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Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

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En 1/8/2019 a las 0:20, -GrT-kostasp99 dijo:

Would it be better that we had new war right now and then railjack and then duviri and then reworks and then and then , one at a time and not all together at the same moment with no possibility to finish anything in time?

Personally yes, Railjack needs at least another year, it hasn't launch and it already looks boring af.

We already know that The Third open World is gonna be exactly like Fortuna, big and pretty but with little to do (since they hadn't change it since POE).

New War is hopefully gonna be better than The Sacrifice (not that The Sacrifice was great or anything).

It looks like DE won't do any hard content since they don't know how to do that, they think that lvl 35 is difficult enough, WTF.

Warframe right now looks lame. (and probably won't change).

The sad thing is that this was posted 6 months ago, even Steve knows that the Roadmap was a failure.

Well... guess I will go play BDL 3, because I know that it will actually be better game.

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If you guys ever consider making new/more orokin bosses, please give them a symphony music tone, classical and beautiful.

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