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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6 +


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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6

This Hotfix has resolved not being able to purchase the Dullahan Mask, Halloween Color Picker, and the Naberus Armor!

General Plains of Eidolon Changes 

  • The Pharoma Blueprint is now reusable! 
  • Reduced the Dye Crafting time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • Optimized texture streaming in Cetus and the Plains. This will aid in possible relief for 32 bit players that experience crashes. 
  • Revised the description of Naramons Power Spike Focus ability to provide more clarity. It now reads:
  • Melee Combo Counter now decays while out of combat by X every few seconds, instead of depleting completely.
  • Dual Wielding will now be disabled when launching into Sky Archwing. You will now either equip your Pistol or Primary instead of your Melee weapon, since using your Melee in Sky Archwing disables it.
  • Crafting Donating Operator Training Amp components now awards Standing with the Quills.
  • The Archwing Launcher Segment Blueprint is no longer reusable considering you only need it once. 
  • Slightly tweaked the Spearfishing charge sound. 


  • Fixed Brilliant Sentient Shards sometimes spawning at the Cetus gates. Thanks to our amazing community sending us repros and logs, we were able to nail down this bug and fix it for real. To those who were very frustrated by this issue, we apologize. As one of the most valuable items introduced in the Plains and the most mysterious to acquire, it was our top priority to fix and we will continue to monitor. 
  • Fixed crashes that occur during the launcher update on some systems.
  • Fixed a random crash when completing Bounties.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Operator Void Beams. 
  • Fixed players who join Excavation missions in progress not getting rewards from Excavators.
  • Fixed being able to trade in more Sentient Cores than required for the max cap, resulting in wasted items and players experiencing heartache. 
  • Fixed attempting to enter the Plains from Cetus as your Operator resulting in being forced back to your Warframe. Now if you enter as the Operator you’ll stay as the Operator! 
  • Fixed finding Kuria’s resulting in Onkko sending you an Inbox message. 
  • Fixed the Mod Sets not being Chat linkable. 
  • Fixed the Mining laser permanently hiding the normal reticle.
  • Fixed Dual Wielding a Glaive and Pistol resulting in the weapon fire VFX and SFX will either not be playing or will be incorrect when holding a Datamass.
  • Fixed Fisher Hai-Luk’s goodbye lines sometimes playing twice. 
  • Fixed Focus gains being doubled or even tripled on a weapon at End of Mission.
  • More fixes towards some HUD elements not appearing for Clients when loading into the Plains.
  • More fixes towards Convergence Orbs spawning high in the air. 
  • More fixes towards enemy Grineer Dropships getting stuck in their navigation paths.
  • Fixed some bad Condroc animations where they were flapping their wings upwards. Fly much?
  • Fixed the camera locking up when viewing your Clan screen while waiting for the doors to open to Cetus.
  • Fixed opening Syndicate menus for Syndicates outside of Cetus no longer playing Cetus menu music. 

Conclave Changes

  • Reduced the headshot damage of the Vulkar series, Snipetron series and Vectis series in Conclave.


Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix


  • Fixed Operator room in the Orbiter not opening.
  • Fixed 'daily Focus cap reached' messages not taking the Operator Focus into consideration.
  • Fixed redeeming more Syndicate Medallions than your daily limit prompting you with a ‘wasting Standing’ message. Redeeming Syndicate Medallions is not affected by your daily cap.

Conclave Changes

  • The Volnus is now usable in Conclave!
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Donating Operator Training Amp components now awards Standing with the Quills.
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Still no fixes for:

1- When vault timer ends, the vault sometimes (most times according to my experince) doesn't open, making it impossible to enter it and complete the boring as hell mobdef part of the bounty. [might have some relation with helios prime scanning the console][confirmed on .6]
2- Sometimes the main bounty quest name appears in a different language (got spanish and portuguese so far, maybe host related; last time I got this it was all *******) [confirmed ***** on .6]
3- Sometimes, when you go out of town, the bounty objectives don't start. [seems worse on .6]
4- Sometimes, when you complete a bounty objective, the next one doesn't start [confirmed on .4]
5- Sometimes, when you try to hack the drone, space doesn't work, making it unhackable. Never happened to me with the rescue guy, but I wouldn't be surprised.
6- Grouping is totally bugged, both pre-made and public. Premade is probably related to being in different servers. For public, sometimes you get a group, sometimes you don't. [confirmed on .6]
7- Sometimes, when you go void to avoid the Eidolon AoE, you get stuck in operator without being able to type, esc, or anything else until you manage to get your operator killed.
8- Vacuum doesn't work properly with cores and eidolon (considering how often cores get stuck under the floor, they should be vacuumed). [confrmed on .6]
9- Sometimes, when mining, the mineral area (the dotted thing) doesn't show up and you can't harvest crap even when zooming. [confirmed on .5]
10- When you reenter cetus, weapons that gained levels during the mission show as "unranked" on mission results screen and as previous level on top of "escape HUD".  [confirmed on .6]
11- Sometimes HUD, or part of it, disappears when you enter the plains. [confirmed on .5][lets see how it goes on .6]
12- Everytime i get a new bounty it bugs, showing the latest one. Need to drop it and get again to work. [confirmed on .6]
13- Sometimes there are 2 objectives on the map at the same time for the same bounty part (got it in vault bugged thing, liberate the camp and kill the commander so far). Also if you complete twice the same objective, it counts 2 times towards bounty progression. [confirmed on .6]
14- Sometimes the objective icon stays on lag portal (aka Cetus entrance). [confirmed on .6]
15- sometimes people that are not in your group randomly appear on youtr chat (this is actually fun, so you can fix this for last). [confirmed on .5]
16- Sometimes, during the trully boring "liberate the camp" mission, after you clear the area you don't get the counter - mission progression still shows as "clear all hostiles" instead of "secure the area", eventhough you can progress the mission normally. [confirmed on .6]
17- Sometimes when you die you can't rez anymore and instead gets the cam from another player (happened when I died during the mission completion message 4/5). [confirmed on .5]
18- Sometimes when the annoying drone reaches its final location, nothing happens, stopping bounty progression. [confirmed on .5]

19- Common baits are either bugged or just useless [confirmed on .6]

20. You can't access equiped mods via arsenal when in Cetus [confirmed on .6]

But, hey! Condrocs will fly more beatifully!

Also we need:
1- Extraction timer when 2 or more players are on extraction to avoid fishers/miners/trolls and/or...
2- Vote to kick option
3- Make Shield Disruption work again (unless we are supposed to only use corrosive projection and energy siphon and get bored to death grinding eidolon)
4- Marks on map for sentient cores/eidolon pieces (can't be that hard)
5- Decent reward tables ("begginers don't have those" is not an excuse, they can get the mods from normal drops all the time)
6- Greater Lenses back on sorties (really? now that they have some use you remove them in exchange for a handful of kuva?)
7- Focus 3.0 (sorry, 2.0 sucks)
8- Reduction of defense timers (3 min is nonsense) and all waiting times in general (finish a part of the bouty, immediately starts next. Why making us waste time with all the waiting if we can waste it enjoying the bugs?)
9- Maybe a "house" (base) on Cetus (ship is too small to all the cool fish/noggles/sculptures/caged animals/etc.)

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