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Tennocon 2020 drop issues thread

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Hi there @(XB1)Trapkills421 ^^

the Twitch Drops are currently slowly being distributed. It takes some time until everyone of the many many many viewers will get their reward. 
Here the PSA - text from Drew

Hope this information helps 🙂 


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When are they coming? Servers still overloaded? Could I expect it tomorrow? When is the line where I know it's lost to the void and a support ticket needs to be created?

Before you ask, yes, account is linked. Been for years, never gotten a drop before though.

And yes, I have relogged multiple times.

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The hand cannon I got and that hydroid prime will be late I know (doesnt matter to me, I already have one, its only the slot) but what I miss are the live rewards, means the staff skin and the decoration. I saw both as pop up during the stream, but when I left the relay and went back to my orbiter, I had no mail (my girlfriend who watched in the live relay got it directly), but noticed that I couldnt open nor join sessions, so I had to log of and back in. but didnt got any of the live rewards (I was there the whole time in digital ticket Tennocon relay until the last dance :)). 

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Hi, I did not receive the rewards I should have received in the Tennocon relay. Even though I was there and stayed there the whole time. I did not get the things I needed to get.  I would love if someone could solve this problem for me. thanks

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First: I'm aware that DE has sent out a message about the Twitch drop backlog/drops may take a long time to get sent out. This isn't necessarily what I am concerned about. 

I made sure my account was linked through my Twitch account settings before TennoLive. I even tested account linkage by watching the at-home stream this past Thursday (and successfully received 500 ducats.) I followed all the instructions about getting Hydroid Prime (watched the TennoLive twitch stream for 30 consecutive minutes, etc. I watched the entire stream) I HAVE gotten the staff skin and the statue from being in the relay, but nothing else. 

I got a message in my orbiter about new twitch prime loot. After TennoLive ended, I noticed I still didn't have the Twitch Prime loot in my inventory, so I decided to check (again) that my account was linked to twitch.

My account (on Warframe's website) is now telling me that it could not find the Twitch sync. 

I'm confused and worried as to whether or not I will eventually get the Hydroid Prime/Athodai drop. Did Twitch just somehow unsync itself? Does this mean I won't get Hydroid Prime? Again, I received the 500 ducat drop from Thursday, got the message about the new twitch prime loot, and received the TennoLive skin and statue. 

Thank you. 

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