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Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Hotfix 30.1.1

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Thank you for the hotfix.

Please fix Gross Income on the profile not accounting for Mission Rewards or Boosters.

Please fix the Tibor Prime Fur Pattern being unusable on Kavats with the alternate "Maned" body style.

Please fix the Profit-Taker stage 4 bounty not rewarding Radiant Neo Relics. This has been an issue since atleast last November.

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4 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

This was added to give endless-mission minded players a way to acquire the Sentinel without having to only do non-endless missions.

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Has anyone else experienced range inconsistencies with Sevagoth’s Shadow Claws as well as how increased attack speed with berserker causes some animations to fail?

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Finally a hotfix i was expecting for Interception, now just need a hotfix for lazy people who can't handle even the first round, that's a pain in the nuts to find people who are able to do long runs.

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Not sure if this has been brought up before but is there any chance of a fix for the tactical menu keybind issue? My tactical menu is permanently set to the "R" key while piloting, gunning etc. This is regardless of what me and my friends change the keybind to in the settings.

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