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Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii Arrives Today!

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5 hours ago, (PSN)Mad_Hatter1887 said:

So excited, it releases on my birthday!! Might have to call in to work tomorrow. 🧐😅

I wouldn't if I were you, you'll end up sitting all day waiting for it to drop and then before you have to head to bed it'll be ready.

Better to take the next day off. 😉

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And yesterday I thought "go farm another Protea since you fed your first to Helminth. Go and annoy Corpus with some gadget stuff, for a her during weekend, CoT will probably not drop before Monday" 

Well... Thanks, I guess. You messing up all my plans, I don't like it! Not one bit! 😂😅

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Fair is fair, let me state that it is a surprise that the release is in the first half of the month.  Given the rather...still broken....nature of 29.10.10 I thought it would require a good deal more time for everything to be ready.


Now, that being said, allow me to express extreme caution.  The fact that this update is being pushed a week after 29.10.10 stopped receiving updates is frightening.  I still cannot reliably get the affinity, syndicate rep, and focus to match in all game modes.  The rewards for consecutive railjack missions are not always being rewarded,  Arcane revives are not being counted of railjack missions.  The AI is consistently inconsistent, in that at one moment they're sniping aimbots and in the next they simply decide not to aim at an enemy at all.  Once you top this melange of failure with 6% drop rates, it's pretty apparent that the endgame here is not to play the game, so much as to add another layer of grind.


Now, that being said let's talk positive.  Maybe:

  1. We'll get the Corpus queenpins, and they won't simply be another quadruple or better layer of grind.  
  2. The promised rework of the Lich system will make doing them something better than a 4-6 hour quest to add a few percentage points of damage to weapons that are mostly a joke because melee so thoroughly outclasses everything else that it's a bad joke.
  3. The elite crew members will be worth a 512 intrinsic grind.
  4. Void storms will be better than the much extended single relic unlocks described....because a 15 minute mission to crack a single relic is moronic when I can do 3-4 relics in the same time frame.  This is all balanced on the back of 100 traces being required to make one item radiant, which at maximum will give you a 10% chance to get what you want.  That is to say, I can have either a 10% chance at the reward or a 35% chance to get the reward in the same time period.
  5. Relating back to 4, let's talk about stupid statements.  Specifically, the difficulty is not in cracking relics.  The difficulty is RNG relics drops, RNG void trace drops, enrichment via a window that doesn't allow mass conversion but does require a cut scene, and finally what can be pretty garbage RNG drops.  Yeah, even a 4 person radshare is a 35% chance to get at least one rare item....  If it isn't clear, those odds suck and the only difficulty is not rage quitting after a string of 10+ radiants and no rare rewards.  Maybe the void storms will make themselves worth repeating by virtue of some improved probabilities for the longer game modes.
  6. Finally (for brevity), be prepared to upgrade nearly everything, and eat it.  Since DE had to remove the heath/armor mods the ship now has what is basically a placeholder component.  Yes, the plating will be your initial obstacle.  It has no bonuses, but can deny bonuses if not paired with other things.  It's like getting the bonus requiring void cloak to activate, forcing you to choose the void cloak as part of your plexus.  Joy....less choice.  At least they didn't make it a broken per-player stackable potential.


I'm looking forward to Friday, where by that evening maybe we'll have a stable enough release that the new grind for the paper thin content will be worth trying.


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