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Most annoying character


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Ordis. Always ordis. It's my opinion.

I hate his washed up puns, his uncalled for opinion on everything I do, his weird voice that attempts to be cute, his glitchy nature that they keep trying to make iconic of him, and I don't care about cosmic BACKGROUND RADIATION! GOD D-

I don't care if he was a former badass random assassin dude. I don't care about his relation to the orokin, I don't care if he loves the operator, which made me cringe so badly, I think I turned into a pretzel for a variable thirty steps. I don't even care that he replaced lotus. He's just plain annoying to me, everything and everywhere, he is there.

I wish DE would allow us to replace him with other cephalons. Suda, Simaris, Vull... Jordis, I don't care. I just want something other then ordis. I'd pay MONEY to replace him. That's how badly I dislike him.

Thank the holy stars you can mute him. But even then, I have to deal with his popups! There's no getting rid of this piece of S#&$, he's in every quest! Every bloody corner-!

Er, It's probably just me.

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I don't know that I find any of them particularly annoying. There are some lines that but me though: "There's nothing I love more, than a live dissection!" - Tyl Regor. Vivisection, the word you are looking for is vivisection!

Well... I guess Kela de Thaym can get a bit grating, but not to intolerable levels. For me anyway. Which is funny because I love the rest of the Grineer bosses tendency to chew the scenery.


10 minutes ago, Snydrex said:

[SNIP] which made me cringe so badly, I think I turned into a pretzel for a variable thirty steps.[SNIP]


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Hmm... i generally don't find characters borderline "annoying", but there are little things that some do that annoy me. Like how Maroo has that super greedy tone to her voice all the time. I mean, greedy voice tones annoy me in real life too. Like, greediness annoys me less than the tone. 


Here we go let's fine some antiquiteeeeeees!


I mean, I guess Saya really annoys me... alot... 

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