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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.3.3 +

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unknown.pngExploiter orbs bugged, Black screen with red text. The screen still remains black even after the text is gone. Tried both from walking out into orb valis and through bounty 😞
Please fix 😞

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15 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

The what? Now I need to check them...

Still no fix for Chroma Prime's Tabard being offcenter + all clothes disappearing on Effigy. Please Rebecca, I don't want to keep running naked anymore! 🤣

EDIT: So the Primed Sugatras wasn't stretched, it was stiff! You guys fixed the Daman Prime!


@WarriorSoundwave BE HAPPY WITH ME

Yes I'm super happy. Daman Prime having proper physics is my dream come true!!!!! I hope the art team keeps it up and fixes some other things now because DE just got on my very good side again. THANK YOU FOREVER DE!!!!!!!

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Also ran into the Exploiter Orb bug with black screen and red text.

Leaving the squad (and doing exploiter orb solo) fixed it for the moment.

After Hostmigration another Bug occured: the Vents from the orb did explode from the first damage they took.

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Thank you for the fixes.

The following bugs remain:

- When performing a Ship Reactor Sabotage via the "Fire" path (re-introducing the Fuel cell), the expanding wall of flame emanating from the reactor and the eventual meltdown of the whole ship no longer occur. This makes the fire path very low-risk, and since I don't think I saw patch notes removing this.

- Several enemies still do not have Codex Entries. Some of these are: Vapos Bioengineer, Coildrives, Terra Turrets, Mite Raknoids. There are many more.

- After hacking Reactor Consoles on Grineer Reactor Sabotage missions and Portal Consoles in Void Sabotage missions, the textures on the consoles become scrambled, as you can see below. (Also note the missing blue holograms on the Orokin Console - bug is detailed further down)



- Grineer Articula offers only Frontier Grineer options for customization regardless of how many others were scanned


- Kitgun clip remains attached to left hand after reload



- K-drive jets don't take the custom colors of the rest of the vehicle


- Tusk Eviscerators cannot use the Ramparts on the Plains. Here you can see them going to them, but being unable to mount the emplancement and becoming stuck



- Reload animation and Dynamic Clip not working Soma Prime with a Skin


- Danaus Sword and Shield skin is bugged:


- Perla Pistol Skin bullet tracer origins are bugged when applied to the Sicarus Prime.



- Camera is bugged when talking to Little Duck SPECIFICALLY when the syndicate console is used to go directly to her room in Fortuna. This also happens with several other characters and vendors, such as Hok in Cetus.


- The holographic writings are missing from Orokin Consoles (both Lua and Void)



- Using Magus Lockdown makes Kela de Thaym fall down and renders her unable to get up for the entirety of the boss battle:



- Archwing Ogma and Gox, as well as the Tusk Firbolgs are duplicated in Codex Diorama


- Orokin Defense laser countdown timer is bugged


- Grineer Turrets on the Kuva Fortress are all named Senta Turret regardless of their type; this is a Corpus name, however.



- Some of the Corpus computer screens in the Gas City still use the old opaque texture




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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


  • Fixed an issue

Can we have a fix for:

  • melee interrupting scanning/fishing not auto-returning to previous activity
  • auto-dropping datamass and other gear if we use Simaris scanner and turn it off from a hotkey
  • operators automatically deactivated after dashing towards ledges and doors
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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Prime Vault: Hotfix


  • Fixed a very common crash in that Hotfix we just deployed related to friends lists. So I guess none of you experienced it.
  • Fixed Stealth abilities like Ivara's Prowl being ineffective against Dargyns.
  • Fixed issues on Earth as reported here:https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/cdmebe/most_dangerous_tile_on_earth/ and here https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/cdvy7n/so_uh_this_eso_tile_has_a_friendship_elevator/
  • Fixed rogue Ephemera particles never going away in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an issue where you could lose your K-Drive forever if it de-spawned in a body of water.
  • Rolled back a fix for Boss cinematics from the previous Hotfix as it caused new issues!  
  • Fixed issues with performance in levels with a lot of water volumes (i.e open worlds)!
  • Fixed crashes caused by typing in forbidden characters in the Tribute statue and Note Beacon.


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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Fixed a very common crash in that Hotfix we just deployed related to friends lists. So I guess none of you experienced it.

@[DE]Rebecca We've known your opinion of us since your millions of losers "mishap". No need to keep rubbing it in.

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Fixed Smeeta's instant reload buff not applying to battery weapons, it will now instantly recharge beam weapons. 

nice fix! I hope one day the reload buff will also be fixed so it properly applies to shell-by-shell reload used by weapons like the Corinth

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed incorrect camera rotations in Captura. 

Advanced camera control is still broken. Camera 1 still doesn't rotate to meet where camera 2 is set to face. This has been broken since last Friday.

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