


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Still no fix for Chroma Prime's tabard/cloth thingie being offset and Effigy's script getting rid of all cloth items (Sugatras, the Chroma Prime tabard, Imugi or Narvarr Prime cloth parts, etc.).

Still no fix for Default Colors for independant textures not being retrieved properly, therefore showcasing wrong defaults:

Still no fix for Excalibur Prime's tint channels and his default Tint 1-3 being messed up. For the love of God, this is almost 2 years and a half openly reported issue:

Thanks for your time.

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I spy, with my Vectis Prime, something beginning with C 👀


Cosmetics! 😄 Those are some fancy ornate skin shenanigans.

Wishlisted a few, something to work towards.

Many thanks for the update! 🙂

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22 minutes ago, CephKaron said:

it's a hotfix with some extra goodies. 🤔+ literally nothing forcing you to spend plat on these items. it's not meant to be a replacement for empyrean and if you sincerely expected empyrean today and are upset it didn't come with this patch then you should probably find something else to play in the weeks or months leading up to release.

Hah!, no one Railjack whuold be today, not by a long shot, but something else, content wise would of been nicer, tho that Umbra Toggle, tho is nice!, but you are right, thus what I am doing, doing nigthwave when it's needed and doing weeks off, with other stuff!

Also, I love the name btw, creative! 

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36 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Eliminated 20MB of RAM used by the User Interface.
  • Eliminated 5MB of unused UI textures loaded in many missions.
  • Eliminated 1.5MB of generated bytecode used by the script engine.
  • Optimized common script bindings to reduce script time by 13%.
  • Performed automatic optimizations to hundreds of gameplay scripts.
  • Optimized threaded rendering of the mini-map.
  • Optimized GPU particle effects. 

Love you guys!

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27 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed experiencing a functionality loss in the form of one or more weapons/Abilities not working after falling into a teleport volume while having an active Exalted weapon (Excalibur / Wukong).

While this is definitely progress, this bug still hasn't been fixed.



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16 minutes ago, -exo- said:

look at the steamcharts website it shows you avg players, decrease and increase.

Warframe, or moreso DE has the privilage of a LOT of people coming back for each update (they drop the game right after they ground the update out again because there is no real content worth repeating after you got x drop from it) They dropped an update last week, with just 1 new gun and it's mediocer at best. then we got a weekend event, fomorian armada and now we got razorbacks.

I highly doubt all of these things coming basically back to back is a coincidence.

I'm not doomsaying anything, i'm just realistic, altho with a little pessimistic undertones in it, i love warframe and spent way more time in this game than i really want to addmit and wish we'd just get some nice endgame like content that is worth repeating or grinding out for longer than just a few hours.

You obviously don't know how those two events work (the razorback and fomorian) because they occur based on the Invasion timers. So yes, it is coincidence.

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il y a 25 minutes, [DE]Megan a dit :


  • Added a highly requested ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins! This predominantly hides / shows Umbra’s scarf to allow Skins to truly shine! 

Can we please get the same treatment for the operator's "umbra hooded scarf" ? I know there's already a "hood on" / "hood off" option... but if we could add the option to toggle off the part of the scarf hiding the lower part of our operator's faces, that would be awesome !!! 


Or eventually a new "hood" similar umbra design... 😛


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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Essential Glyphs Bundle:
A few months ago, we replaced the Random Mod Packs with Tenno-friendly Essential Mod Bundles designed to make these purchases clear and fair. Each Bundle came with an amazing design, and our lovely Tenno wanted these designs as in-game Glyphs. We agree! Now you can purchase the Essential Glyphs Bundle and equip these six powerful designs:


  • Essential Cold Glyph
  • Essential Critical Glyph
  • Essential Damage Glyph
  • Essential Electricity Glyph
  • Essential Heat Glyph
  • Essential Toxin Glyph

you know what would be great? being able to use glyphs as Regalia...like the badges and sigils.

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I see some progress toward some highly community-requested features here, namely the Umbra scarf toggle (something I don't care for because I consider it too integral to him to ever unequip it, but that I know a lot of people wanted and should be harmless to add since people like me can just not use the toggle).

Definitely helps encourage me you've got a good ear to the ground, but please try to get your team figuring out what's going wrong with two FIXES (not merely requested features that have been very long-standing now:

- Plains Conservation targets cannot be completed in codex; they have black silhouettes that are never revealed no matter how many scans you take of the target.  This has existed since Plains Conservation was added and clutters to codex with black silhouettes.

- K-drive Jets cannot be color customized.  This issue seems to go all the way back to the snafu over dual-color emissives and energy, and in this case it effects more than just energy or emissives.  The entire jet cannot be color-customized and completely ruins any attempt to color-customize K-drives.

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