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The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.2 +


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1 hour ago, ItsDaKoolaidDude said:

That implies there was supposed to be more to explore other than the Operator Backroom and the Personal Quarters and the Infested Room....

Unless you're implying there's going to be more rooms, which case how and where since left right and center are all occupied.

They weren't implying that. Unless you're following the bot around closely, it could try to go into the Helminth room and not be able to because the room is 'locked'. Most people cure the cyst so it will be locked even if they are right behind the bot. Of course people not that far long the story might have all 3 locked.

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I don't like this window scaling mode at all. If its set to Scaled everything looks good and runs good but my D-pad on my controler is VERY JANK like I go into my relics and press down and it will just go in an X formation. Setting it to Native fixes this issue but the game CLEARLY has frame drops when doing so. Please fix this issue.

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6 minutes ago, SupernovaSymphony said:
2 hours ago, Wiz3rd said:

What about fixing Wisp's Sol Gate?
Being unable to deal with Eximus units using her 4th ability is really bad.

I was about to bring this up too

Oof someone should post a bug report about this.

I would but i don't have Wisp yet so can't test or provide any detailed info regarding this bug.

Hopefuly it will be fixed already once i get her :P

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2 hours ago, dziellsGamer said:

this is intentional and if you go back to the update 25 update notes they give a reason why now

You know, it's quite obvious that it is intentional change even without that explanation. It end up in the notes after all. That doesn't change the fact that Chesa became pretty much useless (well, maybe a tiny bit for Khora since bodies don't disappear and she doesn't have 100% re-roll). But as soon as you encounter Khora + Hydroid/Nekros Chesa will be completely useless. Also, Nekros/Khora won't work well in combination with Hydroid because he will reroll everything alone unless they will steall stuff from him. At least they will work together to some degree by Nekros picking bodies which didn't drop loot after Khora failed. But that is 45% of the bodies he normally re-rolls which makes putting them in the same team a lot less effective. And that if Nekros even can re-roll whatever Khora failed to re-roll! I'm not sure this is the case now. Also, does Nekros ignore bodies from successful Khora's re-rolls or still rolls a health orb from them (which would be nice, but waste of Desecrate time).

So, ye, the initial question were are they going to undo this completely intentional ner-f-ix? Or at least that part which forbids Desecrate/Retrieve double dip with Khora/Hydroid since they leave bodies behind and these two skills literally pull them apart to get more resources. Double dipping makes sense there, unlike with Retrieve on Desecrate since neither leave the body behind. That truly doesn't make sense even if makes it at least half-useful... Same as Retrieve to actually disposing of body. There never were logical contradiction between shaking extra loot off dead bodies and shredding them into pieces for even more loot, though.

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4 hours ago, richardtrle said:

You must be new, otherwise you'd be asking for its reversion as well...

You must be new too then, otherwise you'd already know that the original fix to that got broken with khora's pilfer augment release. Originally they released a fix (though not listed in patch notes at the time, it was later stated on another post somewhere by a dev)not so long after hydroid got his pilfer augment to stop hydroid and nekros from double dipping.  It's been that way for years.  You get a temporary resource double dip and then cry about it being reverted back to what it has been for the past few years(which has had no negative impact at all) and then tell someone "you must be new, otherwise you'd be asking for it's revision as well..."  lol.

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YAY! We got the Kogake thing fixed! On the other side! Are you planning on putting the Wisp BP (like all the others) to sale as the rest of her parts? Because having many of them is kind of annoying! Especially when we are collecting the Amalgam mods.

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No fix to Sol Gate yet.

(Nullifier, Falling off the map or dying while casting Sol Gate will glitch it out and make others see you casting it 24/7, and it will completely eat your energy til you die and revive or the mission ends)

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Doubled the amount of Hexenon reward drop from Disruption.

Remove it. Put actual "endgame" rewards now, or after the operation. If you guys were planning to change up the rewards after the operation please say so. Don't waste the potential of this gamemode.











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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

May have fixed issues when toggling to full-screen and issues where the mouse won't go across the full window when full-screen.

Can confirm that this hasn't been fixed, at least for me. I run at a native resolution of 1440p, and everything works fine when I set it to that, but if I activate Dynamic Resolution and Upscale to 4k I am unable to use the majority of my screen. I can see it all, I just can't mouse over it.

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