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15 hours ago, --Sovereign-- said:

 also don't expect content till late september

So don't play Warframe until then?, got it

7 hours ago, Vespilan said:

Personally, I like the new change. The material doesn't look like this weird, wet-rock thing anymore but more like dry rock now. I would have loved to keep the "hair" though.

Same here, the only issue I have with the skin is how "Dirty" the chest and head looks, if you have a bright color, the rock looks like way better rock now, but I'll rather have "Crystal" by the same texture as the Atlas Karst Skin. OR: Remove the Crystal and replace it with flowing energy, so it looks like fire hair or made out of flowing magma. 

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Got an Assassination Sortie vs. Tyl Regor, and it was doubly bugged. 

First time, it was a progression stopper. 

Tyl Regor just would not spawn after the first part of the fight was finished. 

We killed the Maniacs, but it would not come back, just throw quips at us. We had to give up the mission.

Second time, it broke boss attacks, but not progress. 

Tyl Regor got stuck in a dying animation, like a Grineer minion bleeding out, flaiing on the ground. It would still do his "jump around" mechanics, but would still be stuck in the "flayling on the ground" animation. It was basically a jumping sponge, and was quickly dispatched. 

I don't know how it could have happened, My theorycrafting is either it was a bug as it was spawning, or some player-triggered effect could be causing it, like opening to finishers or something. 

There were 3 players: 2 Saryn and 1 Octavia. One of the players had a kavat, the others sentinels. 

I was using Ignos Wraith, Atomos and Plague Kripath. Don't recall the others loadouts. 


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Adding my voice to those that don't like the Wukong delux change. I paid real money for the appearance. Now it has a different appearance and I don't like it. Please either revert the change or offer us refunds.

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Pls, increase riven cap.
last time it was incerased -almost 2 year. And since then there is numerous weapons added in game, not to mention Archguns  -now they have rivens too.

I use  , at least 60% weapons in game, so id l ike to have much more rivens than now. NOT for trade purpose, just for MY OWN use.

Even if you restrict riven trade and increase numbers of rivens id be happy!

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121 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.


Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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4 hours ago, WarcellPrime said:

Shame that you did not fix rhino losing his armor when switching to archwing or falling from level.

I think that thats intended. You shouldn't be falling from levels, especially as rhino's skin protects him from knockbacks, and in archwing cancels all abilities. Nothing to fix here.

18 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Warframe invulnerability (if applicable) being removed when Transferring back to Operator

Yay, my own report gets fixed, and so soon. Love you DE!!

Also love the spore ephemera changes. Though some frames lack the secondary energy color to be able to fully customize it.(like Frost)


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10 minutes ago, MaraWuti said:

Please don't revert the Wukong Deluxe changes. I don't understand the whining, it looks so much more realistic now rather than wet plastic.

>> it looks so much more "realistic
>> ???
>> LUL



Realistic? More like plastic. Idk if you really meant what you said or you're just really drunk.

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