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Warframe transfer from XBone to XBSX?


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We had many PS4 asking this question in GD about if DE will allow PS4 to PS5 transfer, because we know they wont. They will make you buy the game again on PS5, this idea was inspired by Control.

Now I will ask for the XBoned players if this will be possible for them to transfer to XBSeX.

You know? Pre-emptive strike. Because Questions, Feedback and Bugs are to be posted on GD.

At least Off-Topic posts are posted in Off-Topic...

I jinxed it, didnt I?

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5 hours ago, (XB1)C11H22O11 said:

I don't know, I wonder if PC can transfer to PC 2 as well. What if a founder loses his progress when he transfers to PC 2

A transfer involves copying your progress into a new account, its only allowed if a new platform is introduced. Its very unlikely that you can be allowed duplicate account on same platform.

A new pc will use same account as you old one.

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hmm this is an issues for the truth.  I believed transfer account from xbox 1 to new xbox they just presented will cause issues with warframe.  Better tell the dev because this is the locally spot on the line could interfere business for I hope they are ready to start transferring accounts.  This is a sign of trouble because if I know they don't have a head leading team of transfer account.  I think they need quickly assign someone to such job because right now it is hot ingot is being ready be pull out which means new xbox may break warframe game in a bit of chip that isn't good for no one want a ingot bar if it isn't fully right delt right.

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both newer "consoles" are just tech comprised of bog standard pc components and are the same as their predecessor just with upgraded pc components, there is no need or reason to have a new version.

We dont get a new pc warframe just because a new gen of nvidia cards are released so nothing is different here for so called consoles which are just pc laptops without a screen, they are just plain, ordinary pc component upgrades and are fully compatible with the last gen versions.

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I posted this in the past threads, but I wish DE will just tell us console owners the plans for Warframe for next gen PS5/XSX consoles.

I know we should be able to play WF on next gen consoles since we're using the same id and it is just a more powerful console.  But lingering questions like:

  • Trophies/achievements (for Playstation all trophy achievement sets have a tag like PS3, PSVita, PS4).  Will there be specific PS5 trophies if a PS5 WF exists?  Will they be retroactively given since we're using the same id?
  • Do we just run the PS4 WF on PS5 or is there a specific PS5 version?
  • The current login page on the Mobile App and warframe.com says 'PS4'.  Will it now also show PS5?  Or just a common 'PlayStation login' instead?
  • How will my forum id show up?  Currently it says '(PS4)vinster'.  Will it change to '(PS5)vinster'?
  • Will the Warframe PS4 anniversary coincide with the Warframe PS5 anniversary?  Can we have 2 anniversaries with even more goodies?! :)
  • Will you take advantage of the PS5's Dualshock haptic feedback and new trigger pressure feature?  If so, how?
  • During in-game missions, how will we know if our squad members are playing on PS4 or PS5?
  • How long will you continue to support PS4 Warframe after PS5 version is released?  Will both have the same cert process and released at the same time?
  • Will the PS4@4 stream with Danielle now become the PS5@5 stream?  Or does Danielle need to clone herself?!
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On 2020-09-23 at 6:20 AM, Kaotyke said:

They will make you buy the game again on PS5

o-O warframe is free

your psn account when you sign in with it on a ps5 will still be the same account you had on ps4
your xbox account you sign in with on xbox series x/s will still be the same one you had on xbox one

i know that they said you will be able to still be able to play all the games you had on xbox one with there being series x/s exlusive games
i dont know how sony will be dealing with all there ps4 games 

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While we on it. Does anyone know if I can transfer my account from steam to launcher? I played a lot on steam, but achievements are glitched and it shows advertisement every time I login, like buying games isn't enough to keep it running. Can I transfer my account to launcher somehow? I would like to keep all my stuff when I do that.

By the way, does anyone know if I will be able to play on steam servers after that? I have some friends playing on steam.

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