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The Jovian Concord: Update 25


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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


Travel to Ganymede, Jupiter and survive the all-new endless Disruption mode. Collect keys from fallen Amalgams to activate corresponding conduits, then protect the conduits from the Demolysts that will seek to destroy them. Each conduit will trigger a random player boon, environmental hazard or enemy buff. Test your strength against the Amalgams to earn new Weapons and new Mods. 

Note: We will be introducing this mode with a Clan Operation! The Node itself can only be played if you've completed the Natah Quest. 

1) Minibosses lead the way - beware the DEMOLYSTs. Defeating a miniboss is the key to progress - or failure. You have 4 terminals to defend each round. If a miniboss gets to the terminal and detonates, you lose that terminal. Pressure is on. Minibosses make themselves known.



Did you guys use my Endless mission concepts? 😁  ..or at least parts of it?


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6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Konzu’s Eidolon Hunt now grants Ostron Standing! 

  • 1000 Ostron Standing per Eidolon Hunt: Teralyst
  • 5000 Ostron Standing per Eidolon Hunt: Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst


That's why he's doing it, Early Lunch for Konzu!

Any fixes to the Codex? The Plains animals scans are buggy since there seems to be 3 types of scans for a single subspecies (one spawned naturally and randomly, the other from the Echo-Lure, the other one being a filler that is impossible to do). Also Condroc and Mergoo scans do not register in the Codex.

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