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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.3


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Sanctuary Onslaught is still promoting game-trivializing playstyles like spin2win and press-4-to-win, due to falling efficiency values at later zones, and the need to kill rooms of enemies as quickly as they spawn.


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Please fix host migration. I don't want to end the sanctuary onslaught because the mission ends while we're on the loading screen. :/

That said, appreciate that you're fixing on a weekend as well.

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41 minutes ago, [DE]Glen said:

Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions in progress.

not fixed enough. I joined after a Dc and portal bugged out we failed with no spawn

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Bugs like this are still present in the Onslaught. 


Where the portal does not spawn, and players are forcibly extracted, as seen; 


Along with the really low drop rates for the new content, I would give this a 10/10. Totally would play again. 

Sarcasm aside, thank you for the weekend fixes, but there are still issues that break the game mode. 

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These updates continue to break my Updater. The last 3 patches keep causing the same problem:



Suggested troubleshooting steps do not resolve this. Verify and Optimize don't fix it either. Full reinstall, no change. Switching to the non-Steam version did not help. All drivers and Windows Updates are current.

I keep having to delete Cache.Windows, then let the updater re-download the files (which takes hours), launch the updater and let it fail AGAIN, then Verify and Optimize in order to get the launcher back to "Play".

Quite perturbing.




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41 minutes ago, Nickishero said:

thank you for the update- in the weekend o.o

This is only because- wait, someone else got there first.

41 minutes ago, Rekalty said:

Good thing you didn't release broken content on a Friday, huh?


You'd expect someone over there to have learned, but it seems like most of the time when they say "it's out this week", they end up having to rush out some incomplete buggy mess on a Friday just to keep that arbitrary promise. And then we get stuck with something which is unplayable, and they have to work weekends to (partially) fix it.

Seriously. Stop it. Stop giving out release dates for something which is obviously not finished. Complete it, test it, THEN announce its release. If it's a Friday, put it aside and wait for Monday. You *will* miss bugs, and we're going to hate it. We hate buggy, non-completable missions. You hate working weekends.

I've "failed" 2/2 of my attempts not because I died or because I was unable to harm the enemies, but because the game just didn't give them to me (either that or the life support timer drains way too fast). This leaves an incredibly sour taste in my mouth when I think about the new stuff. Being denied actual rewards by the RNG in favour of trash like endo is one thing, but being denied the actual mission itself simply because the dice roll gave me a tile that doesn't spawn enemies, or is so horrifically designed that they can't actually reach me (kuva fortress apparently does this, and I can believe it)? That's just a slap in the face. After sitting through that, I've lost all interest in khora and the vandals.

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16 minutes ago, skyline15 said:

Why you guys don't remove the hole onslought mode? And bring it back when this mode is playable? Crashes everywhere, no loot, no focus, no xp ^^ And of course no new portals, nice work DE

PC community is the beta testers.

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59 minutes ago, [DE]Glen said:

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions in progress.
  • Fixed crashes by timing issues more likely to happen on slower computers.
  • Fixed enemy spawning after host migration.
  • Fixed Efficiency meter draining while waiting for portal transition effects to finish.
  • Fixed Efficiency Boosts not being tracked correctly when squad is split up between different zones.

uhh, just experienced the Efficiency meter draining while waiting bug EMDWW bug just now, please look into it again :3 THANKS :D and keep up the great work you guys do, you guys are awesome :D 

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