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Nora’s Choice End Date + The Future of Nightwave!

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Greetings, Tenno!

The current Nightwave Intermission: Nora’s Choice is ending soon! On Sunday March 13th, Nora will be switching wavelengths to something new. Be sure to spend your Nora’s Choice Cred before the current Intermission ends on Sunday March 13th! Any remaining Nora’s Choice Cred can be sold for Credits afterwards.

The Future of Nightwave
"Hey there, Dreamers. You hearin' me? I know you are. No need to say anythin'. A hand in yours, a voice for the speechless, a bedtime story for the sleepless. The name's Nora Night, and I got somethin' to say, sweet things. Nightwave is coming."

Introducing Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 launching on March 16th on all platforms!
2022 is the era of Nora's Mix. Aptly named, Nora has brought with her a mix of unique rewards spanning the old and new. With a fresh selection of Acts, both new and experienced Tenno can earn the new Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Cred in style.

Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 will be similar to Nora’s Choice in regards to scope. For us, Nightwave is the best way to present weekly goals for Tenno to complete. Currently, our development efforts are better focused on the Post-New War content we’re all eagerly waiting for! For patrons of Nora’s previous Acts, we are continuing duplicate protection for rewards that you’ve already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Choice, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward!

New Acts

For this edition of Nora’s Mix, we wanted to add many more Acts to give you new ways to earn Cred!

For daily Acts, Nora has…

Caption That
Take a screenshot in any Captura scene.

Sell any item in your Inventory for Credits.

Two for One
Pierce and kill 2 or more enemies in a single Bow shot.

Death from Above
Kill 10 enemies with ground slams.

Kill 3 Drones or Ospreys with your Melee Weapon.

Topping Off the Tank
Successfully defend an Excavator without allowing it to run out of power.

The Personal Touch
Place 1 decoration in your Orbiter.

Install an Augment Mod on your Warframe.

A Firm Shake
Shake the hand of a fellow Tenno using the Handshake Emote. Equip the emote in your Gear Wheel found in your Arsenal.

Builder’s Touch
Claim an item from your Foundry.

Revive a fellow Tenno or a Companion.

Stay on top
Kill 20 enemies using a Necramech while hovering.

For weekly Acts, Nora has…

Night and Day
Collect 15 Vome or Fass Residue in the Cambion Drift.

Gain 5,000 Standing with any one Syndicate faction.

Mad Lab
Plunder one of Alad V's secret laboratories on Jupiter.

The Old Ways
Complete 1 mission with only a single pistol and a glaive equipped.

Kill 20 enemies in 5 seconds.

And for the brave, Nora offers these Elite Weekly Acts…

Open one of each era/tier of Relic (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi).

The Price of Freedom
Free one Captured Solaris using a Granum Crown.

The Many Made Whole
Convert 10 Riven Slivers into a Riven Mod.

Destroy 3 Necramech Isolation Vault guardians.

Rise of the Machine
Kill 300 enemies using a Necramech without getting destroyed.

New Rewards
"Nora is all about incentivizin'"

Of course, what’s a challenge without a reward! These new rewards can be earned during Nora’s Mix Vol. 1.

Stavika Dual Swords Skin
One of the very first dual swords designed exclusively for Tenno use, thought to be commissioned by the House of Stavika.

Ivara Glyph
Show off your stealth look with this Glyph for your profile!

Glacia Syandana
Stay cool with a frozen Syandana that never goes out of season.

‘Combat Reload’ Augment Mod for Tigris
A tactical modification for the Tigris which rewards headshot accuracy with reload speed.

‘Range Advantage’ Augment Mod for Akjagara
The Akjagara becomes deadlier than ever when no enemies are near.

Liset Domestik Drone
A Tenno engineered cleaning drone designed in the elegant style of the Liset.

Plus a hand-picked selection of rewards from previous Nightwave acts! Stay tuned for Nora’s full list of offerings.

Be sure to keep Dreamin’ on March 16th, when Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 launches on all platforms. Once again, remember to spend your remaining Nora’s Choice Cred before March 13th when the current intermission will end! Please keep in mind that everything listed above is subject to change!

“We're out of the night and into the dawn. Still hangin' on in a System on fire, thanks to the good work of people like the Tenno. That's a thank-you, from Nora to you. Wherever you are."

EDIT: The 'Caption That' Act has been removed due to complications in how screenshotting is tracked across different platforms.

EDIT 2: Corrected the Stavika skin name and description, it was incorrectly described as being for Daggers earlier in development.

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Just now, Ionenschatten said:

Convert 10 Riven Slivers into a Riven Mod.


How do you even get these? All I've gotten them from is Kuva mods where they're trash and you get only one and rarely railjack where you also only get one as a troll reward instead of a Sevagoth part, haha.

The Riven Silvers you can get from either the Requiem Mods, or if you've got Steel Path unlocked (like I do), you can get them randomly in missions, best to do during Endless Missions.

Hope that helps!

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I really like some of these new Acts! And I'm definitely looking forward to those new rewards.

4 minutes ago, Ionenschatten said:

Convert 10 Riven Slivers into a Riven Mod.

How do you even get these? All I've gotten them from is Kuva mods where they're trash and you get only one and rarely railjack where you also only get one as a troll reward instead of a Sevagoth part, haha.

This is the only one of the new Acts I'm worried about. I also don't get that many Riven slivers, but that's because I don't often play the game modes where they drop. In addition to what @MoondustStar said, Riven slivers can also be dropped from Railjack missions as you note (and, weirdly, the Jackal if it's a Sortie boss).

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Just now, ArtiMETALIQ said:

So, does this mean that Angels of the Zariman will come on March 13 too? 👀

If anything it'd be the 16th when the "new" act starts. It'll close on the 13th (Sunday), have a few days of downtime, and then reopen the 16th (Wednesday) most likely with the rest of the update.

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Can we please get acknowledgement on the issues with the structure of Nightwave and just remove seasons? The last devstream hinted at this problem that has been given through feedback since the Wolf of Saturn Six launched 3 years ago.

Just update the shop rotation periodically with a tab of "limited wares" that rotates ~8 weeks akin to Teshin that houses all seasonal rewards and just directly give Creds for challenge completion. No seasons, no years between re-releases of past seasonal items, no more ranks, no more prestige, no more tedium and no more unnecessary resource cost for DE besides updating the shop every 2 months or so. Nightwave should be almost entirely automated.

This is the third intermission in a row for no good reason, and we're just living through Sortie seasons again.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Zach said:

Open one of each era/tier of Relic (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi).

This one is a bit confusing since there is a singular progress meter being used for nightwave rewards which doesn't bode well for cracking four different era of relics. Will we just have to guess if we don't know what our previous three relics that we have opened? Or will there be a better method as to which relic we still need to open?

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Hi, will there be a consistency in how often Nightwaves are reset considering the shift from them being lore updates into essentially a vendor refresh? It would be good to have a fixed time frame to grind them out as (arguably) the better rewards tend to be in the first 30 levels. 

Perhaps a cycle of every 4 months would be good, giving 3 nightwave refreshes annually. 

Personally I think it is okay to not have story connected to these, instead focusing them to be something for newer players to easily access and work on. 

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How long will this era of nightwave last? Is it possible to get a set end date or at the very least a set month that is supposed to end in? Judging by the wording it is possible to last all the way until 2023.

The rewards track is one of the reasons to do nightwave as they can provide even better rewards than those found in the nightwave store rotation. And having to wait for long extended periods of time for new rewards in the rewards track after completing the current nightwave can feel a bit cumbersome, especially if we do not have a set announced start date of the next nightwave.

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