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Zephyr & Chroma Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.5.10 +


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Time for a semi routine request that isn't a bug, but seems to fit into the weirdly inconsistent category...  For examples, we can we have duplicates of these, but for some reason they cannot be sold (for credits) and haven't ended up being cleaned out by script when it comes to capturas:




In the old nightwave episodes of days gone by, but seem to be hoarded because "who knows it might be used in the future":


Also in the why are we collecting them if we can't trade them or sell them for credits:


(pardon the mutagen/antigens in this -- it can't be filtered out with some heavy photoshopping unlike this one):


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4 hours ago, Hildr said:

Please add an option to hire a female Red Veil Crew Members via Ticker/Fortuna. In all these years I've never seen one out there, but you can see them during the syndicate missions.

5 hours ago, Uhkretor said:

Bad RNG rotation, perhaps?

I'm pretty sure I saw those somewhere in the past week.

Crew member candidates are designed to match the genders of their respective syndicate's leader. Male for Red Veil, Perrin Sequence, and Arbiters of Hexis. Female for New Loka, Cephalon Suda and Steel Meridian.

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5 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:
  • You will now auto-load into a Relay if there is only one open/available instance. 

Would you please add to the relays:

Fast Travel options to Central Plaza (baro) and Syndicate Rooms
Fast Travel to Palladino

5 hours ago, Magnus said:

Everything you wanted to accomplish with Void Sling was doable with Void Dash with one easy step: make Void Mode hover for a moment. No charging, not too fast or slow, just let players have their time to aim if they need it without removing the speed or any of the backlash.

And Sling is only one problem of the mess that is this focus rework.

I've brought this up before.  I would like TWO THINGS out of a void dash rework:
1) Void dash back
2) Right click to trinity matrix hover midair while you reorient. Little, but escalating drain so you can't turret mode
3) Dash-and-hold to just keep going in the direction you're going (railjack drift). Double tap and smash for steady linear travel (long distance/open world content). IE tap tap tap for multi dask, tap-n-hold for wave dash. Give it something like a 30% energy/distance discount compared to multidashing and call it good.

That's it, that's all. Cool ass aim glide and distance travel.

Bonus points for: Being able to set a skill to happen automatically on transference, so the void blast/energizing dash thing isn't actually a nerf and things that happened bythemselves don't get you shot during a cast animation.

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4 hours ago, freder481 said:

still no fix for traxx enemies  forcing magnetic procs on you even with a maxed arcane nulifier equipped? how long something this simple will go on? wow DE, just wow....

*glares back at Juno Elite Crewmen having AoE on their Supras for almost a year after their arrival (June 2020 to May 2021 Gara Prime Access)*

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16 minutes ago, Bossman252621 said:

Crew member candidates are designed to match the genders of their respective syndicate's leader.

... Really?

That's weird... Then why are there male New Loka crew members then?

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23 minutes ago, Bossman252621 said:

Where'd you see a male Loka crew member?

Same place where people can find crew members...

... when did I see them? Well, that's when I went to get crew members for me... like... 4 or 5 Mainline Updates ago...


... Even though I've been peeking at Ticker's list at random moments so... who knows, I might be wrong and the two different crew members I've been seeing probably weren't male & female... They were most likely flat or thicc Loka crew members....

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6 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Orokin Drone Eximus units can now only spawn as either Energy Leech or Health Leech.

  • Essentially, this is the same change that was made to Grineer Sensor Regulator Eximus in Hotfix 31.5.8. The drones are unable to animate the other Eximus functions, which was making it difficult/impossible to telegraph their attacks. This change also adds proper Eximus ability functionality to the drones.


Juno Osprey Eximus can still be other stuff like like Blitz Eximus. They'll need the change as well (noticeable when Corpus invades Zariman).

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I will still take a single meter of actual void dash over anything sling.  Why you guys are pushing sling so hard is beyond me, I never used it as overpowered movement but as extremely direct control that actually worked well / felt good, sling is such a sloppy mess by comparison. I don't care if I need to pay in the thousands of plat for just that alone but come on, just make this an option in any way.

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still no change to Overguard i see DE why do you hate the idea of anything other then damage being able to actually compete in this game? why are you so bad at this? No more anti CC no more flicking off the use of abilities make the game people want its not that hard remove energy leeching from your idea pool remove 'lol noping' warframe abilities i shouldn't have to burn down most of a eximus's HP just to use parasitic link on the sliver that is left but here we are

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Thx for the fixes !


Can you take a look at Excavation UI please ? It is still bugged since last year and it's frustrating to not be able to know the status of excavators or having markpoints just stacking everywhere on the screen

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16 hours ago, EinheriarJudith said:

listen DE. if you are going to try and make the game more challenging, you shouldnt be back peddling or else there is no reason to make the game more challenging. this was not an issue but whatever.

The statement of 'this is a case of back peddling' depends entirely on whether the forced buff reset was an intentional design choice by DE though.

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9 hours ago, Supremo001 said:

I would like to know when the squads will be fixed at zariman, most of the time you want to leave the mission and your squad doesn't. and you don't have the option to leave the squad.....

The only time I ran into this was when someone didn't want to stay for an angel kill that takes only like 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I still remember what he said, "Then you get a host migration."

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