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The War Within: Update 19.4.2 +


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9 hours ago, DwayneDibbley said:

Yes, i lost a dera riven mod during the last patch update. It was real bad and for an awful weapon but still, it melted away into nothing. Raised a support ticket for that but nothing has happened so far.

To bad, we invest time and effort on those mods.

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More bugs to report (man there are a lot of them):

Orokin nullifier bubbles are invisible it seems, which is annoying.

it seems that messages posted in recruiting do not get sent if one is in the starchart. I don't know if this is specific to the recruiting chat or the starchart, but that seemed to be what was causing it for me.

I'll come back with more if I find more.

Edit: Oh, and still no fix for tiny cateno prime sugatra. I don't know if this happens on all weapons, but it definitely happens on a few, including Galatine Prime.

Edit2: Oh, another couple bugs I was reminded of. First of all, when selecting a mission and it attempting to join a squad, I keep getting a "failed to join because session was full" or something along those lines. And in a similar vein, I keep getting an issue where selecting a mission does not start the countdown timer if I don't have any squadmates. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be annoying. It also seems that during this period, the game does not look for other players, so I either have to click "wait for players", or I have to keep selecting the mission until it finally decides to start the timer, or it finds a squad. Very annoying issue to be honest.

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13 hours ago, BlueTunicLink said:

Seems the zenurik's focus energy surge hasn't been fixed. It still leaves no field so other players can get the 2 energy for however long. (for me it 12 secs)

I can confirm it doesn't leave a field for me either. It must be a bug.

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May i ask why the soma hate?

it never been OP just popular and nerfing things because they are popular is not a good thing.


I mean there are already better rifles than soma but soma is popular because its easily available to new players :| and rhas a good 3d model.

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First of all, good job on the update. I personally like the new changes, but currently right after the update, I am currently experiencing huge FPS drops issues. Before this update I have been able to run Warframe at a constant FPS of 60 in Mission and over 100FPS on the Orbiter, but right now I am only getting around 15 - 20 FPS. Which is unplayable for me. The FPS drop itself is quite the weird thing, everything goes smooth as I start up Warframe and when I log in I still get over 100FPS on the Orbiter, and when I joined a mission, the mission will go smooth like usual with 60 FPS and then all of a sudden the FPS just decides to drop to a unplayable level of 15 FPS, and the FPS drop continues from there and lasts until I reopen the client.


I've tried updating my graphic driver, cleaning my computer, deleting unused files on my computer, fiddling around with launcher settings and in game settings and nothing just seems to work. Is it possible for me and my friends to get a fix on this ASAP for us to enjoy The Glast Gambit later this week? Please? The FPS drop is frustrating.


Edit : I can't get the 100 FPS even when I restart the game now, and I'm using a AMD card if you're wondering

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16 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Nullifier Changes:

  • Changed Nullifier Bubbles to be deactivated when they aren’t alert. Hurray stealth! 
  • Improved the ability for arrows from Bow weapons to hit and deal damage to Nullifier Bubbles.   
  • Removed the ability for Nullifier Bubbles to be dispelled by Radial Damage. 


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Sortie Changes:

  • Removed Nitain from Sortie Reward table and added 3-day Boosters in its place.
  • Changed Exilus Adapter BP reward to a fully-crafted Exilus Adapter
  • Reduced length of "endless" mission variants as follows: 
  • Survival - was 15 minutes, now 10 minutes 
  • Excavation - was 1000 cryotic, now 500 cryotic.


Love u all guys

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Why are negative stats for Riven mods also decreasing even further because of disposition? I have a pretty great Harpak mod that used to be at around -30% Grineer damage before disposition was even added. After that, it went to -45% -ish. Now it's -50%. Shouldn't these negative stats increase as well if the disposition is stronger?!

Just tagging @[DE]Danielle in case it helps the post being seen.

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4 hours ago, Exotek909 said:

You probably dont even own the said syandana... 99% of the people bought it because of how it looked like preupdate, now its a crap.

I watched the sari syandana in the workshop from its first iteration to release and I bought it the moment it was available.  It's been buggy in one form or the other since the get go, and hasn't matched the intended design YET.  I asked for a refund and got it while the wings were suck open all the time.  I'm not sure I'm going to repurchase it if further changes are still pending.  Given the original players who weren't happy with it staying open, and now others not happy with it staying closed, DEs best option is to implement a toggle in the cosmetics UI to control it.  Granted, this requires one more bit of info to be stored and transferred, the boost in sales would more than offset the cost, especially with the potential for other multi-state cosmetics.  The next best compromise is to tie the opening mechanic to ability casts like the nova deluxe skin.

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Ok DE, here's the solution for EVERYONE. Make a settings menu for Syandanas like Spitfire or Sari.
Example for my desirable settings for Spitfire:

Standing: closed
Walking: closed
Sprinting: opened
Jumping: opened
Rolling: closed
Bullet-jumping: opened
Aim-gliding: opened
Wall-latching: closed
Wall-jumping: opened
Hip firing: closed
Aimed fire: closed
Using melee: opened
Melee blocking: opened

P.S. I think community hates Sapping Ospreys more than Nullifiers...

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