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  1. They are both really good when used as utility primers for Condition Overload.
  2. Can you get people to not spawn in RJ when invited to dojo for trade. This has ben a problem since RJ was introduced.
  3. The Twins and Ched aka "The Golden Gimp"
  4. Skin was so good it didn't need any bundle filler.
  5. I hate all open worlds and bounties too. I did enough in deimos to get what I wanted from it and never went back. The time I spent there was worth the reward though. The Helminth systems is one of the coolest things in WF IMO. Spending an extra 30 minutes running a couple bounties to get 15k standing is nothing compared to so many other grinds in this game.
  6. That's only like a bounty or two. You can seriously get that much standing in less than 30 minutes. Being able to swap one ability on any frame is worth doing 30 minutes of bounties IMO.
  7. Drop table is here near the bottom of the page. You have an equal chance of getting shields, engines, plating and reactor of the same tier and house since they all share the same drop source and chance.
  8. It's probably already been said but Hydron is terrible for ranking gear compared to other methods. It's also boring as hell, no wonder you're getting burned out.
  9. Epitaph is a really good utility primer when you use quick shots. It slows enemies, has guaranteed blast and cold procs and can be built for two other status types. I build for viral/rad so slowed enemies start fighting each other, it's a good quick cc. Using Primed Firestorm you have a a 13m+ blast radius and can prime a huge area by just spamming a few shots in the general direction of enemies. I'm all about utility weapons so I'm enjoying the Epitaph as an alternative to the Kuva Nukor even though the Nukor is a better all around weapon.
  10. Can we get full stats on Epitaph please? The quick shot is obviously not 48% crit chance and 4% status chance. It would be nice to know the actual stats. Thanks.
  11. Pretty much this. The only reason I'd run void storms is to get Sevagoth. After that it's just another diluted reward pool where the rewards can be earned more efficiently by other means. I ran like 3-4 missions before calling it quits and just bought the bundle. I'm not gonna burn out grinding RJ for a 10% drop chance and 100% blinding.
  12. I held out on RJ for a long time, I eventually gave it a shot and maxed everything but it's just so damn boring. Pretty much blow up fighters for 2 minutes and then the rest of the mission is busy work running around hacking consoles and blowing up some random stuff. It gets old extremely fast. I ran a few RJ fissures or whatever they're called and realized I didn't feel like running ~15 minute missions for a 10% drop chance. I wasn't worth my time running content I didn't enjoy so, I just bought the Sevagoth bundle off market. Throw plat at the problem and pretend it never existed
  13. This is one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kinda situations. Just leave the energy alone. Or better yet, just make the energy economy stable w/o energize so I can open up an arcane slot on 90% of my builds.
  14. I'd love more orbiter capacity. I want to turn my orbiter into a crystal cave but I only got the main room done before I ran out of capacity.
  15. Muzzle Flash augment on that build. You'd be stacking 3 different cc (blind, disarm and chaos). It's ez mode endurance Nyx.
  16. Base Nyx is ready for steal path, no helminth required.
  17. Kuva lich bundle has the best color palettes. The armor sets are ugly as hell though. Still worth it IMO.
  18. Wisp is by far my favorite frame. Her 1, 2 and 3 are just too good. She has buffs from her 1 with a soft cc from shock. Her 2 is pretty much built in rolling guard and can be used to double the aoe of her 3 which is a hard cc with damage multiplier built in. Her 4 is perfect as a free subsume slot. So many subsume options since she doesn't really need anything to fill out her kit. Even her passive is amazing. Saryn is another frame with a well rounded synergistic kit. She just works, sure does get a lot of hate for it though. I just wish that every frame was designed so well and had a ro
  19. I actually really like Nyx. She's not the most interesting or powerful frame but there is enough there to work with, especially now that we have the helminth. She is lackluster in lower lvl content since she has no damage abilities and cc isn't needed but, she scales into higher lvls very well. Chaos isn't the best cc ability because you can get hit with cross fire but, I find that if you keep one enemy under the effects of mind control as a decoy you get hit a lot less. When you do get hit it's from like one random shot and not the entire screen full of enemies all aiming at you. This m
  20. May I present to you... The Twins and and The Golden Gimp aka Ched
  21. I'm gonna say Inaros because death by pocket sand would have to be the most embarrassing way to go.
  22. Train man forma Vauban like 1000 times and called it content. I'd be pretty burned out and have a negative opinion of the game if I did that to myself too.
  23. No. I think it fell apart long before that. You never actually discussed anything relevant to the topic with me. You merely wanted to argue for the sake of arguing because you didn't like how I worded something. It accomplished nothing and derailed the topic.
  24. Philosophy has nothing to do with it. I'm talking about completing tasks. Unlocking rivens and sinking screws. Both of these tasks are relatively easy if you use the proper technique or dare I say "use the right tool for the job." You're wanting me to make a literal analogy when I used a figurative. You want to argue semantics but ignore the fact that OP was trying to unlock a "Kill X Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground" riven by shooting them out of the air with a Kuva Bramma. Can you think of a more inefficient method of unlocking that riven? I can't. Just like I can't you think of
  25. Not that it matters but carpentry, video games and playing a musical instrument can all be hobbies or a job.
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