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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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Hey, good to see you again guys :)

My question : Will Vlad (the sentient-inspired Warframe) be able to restore allies energy? I feel a lack of energizers in the game, only 2 (Trinity and Harrow) is too few in my opinion...


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 I have some questions

will frames such as equinox and ivara be able to use their sleep and tranquilize arrows to rescue the wild life?

will P.O.E have more wild life to compare to venus ?

will we able to use  weapons while we ride the K drives


ps and if you guys saw this that would be amazing

plus the time of devstreams are at 2am in my country

so I may not be able to watch the stream


also I would like headphones for the operators


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11 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: We’re BACK! TennoCon 2018 has gone down as one of the biggest days in Warframe history… We should probably talk about what we showed! In Devstream #113 we’ll be compiling some of the most asked questions and comments from our TennoCon 2018 day and going through them on Stream! Expect to see more Fortuna, more of the Orb Vallis, and some more Warframe!  

Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers!

Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)!

When:  Friday, July 20 at 2 p.m ET!  

Please ask your TennoCon/TennoLive related questions here! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


What happened to melee 3.0 ? Is combo counter recieving a nurf still? its been months since we heard anything about this... 

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I love your work D.E. and i would like to have some questions.

1. How login 3.0 handle that if it came out we will get the next milestone or not, as i calculated i dont get the zenistar before the new login in system and i dont want to login 300 days again thats the only thing that reallyy interest me in all of login rewards.

2. Since space mom wont came back anytime soon why are we listening to that purple hologram thing, when we could have uor favorite syndicate to  guide us, or even there is Thesin or even ordis, if you brave enough Symaris too. I don't listen to purple space mom for like a year or more like the ones who completed the apostasy prologe when it came out but its a bit annoying even after a few months, pls make this.

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7 minutes ago, (PS4)Electr0Hax__ said:

Will everyone that watch the stream get plat and prime acces or is it only lucky people?

They do a drawing from people who are watching the stream. 3 lucky watchers will win plat, and a 4th lucky watcher will win a Prime Access.

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Will we ever be able to test our weapons on teralysts, gantulysts, hydrolysts and other giant boss like enemies in a simulacrum type environment?

Is there any plans to speed up prime releases? nidus, harrow, octavia and khora prime will likely be released in 2021 at the rate prime frames get released.

Will we be getting more eidolon variants on the plains?



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1. With what was shown in the Fortuna demo and subsequent interviews with Steve and the other lead developers, what will come of vehicles? The hoverboards shown look cool, and I hope they allow good mobility and are easily obtainable, versus Archwing on the Plains. Some of us noticed in the demo, there are some "garage" type structures around, particularly one right next to a bounty giver out in the field. Will the vehicles presented in a previous Devstream be making an appearance on the initial release of Fortuna, where we can summon said vehicles, ala Borderlands 2 style? If so, that would be amazing.


2. Railjack looks promising. One thing that I'd like to see before the release of Railjack would be to revisit Archwing as a whole. It's currently a gamemode no one wants to play, only playing it to level their Archwings and weapons, as well as the occasional alert. On the Plains, Archwing feels useless outside of using it as a costly mobility tool to get from point A to point B. There is also the issue of constantly being shot out of the sky if you decide to use your Archwing in a combat scenario, by the many turrets, bombards, and hellions littered across the plains. Will changes to Archwing come with Railjack, or even better, with the release of the flying Eidolon teased awhile back?


3. Speaking of Eidolons and Sentients, we now know the New War is currently in development, and it's release most likely being in the far future. Due to the big gap between such story driven quests, Sentients seem to be this forgotten enemy that kind of sits there, and only being brought to fruition if a quest demands it. I want to be able to fight more Sentients outside of the Plains and Lua. Also Mimics--will they ever make an appearance outside of the Sacrifice quest? It'd be a shame to see their mechanics go to waste.

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Hurray, my favourite biweekly Friday show is renewed for another season!


  • Will Fortuna expand on the Operator arsenal, Focus maybe? Operator melee?
  • Loose, and I mean loose, ETA on The New War?
  • Seeing as Venus is far bigger than PoE, can we expect new types of interactivity from the map, or is most of it dead space/fluff?
  • The new iteration of Deluxe skins is already here despite a significant amount of frames not having their own yet. Do you plan to continue round two after the new Nyx, or will you wait until the rest of our guys and gals get their share?
  • Railjack: Customizable interiors? Models? Plus, seeing as there's a sentinel in there, does that mean we may change equipment on the fly?
  • How diverse will Railjack maps be? I assume Venus will not be the only planet we fly above. Can you shed some light on this?
  • Will Ballas return? The way he went down in The Sacrifice left a sour taste in many a player's mouth. We expect to meet him again in a more badass confrontation. We didn't forget his sword, DE, tsk tsk.
  • So now that Venus is our full focus, does that mean PoE's development is done? What about Flydolon? Where is he gonna fit in?
  • In light of Archwing's renewed role in Railjack, can we expect an Archwing 3.0 or at the very least an upgrade?
  • Come on, DE, we all know Tau is coming. Give us a tease.
  • Any plans to expand on the Umbra system? Perhaps new cross-interactions between operator and Umbra, like a special attack
  • Can we now replace holographic Lotus with Ordis/Operator transmissions?
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12 hours ago, ZYKY1705 said:

1.Can you let us color Helmets and Bodies of the frames separately?  (please please please some deluxe skins are awesome with the prime helmets but they are colored wierdly)

2.Will we be able to get umbra polarities on non-umbra frames? (just yes or no for this one) 

Highly doubt the second one would be a thing. Would be really broken.

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I think there needs to be a system where we can reset your frame or weapon to "Foundry Default" (I.E. throw item in foundry for initial build time) where all forma and potatoes are taken off and and the frame is set to Unranked. The potatoes and and forma are not lost and returned to the player. This is for players like myself that after using forma for something then having that changed would like to "fix" it without putting in MORE forma. ex. I had forma'd my Frost Prime to function with only snowglobe when abilities still had mod cards(this was 5 forma) but now that this has changed and Frost's abilities have changed how they function. I would like to have the option to change his polarities without adding more forma. Now I'm not saying reset then be allowed to put all those forma back on right away, no I'm saying RESET the frame so I have to rank it to 30 for every forma again and I believe this would balance it out. Thank you for your time and consideration and if you could address this in the next live stream i would greatly appreciate it. This would also help with people being "annoyed" about changes to their items.

I mentioned this to Steve and Scott at TennoCon this year but I do not know if they would remember this since they had so many people asking them questions so im posting it on here yet again to see if there has been any discussion or to start one if this is an idea that you guys like.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


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question than:

1. Melee changes, when?

2. What is the reason behind the lack of a twin primary weapon?

3. Laser sward, maybe even twin alla darth maul?

4. Pet acquisition changes?

5. Special operations new and old, any news about them?

6. Updated use of orokin cifers?

7. Will the orokin code lock mechanics be used again?

8. Where (When) does baro sells the prime stuff he buys from us?

9. Acolytes?

10. How can I give you all a hug for all the work you guys are doing for us? :)

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5 minutes ago, (XB1)JGTHUNDER1990 said:

Will you ever add to the foundry a way to craft multiple amounts of items and not just one at a time example ciphers, pizza pads etc. 

10x packs are so out of trend.

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I wonder what DE will present on by Birthday.

1. Will we ever get another Twin weapon like Dark Split Sword? Also will it ever be possible to change its type/stance mid mission?

2. Skins for Zaw's?

3. Rest of Landing Crafts for Tennogen? (right now there's only Liset and Mantis)

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