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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3


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5 minutes ago, --Q--Voltage said:

Thank you for the Nidus Deluxe skin!

As of Tuesday's hotfix, the Prime Vault has breathed life back into the Void given it has been nothing but an Argon Crystal farm since Specters of the Rail, but it still lacks interesting rewards outside of this Vault. Adding Void Traces to the Void as enemy drops, removing key requirements for the Derelict, adding Fissures to the Derelict, and giving players the option to go push themselves at these locations at any time to crack relics would give meaning to the missions without making the current Fissure system obsolete. Although it has been two whole years since Specters of the Rail, it is never too late to bring back meaning to the Void but without the flaws of the Tower Key system. More detail here:

This and...

IMO, there should be just a tad more rotations in the MOT Void specifically.  Further in, that place is challenging enough to have more reward tables a bit . Not saying to make it endless or scaling rewards, but at most the first 45 mins  to an hour of that place should have more/better rewards 🙂

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Still waiting for excal prime stuff to be available on umbra.

Umbras are pretty darn close to primes if not higher on the tier list (I haven't seen anything that says different, if I am wrong link me the proof). If he isn't considered a prime or higher then let excal prime wear his stuff (this includes the scarf), just like how every prime can equip the basic parts of the basic frame. Just trying to cover all bases and find middle grounds. 

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5 minutes ago, Kromatia said:

Get the incubator upgrade. You can rush their stasis with credits.

And i can skip the tons of animation with that? i have the incubator, the problem isn't the time...

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Tear through the still-beating heart of your foes. Bestow this eye-opening Skin to any Claw Weapon.

The signature Syandana of Nidus Phryke.

Nidus Phryke’s loyal beast.

Adorn any Kubrow or Helminth Charger Pet with a battery of gothic spikes.

all locked behind the collection of 375 plat.... SPLIT IT ALL UP....i want to know what it looks like before i buy it 😐

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