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Mission Idea Sandbox.


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We gather in the forums today with an open thread with a single purpose: collect ideas for Mission types.

If that's enough to get you thinking, the simple rules are to submit a single post with your idea:
This can not be a re-architecture of our system (i.e open world base building!).
This should be a goal oriented mission of the endless or non-endless variety.
This should be concise - the mission goals should be clear in a couple of paragraphs of writing.
This should be based off of your Warframe experience, and a reflection of what you think would fit.
This should be based off a 4 player mission.

If you want more information on the thought process - we haven't really added a new mission type in a while. We've added Trials, Quests, but when it comes to your standard Star Chart options there hasn't been a new member of the family lately. 

While we do have some ideas of our own in mind, we're looking to hear from you to assess themes and interesting ideas.

So, have at it!

We'll review in about a week's time. Please keep it civil.

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  1. Something similar to TF2 'Balloon Race' - Could be PVP or PVE ... PVP obviously will be like the 2nd video in the spoiler below but the PVE would be a team of 4 tenno in archwing under a gravity emulating force field so you can enter the field to steer, power, repair the ship or bullet jump out of the gravity force field to enter your archwing to fight off enemies while somebody stays behind to defend the ship and the mission ends when you reach your destination etc. Please see both videos to understand why I think using already in game assets would make this a great addition!




  2. Syndicate Conclave - Play balanced conclave as the human syndicate operatives, The combat involved would be your typical 'Skirmish', 'Fire and movement' and 'Guerrilla Warfare' tactics etc. No powers just Cover, Movement, Teamwork, Point and shoot etc ... Think Counter Strike or Call of Duty type conclave but as I've said you are human syndicate operatives.


  3. Sorties to have a 4th mission - As an easy raid with arcane reward,
  4. Sorties to have a 5th mission - Conclave game mode randomized each day with a higher multiplier for standing with Teshin
  5. Parkour Missions that focus on mobility, wall latches etc.
  6. More 'Submersible' missions where you can use your warframe and your archwing.
  7. Predominantly Vertically designed missions where you scale upwards to a mission goal or descend downwards to an abyss, vault, excavation point, sea bed etc. 
  8. More implementation of the time travel feature that we see on the orokin moon spy missions.
  9. Relay Arcade - The high scores for the happy zephyr and wyrmius would be displayed in darvo's shop in the unused display cabinets that are sealed off or perhaps a new npc with an arcade room ... the community can see the leaderboard in real time and compete against each other etc. Maybe it's just me but Darvo's room reminds me of an arcade and besides he has shelves that aren't even being used :D



  10. More missions with 'recyled game assets' from other tilesets implemented on other planets that correspond with that faction! i.e; Corpus Moa dispatchers that spawn Moas up from the floor on Jupiter aren't seen in many other corpus planets. The blue gas that strips your armour in some of the infested missions which is only seen on one particular infested tile for normal missions and in the JV Raid.
  11. Pherliac inverter - An infested growth is attached to a Cryopod and a Pherliac inverter is needed to remove it safely. Part A) Escort the mobile Cryopod to the designated area and defend along the way, Part B) Charge the 'Pherliac inverter' This acts in the opposite manner  of Pherliac Pods so it repels the parasite from the Cryo Pod slowly and until the process is complete you have to keep defending.
  12. Being able to use your tenno operator in more instances as seen at the ending of the second dream however less weak and able to stand on their own feet.
  13. Doomed missions - One Life, once chance per day! Each day it is a new mission type with those two modifiers in place ... one life one chance.
  14. Ultra Gravity nightmare modifier, everyone can only move at a walking pace. Just like Nyx assimilate no bullet jumps etc.
  15. Rathuum Arena 2.0 - Other players are the Grineer Executioners vs Tenno ... could be 2v2, 4v4, 1v4, 2v4 etc.
  16. Dense fog mission type to also be used on phobos and pluto, europa  etc, instead of fog it would be 1) a stand storm or 2)blizzard that would make it hard to see, on the blizzard missions it would also have a 100% slow proc that we get when aren't near the heat generators.
  17. Tenno Relay Defenders - Similar to the fomorian threat that wiped out our relays but instead of destroying the relay anybody who goes to the relay can choose to defend it, you are the guardians who protect the relay from small class destroyer ships and the current archwing enemies we have in game ... Successful protection grants a discount to the community on a weekly basis from all vendors 'Darvo, Baro and the Syndicate Leaders' The discount is equal to how well the community did at protecting the relays. The relays under the most heavy fire obviously rise to the top of the alerts for you to attend to. The way this works is that the funds that would have been spent repairing the relays from minor damage, navigation costs of fuel wasted by the vendors trying to find a safe route to the relay and their own personal guards paid per hour are then discounted to the tenno community because hey you take care of your customers they take care of you kinda thing. Besides Clem could really use a break from protecting Darvo all the time you know?
  18. Void Flares - Similar to Solar flares but obviously not powerful enough to kill you unless you are struck by a wave of energy, so in archwing we might be trying to retrieve something or save somebody from something too close to the void and as the mission goes on waves of energy burst out as an environmental hazard that you have to avoid while fighting enemies in space etc. Would look something similar to this:
  19. Companion mission interactions where you can use your Kubrow or Kavat to complete missions where it would be too small for your warframe to enter 'excluding titania lol' One example would be for spy missions or rescue because an area might be too small for your warframe to get into so you instead send in your companion. Something like this: 



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Mission Type:  Descent
  The idea of this mission type extends from an old post ( will try to find it when able ) that was put forth by another Tenno, but is centered around the idea of brute forcing a squad of Tenno into a large drilling site being operated by either the Grineer or Corpus, with the drill itself being the level.  The entire map would be highly vertical, and be a combination of the drill structure itself, and the walls of the planet/planetoid/asteroid forming the walls and skybox.  Players would begin the mission at the top, and once attaining a key or energy source from the engines/equipment at the surface ( akin to a datamass, but with some instability properties of a Tritium Bomb + a Lunaro 'angry' ball ), they would need to take it level by level downward into the scaffolding structure of the drill body.  Upon reaching the bottom / 'focal point', the item could be placed there to have the drill destroy it and open a chamber by having the floor collapse in a similar style to the defense mission of LUA, which would hold a reward or cache of great importance.  ( Hence the reason for forces in the system drilling at this type of location )
  It would function like a paced 'race' against the enemy forces, spawn rates being appropriate to level range and depth reached, with the 'top' of the drill or some big part of the level's structure pressing the upper floor downward and forcing the team to progress as they open the next level of scaffolding by bringing the key / energy source to a certain receptacle ( that could change location around each given floor kind of dynamically perhaps ), and would require Tenno to pass the item around without dropping / letting it destabilize.  Different small mechanics could be tweaked for this, and again tiered or included / cut out depending on level range or location in the star chart.  Failure to move quickly enough, or dropping/destabilizing the item could cause an increase in spawns and the top structure outpacing your progress, 'crushing' or otherwise killing the team before they can reach the bottom.

  • Level is a 'circle' with some obstacles / perhaps broken areas depending on mission state and faction, but with several/many stacked vertical layers
  • Team begins at the surface, and will progress downward to the bottom using carried / thrown energy 'key'
  • Key can destabilize, so Tenno need to hold it near an interaction point that may dynamically move around each floor, while holding off enemies at the same time
  • Some mechanic might force a balance between players wanting to keep the item out of the air, but still not hold it for too long.  ( Maybe if it's airborne, it causes the drill to speed up / does some hazard thing / etc. )
  • 'Top' of the drill will constantly move downward, and destroy floors if the team doesn't move fast enough
  • Energy source is destroyed at a focal point at the bottom, opening a large fall away chamber that contains the resource / prize / goal of the drilling operation



  I wanted to make sure that the overall idea was kept at a relatively high conceptual level, to give as much room to the Dev Team for naming and creating specific details and mechanics as possible, while still giving a clear goal and direction as to what needed to be done and achieved in order for the mission to either be completed or failed.

  The passing and control of the unstable key / energy can create more visibility and allow for more familiarity with a few Lunaro mechanics, while the hectic, dynamic, crushing and destruction going on in the level itself would grant a sense of urgency and controlled chaos needing to manage fighting lots of enemies on the way down simultaneously, all using mostly existing elements that we've experienced before, and introducing a few new ones in a different way.

  Think 'break into a giant drill to play Tenno hot potato, while resisting angry enemy waves, trying to descend level by level as the levels above get pancaked on your way to the bottom' goal. 


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Vault Hunt


This is sort of rework of Vault mechanics into separate mission type.


  1. Instead of creating various dragon keys, players are creating “blank keys” - these have no properties at all. Everyone can equip as many as they want.

  2. Derelict map will spawn between 3 and 5 Orokin Vaults + one special room, called Orokin Forge.

  3. Orokin Forge needs to be large room with multiple entry points. In the center it will have “Orokin Anvil” device.

  4. Players locate vaults and identify what kind of keys are required to open vaults.

  5. Players go back to Orokin forge and put blank key into “Orokin Anvil”, which converts blank to chosen key.

  6. Defense counter starts, corrupted starts pouring in, trying to destroy anvil before key can be completed.


Here mission design can go two ways - enforced coop and more “single friendly”. I favour coop.


Coop variant:


  1. Attack on Anvil continues for the duration of mission. Players have to split forces - part goes for vaults, rest has to defend anvil from Corrupted.


Non-coop variant:


  1. Attack on Anvil ends when key is ready.


Back to general design:


  1. After obtaining key, players open vault and get artifact - first vault will always have Corrupted mod.

  2. Keys have no negative effects on players.

  3. Each reclaimed artifact will give players massive debuff, similar to effects of Operation Gatecrash, with each opened vault more and more extreme (like 4th vault out of fifth putting everyone under permament radiation proc, which will mean friendly fire).

  4. Enemy level rises steadily, game turns into blend of survival and defense (with coop version).

  5. Failure state - anvil is destroyed with no artifacts retrieved.

  6. Possible rewards range between additional corrupted mods, prime parts, orokin ducats packs, relics, large Endo packs.

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The grineer have fled the area due to a recent explosion of recent weapons testing, your' job is to locate the area, and scavange for any loot left behind

1. There will be 4 area's that will be run down and broken, in these areas will contain 3  large containers 

2. These containers will be hidden and must be destroyed to unveil the loot

3. Upon breaking the contatiners, there is a high chance of there being 5K of a common resource, a lower chance for 1K of an uncommon resource, and lower chance for 3  of a rare resource from the planet

4. There will be much debries that you must navigate around to find these crates within the enviroment

5. Upon collecting all the loot, grineer securtiy guards (Army of bombards) Will be waiting for you at extraction as they were waiting for there ship to arrive to leave the area 

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Armada: (Archwing transitions, on foot combat) 

The basic idea follows around the Lotus giving you a dispatch order saying that a group of ships is traveling from location A to location B and to intercept these ships, finding anything valuable. You only need to complete two ships to have the mission complete. Each ship will hold a different job in them which hold the possible following. 





-mini boss assassination. (maybe Hyenas or gustrag three spotted on the ships)



By having the tenno fly and pick a ship to intercept, the enemies will be caught off guard, while allowing the players to play a variety of missions on the spot. This utilizes some neat ideas as well, like multiple spawn points for ships, adapting to different jobs, and even surprising players by having a ship set up as bait for the tenno. 



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More interactions with new NPC characters like Syndicate members. 

VIP Escort:
Protecting a VIP through an entire mission as an escort, but not like a typical escort that's slow and daunting similar to just a roaming defense target. Something that would compliment Warframes speed. 


I really really like Don'tknowme's suggestion just a few posts down from mine about "Evacuation missions". That would be really cool. Not going to rehash their suggestion so definitely scroll down a little bit and give it a read.


Split Survival: The lore we've had during survival about a lone tenno operative searching for things while that's going on has always intrigued me. 

Perhaps this could be a nightmare rework of the current survival involving 3 players doing regular survival while one is alone and must complete puzzles, find caches and maybe even be the catalyst that triggers the life support dropping in for the other players. 


As much as I enjoy Warframes action gameplay, I wouldn't be opposed to more missions with emphasis on other aspects of Warframe that have come up. 

This idea is focused on stealth, parkour and scanning. Using hidden passages, vents and rafters, the player must navigate ships and strongholds in order to find documents, take scans/pictures of secret weapon projects and generally be a sneaky Tenno to gain intelligence on the enemy for the Lotus.

The biggest difficulty of this would be the requirement of stealth and thus would require maps to offer much more open environments or have many passages that allow players to avoid detection. Preferably, a requirement would be no kills to avoid detection as I would like a mission to reward not killing everything in sight, even in spy missions, so having additional rewards or bonuses for these things would be great.

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I suggested this to Steve while at Tennocon.

The beginning of the mission is restricted to sniper rifles only.
Take out as many guards as possible in a brief time period. (a minute or two?)
The second part consists of infiltrating a complex/prison to retrieve data or a hostage.

I need to emphasize that this game mode would be designed around sniper rifles.
We should be sniping from a building top and stealth into the complex before any alarms or anything else can be triggered like in classic missions.

a little bit of a borrowed concept from one of my favorite games as a child.
If this video can serve as demonstration for brainstorming.


Second idea.

Liset gets damaged.
While Ordis attempts to repair the engines you are very quickly returning to the surface of a planet (I smell fire...Fire!!! Yep were crashing.) D:

The docking bay doors blow open as you fight off enemies.

This could also bring new life to archwing.
A hybrid mission.

First part consists of regaining helm control.

Second part get the engines back up and running before crashing back down to earth.

As the hatch blows open you can fly outwards to attempt repairs (queue ArchWing!) with a tool of somesort.(drill/laser?)

Thirdly once ships engine are back in operation, fight off remaining enemies. (ship to ship battles?)

Or going with the idea above *archwing rescue* where we would fly onto grineer or corpus jail freighters to rescue captives.  

Again , a hybrid mission.  

We would start in AW and go into a regular level to rescue the target and then have a limited amount of time to return them to a specialized escape pod or our ships.

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Honestly I like the mission types, I just wish we could bring back endless missions. I liked the abiltity to stay in a mission for a few hours to farm or to get parts. I understand that becuase of the new relic system it gets rid of the grind but actually there is more grind now. You can only get one part this time which is okay but no one wants to waste a rare key and get a forma to be honest. I feel that with survival/defense/interception missions should have every 5 waves or 5 minutes a chance to get a part. It could be where if you obtain 10 of the drops in the time of the 5 waves/minutes you can pick a reward. So it brings back the endless missions and it is an incentive for people to do long lasting missions. Currently for relics you can go at the most probably 5 minutes or waves.

Also kind of as a social wise thing. When we have a squad, let us hang out, the ships should connect together and we should be able to chill in eachothers lisets to be able to see their noggles, maybe their kavat mutation or, their operator. Maybe just to hang out while waiiting 

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3 minutes ago, Neo_182 said:

I suggested this to Steve while at Tennocon.

The beginning of the mission is sniper rifles only.
Take out as many guards as possible in a brief time period (a minute or two?)
Then second part consists of infiltrating a complex/prison to retrieve data or a hostage.

I need to emphasize that this game mode would be designed around sniper rifles.
We should be sniping from a building top and stealth into the complex before any alarms or anything else can be triggered like in classic missions.

Add bows to this and I'm a huge fan.

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Multiple-Objective missions

Many missions currently involve doing the same objective multiple times. Others are completed very fast. Why not have missions that merge these?

For example, start with a spy vault, move on to a mobile defense, and then sabotage the reactor on the way out. Or survive for 10 minutes while an operative reenables the life support, then capture a VIP and rescue a prisoner. 

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Tenno must assist the evacuation of ship/ colony from attacking enemy forces.

The percentage of people evacuated determine the missions success.

Total number of people to evac is set based difficulty and squad size.

Refugees will be NPC's like the rescue targets.

NPC's will predict their own evac route to evac zone. Tenno must secure their path.

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- Corpus raid: quite literally raid Corpus ships, encampments, settlements in order to recover new tech/resources.
- Sentient raid: Recover historical data. Could be initiated by Simaris or Suda.

- Protect and save wildlife!

  • Find special areas of scenic, historical, or scientific importance, remove all threats whether active mobs or pollutants. 
  • Extra mission (alert type), protected area is under attack - resolve the threat by exterminating enemies or clearing out pollution with antitoxins.
  • In case of failure, extract all wildlife and move them to a safer area!
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A bit surprised it's not in the Design Council, but open to everyone. But hey, the more ideas the better right? :D

I don't know what to say really. The current Endless Missions (mainly, the lack of motivation to stay for long perios) need to be adressed first before introducing new ones, because it would be kind of wasting the possible work. At first at least. Unless you guys are willing to take ideas to exisitng missions as well! Please let us know if you're open to it!

As for non-endless, I remember that old concept when Archwing first launched of going from a ship to outer space. Like in Jordas Golem or how Uranus does it, with air pressure rooms to transition from one mode to the other (although a couple blow ups while going into outer space could work too).

Perhaps by raiding the ships in search for treasure (stolen Orokin tech?). Kind of like sabotage mixed with (old) raid mission type?

Like: We infiltrate a ship via Liset

-Search for some valuable data (location of artifact)

-Raid the ship


-Ship blows up!

-You're now in space. The enemy faction (Corpus or Grineer) have stolen the treasure!

-Fight in space against both factions

-Infiltrate opposing ship

-Find the ship's commander

-Capture him

And bam.

Maybe you could add treasury rooms that worked like Spy vaults: Loads of new defenses and if you're detected you can't retrieve the treasure (which could be endo, mods, you name it!)

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Colosseum Mode

You fight in a Rome-Like Gladiator Arena where it spawns the toughest enemies per a round. The mobs could be multiple types of boss monsters or 1-13 of the same type of boss, the arena is not only limited to bosses of course but can also spawn in multiples of strong units like Combas, Manics, Bursas, Drekar Bombards, Juggernauts, Grustrag, Harvester, and etc.

The rounds are interchangeable, for example:

Round One may have you fighting as a time but Round Two will split all of you up into a single arena alone by yourself, all your teammates need to defeat all their opponents before they can advance to the next round. Should they fail to defeat all enemies within the time limit to proceed to the next round, they alone will be forced out of the mission much like how the Grustrag 3 and the Harvestor pulls you out of the mission.

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Hunted: A game type where you avoid stronger enemies that track you. Using your wits, you must take out 3 objects to weaken your enemies. Each object will provide a unique and strong buff to the enemies and must be destroyed in a unique way (i.e. Sharkwinging, spy mission-esque maze running (without timers), or the return of the minigame relics used originally). When one is destroyed, depending on how many players there are on the party, enemies could attempt to repair it in a Lotus-broadcasted event, meaning someone would have to stay behind and guard it to ensure the buff does not come back. When all three are destroyed, they are destroyed for good and a mini-boss will spawn for the players to kill. Upon killing, extraction will become available.

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