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MAIN QUESTION: Ideally, how many hours of grinding should it take to get a new warframe?

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Should that number change once a given warframe has been around for a few months or years?

The best way I've found to entice friends to come back to Warframe is by telling them about the interesting new Warframes they haven't played yet. Almost invariably, though, they quit again because it takes hours of grinding to get a single blueprint piece. I understand that the grindwall is in place because it takes a lot longer to produce content than it does for players to go through it. It gives veterans something to do, but by keeping it in place long after the Warframes come out it's also an effective repellant for returning players who enjoyed the game but not the grind. It's doubly punishing to people who stick with the game, as well, because on the rare occasion we can get a friend to come back we have to grind through the exact same missions AGAIN. (After all, it would be rude to bring someone back to the game to get a Warframe and then not go along with them on the missions to get it.)


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Will we be seeing any Void Blast Amps in this Fortuna part 2? I would love to see the overall usefulness of the Tenno growing as we visit more societies like with Cetus and Fortuna and their potential Quill reps.

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43 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: It’s time to bring Fortuna Part II’s newest Warframe ‘Baruuk’ out to play – and more. Titania and Nyx will be making an appearance too!  And what’s this… a first look at our next Prime Access? And a deeper look at Fortuna Part II?! Buckle in!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Chroma Prime Access Pack!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe to watch for a Twitch Drop, or if you're watching from your Switch, watch on the YouTube app!

When: Join us this Friday, December 7th at 2 p.m ET!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on Friday, December 7th!  


When is Fortuna coming to PS4?

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42 minutes ago, Voltage said:

I can't wait to see Fortuna Part II.

Q: What is the plan for Sentinel weapon Riven Mods mentioned by [DE]Connor on the Dev Workshop as per:

It would be nice if players could obtain Orb Vallis robotic weapon Riven Mods or Artax Riven Mods.

I'm hoping whatever salvage we get from downing orb mothers can be optionally spent or repurposed into what is effectively the new sentinel rivens (for those who want them) among other kool things I'm sure DE has cooking*

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Would it be possible to let a single player add more warframes to captura, as in you can position a warframe and make it freeze/idle in a certain spot, then control a second, third, fourth, etc. It would help some people that are bad a coordination/explaining things to others like me, it would also help to make epic captura scenes easier.

I might be looking a tiny bit long into the future here, but... Whenever the next open world is added, will it be infested, and if so, will we see the Mycona people again? They are a very interesting society that hunts the infested, and they haven't really been mentioned that much. 

Will we be able to enter the orokin tower at Cetus at some point? There is a mention that something or someone there called ''Unum'' lives there and have quite the relationship with the Ostrons, whom also are knowledgeable of the tenno secret. It would be quite interesting to find out what this tower contains.

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Question: Why not give us an option to use the skywing control scheme from hotfix 24.0.4, where pressing the key to move back along with the key to move quickly doesn't result in moving forward slowly? I've hated the current skywing controls ever since PoE came out, my brain will never get used to them. Space archwing got such a toggle, it would make sense for skywing to get it too.

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Are there any plans to revise the stats on the Fortuna sentinel weapons?

Considering the fact that to get any of them you require max standing and fairly hefty crafting costs each of the four has an alternative that is already better which can also be obtained more easily from outside Fortuna.

Stat wise all four of them are very bad — especially the Vulcax which for a MR14 weapon is a contender for the lowest DPS of every Robotic weapon even being beaten by the basic laser rifle from regular Wyrm.

It honestly feels like the stats these robotics weapons have been given are placeholders but I have seen nothing since then even mentioning their seemingly abysmal performance.

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Legit Question:

I know that Baruuk is supposed to be the "pacifist" frame, and that this makes him somewhat like John Wick (I assumed he gets a bonus to damage if his Kubrow is downed or killed).

But when I think "pacifist," I think "the Dude" from "The Big Lebowski."

So, my question is: "Will Baruuk have any attributes by which he 'abides?'"


A Nihilist

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-Will we get an amount of acquirable loadout which is the same amount of vanilla frame released?

Currently, with Garuda release there are 37 Warframes and only 34 loadouts available for MR26.

It would be also nice to select Archwing and K-Drive in loadouts, because I might want Itzal when using Rhino and Elytron when using Loki for example.

For high MR and people that has loads of hours, min-maxing the loadout is just as important as the fashionframe

You just need to add 2 selectable things in the loadout and add some purchasable loadout slot and keep the amount of purchasable loadout slots at the pace of Frame releases


-When will we be able to have all the pets available at once, same as "robotics"

Vacuum was just a little piece of the stuff that made people prefer sentinels over pets.

The fact that you can change Carrier, Helios or Wyrm (or the others and now MOAs) without any pain is a great part of why people doesn't invest in pets

At this point...any final word on mod sharing between equipped primaries and sentinels' weapons


-PBR pass on NYX and her helmets together with the rework?


-Wukong rework? Not a big fan but the frame is in a bad place and many would like for it to have a meaning


-New series of Frames noggles when?


-News and/or roadmap on Melee 3.0, Arcwing weapons without AW, Jupiter, Kingpin system, PoE refinement?


-Work on the lore for a cohesive and coherent story mode with all the past events integrated in game (with the canon results), so that new player would LIVE some of the story instead of being forced to read it into Wikia?

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Question: Was there always a PoE scaling mechanic similar to the beacons on Fortuna? I've always felt like the moment you see a flare come from the seeker drones on PoE, any chance of fishing or mining peacefully is gone. It seemed like the enemies got harder too. 


  • Overhaul the "abilities" tab for frames. There are many abilities with functions that are just not clear from the explanation of them. On top of that, there are some abilities that are flat out missing explanations of some of their features. Up until recently, Nova's 1 was one of them. Maybe contract out some partners or fans that do VO work to create a video that players could watch when they enter the abilities tab, like in LoL. 
  • Add bounty boi outside of Cetus next to Door Prime. 
  • As an addendum to the previous request, allow selection of Tridolon bounty to respawn Teralyst in the same instance that they were killed in. This saves time for hunters, and mitigates all bugs associated with entering and exiting Cetus. Many times, I've been unable to get Door Prime to open again, and in one case, I got the good old "Client Mismatch" bug. That was yesterday.


  • Occastionally I'll hear other players using a Karak, or Karak Wraith, and they have a standard fire rate, but to me, the sound plays as if their fire rate is that of the Twin Grakatas.
  • On more than one occasion, I've noticed that the Eidolon will teleport away even if the lures are charged and within feet of it. 
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