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  1. At least in terms of specters, ember is by far the best one, those heat procs get insane at higher levels, can out-damage a player, but in terms of an actual player using ember...ehhhhhhhh
  2. are you an arch-vile? because you just resurrected this thread from the dead
  3. Warlord has all roles, you can't disable roles for warlords.
  4. To simplify it a bit, most 'fragments' listed on the wiki aren't picked up by golden instinct, including the somachord fragments on Orb Vallis, and the hidden lore ones as well. Fix that please.
  5. ORRRRRRRRRRR people could have found it by accident, tested it multiple times and went "huh, if we stand over here, the drone spawns over there" No L33T H4X0R skills needed.
  6. 1: RNG. 2: Players be like that sometimes. 3: This is a side effect of how missions work, you can't fix/change that without redoing the entire thing. 4: I agree with this. 5: For ESO, sure. 6. AFK detection already exists, kicking people out of the mission because someone is at the door is a really bad way of doing it, just report them and move on.
  7. I keep a record of every trade/purchase I do, it's a pain, but worth it.
  8. No point in bringing rhino when I can fully strip armor in 2s before it's done coming out of the boil.
  9. This isn't Dragonball Z, what are you on about?
  10. Don't call it a syandana if it isn't universal, just give it a toggle like with umbra's scarf.
  11. Man, I just want a nice looking revenant skin that doesn't make him look completely different, I don't want a deluxe that changes his appearance so much that he doesn't look anything like the original, I just want a nice CLEAN revenant skin, is that so hard to do? Oh wait, there is one, and it's a community made one. OF COURSE IT IS.
  12. Went and tested this in the sacrifice, didn't highlight a somachord fragment that was 2m in front of me, even though I hadn't scanned it yet.
  13. I know you guys are working on the new war at the moment, but is there any news about another dojo decoration pass? There is a distinct lack of grineer decorations available at the moment, it would be nice to have some new ones that already exist in various maps. Also, any chances of a dedicated spawn point/platform in dojos so that people don't spawn inside a wall?
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