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The Jovian Concord: Update 25

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Let see the checklist here.

Huge Update that reworked The Gas City in the most awesome way possible: Check

New Sentient/Corpus hybrid weapons that would make Revenant happy: Check

Nyx Deluxe Skin and a bundle of items with it: Check

Corpus UI Theme: Check

The warframe Wisp with unique aniamtions, and a big cute butt: Check.

Yep this update checks out. Props to DE for delivering an awesome update. Im gonna have a fieldtrip with this update OuO

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Thanks again for the huge update! The added gear, improved tilesets, Visual / QOL changes, removal of random mod packs (this REALLY helps the new player experience), and the implementation of fixes and changes that help benefit the Warframe experience are all greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of fixes and solutions for the following bugs and issues in the update notes, so here's a polite reminder.

- Arch-guns being largely mediocre in comparison to regular ranged weapons when used as ground weapons.

- Arguably lackluster rewards for Arbitrations.

- Loss of functionality of Exalted melee weapons when playing as a Client.

- Nekros Shadows being affected by Renewal, thus posing a massive and unreasonable energy drain on Oberon players.

- Broken firing animations for Phaedra when used as a Heavy Weapon. This was actually fixed! Thanks!

- Broken animations for Grattler in general.

- Broken animations for Atlas' "robes": The left one tends to bunch up and push to one side when large, bulky primary weapons (like Ogris and Plasmor) are equipped.

- Broken animations and fx / sfx for Sarpa if attack speed is modded too high.

- Deployment animations for Garuda's Talons resetting to inactive after performing a stealth kill.

- Weapons glitching occasionally when Baruuk switches out from Serene Storm.

- Nyx, Vauban and Wukong being generally boring and almost completely out-classed by meta DPS Frames such as Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, etc.

- Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox and Mag still being arguably non-coop friendly by being able to dominate / nuke small defense maps with ridiculous ease. All players should be able to contribute and participate in missions in meaningful ways, not be bored to tears because someone decided to delete most of the enemies for everyone with a powerful and easy to spam ability.

- Spin 2 Win dominating melee due to Maiming Strike being always available while conferring massive bonuses to an easily spammable attack move. Maiming Strike being made reliant on Channeling to circumvent this...when?

- The Wolf of Saturn Six being a boring bullet-sponge and gear-check enemy that punishes players for head-shotting and who rewards us for our troubles with a subpar drop table that has mods you can easily get anywhere else. Yes he's "weaker" now...but he's still a boring sponge. A Nox is a more interesting and reasonable opponent than the Wolf.

- Host Migrations NOT "pausing" the game at times, wherein enemies will still attack and do damage to the player. This has been an issue for years and it can be game-breaking.

- Host Migrations sometimes resulting in a failed mission with a loss of all rewards and pickups.

- Energy colors being bugged / broken for certain Warframes, weapons, accessories, and abilities.

- Nitain Extract being locked behind Nightwave credits and an arguably unreliable reward system (Sabotage & Cetus Bounty, the latter only when Ghouls are present).

Also, it would be really appreciated if you all could:

- Allow us, if it's possible, to opt out of certain Warframe abilities (such as Volt's Speed and Limbo's Rift portals) via a game preference toggle. We can turn off Octavia's sounds for other players because of how intrusive they can be, so why not potentially intrusive abilities? Not everyone wants to be Banished or wind up running around like a Russian Dwarf Hamster on meta-amphetamines. Win-win for all, with no need for a player to have to "manually opt out" by rolling / dodging every time an intrusive ability is activated and winds up adversely affecting said player.

- Buff fashion frame / customization a bit and give us a color wheel picker to choose colors from. Grey out color blocks on the wheel that are associated with palletes that a player doesn't own.

- Bring back manual blocking for melee. Because 1. stances and a couple of mods use blocking and 2. auto-blocking can be really inconvenient and irritating.

- Make Ogris fun again and give it a semi-auto trigger. Make the rockets only detonate after they've traveled 6m (at least), for obvious safety reasons.

- Bring back regular Alerts for players that either can't or don't want to deal with Nightwave. We players appreciate having options.

- Lower the credit cost to build Ephemera to 10k credits and drop the resource costs by 90%. It's a purely cosmetic item that does nothing but leave footprints / trails that disappear after a few seconds. Also, if these are supposed to be a prestige item / bage of honor...they need to be a GUARANTEED reward when reaching a particular milestone. If not, lower the grind needed to acquire them please.

Thanks for reading. No, I don't care if certain points I've made here are unpopular.

If something on this list HAS been addressed, I will amend it accordingly.

Edited by MirageKnight
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11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Set Bonus: Damage enemies while Aim Gliding and put up to 5 of them to Sleep for 9s on landing.

  • Aero Vantage - Warframe: +100% Reduced Gravity during Aim Glide
  • Aero Agility - Sniper Rifle: +100% Reload Speed during Aim Glide
  • Aero Periphery - Primary: -50% Zoom during Aim Glide

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)

Set Bonus: +100% chance to become immune to Knockdown effects while airborne.

  • Motus Signal - Warframe: Increase Double Jump strength by +200%
  • Motus Setup - Shotgun: +100% Critical and Status Chance for 4 secs after landing from a Double or Bullet Jump
  • Motus Impact - Melee: Increase range of aerial melee attacks by +2m 

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)


Set Bonus: During a Wall Latch gain +50% Damage Reduction.

  • Proton Pulse - Warframe: Wall Dashing grants + 100% Bullet Jump Speed
  • Proton Jet - Rifle: During a Wall Latch gain +120% Status Chance and Critical Chance
  • Proton Snap - Melee: Hold a Wall Latch for 2s to gain +100% Toxic Damage and +50% Status Chance for 20s.

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)

Love a lot of the stuff you guys are doing but good god your set mod designs suck. The mods themselves cannot compete with standard mods and the FULL set effect (which requires slotting multiple S#&$ty mods) cannot compete with standard mods. Until you understand this players are only ever going to grab bits and pieces of sets that happen to be good or for niche uses.

13 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Kavat's Grace - Warframe: Resist Hard Landings from falling at speeds of up to 40m/s
  • Gale Kick - Warframe: +100% of Melee Damage converted to Impact Damage on Jump Kick, knocking down nearby enemies on kill.
  • Anti-Grav Array - Robotic: Increase height of owner’s jump by +40%

Useless filler.

14 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Odomedic - Robotic: Every 3m traversed by Wall Running regenerates +40 Health over 4s. This effect can stack up to 3x. 
  • Repair Kit - Sentinel: +6 Heal Rate/s

Of questionable usefulness since pet mod slots currently have little to no flex slots.

16 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


A decent start. I am shocked there is no bundle of aura mods (Energy siphon, corrosive projection, rejuvination, growing power), or a sustain bundle (rage, life strike, vigor, channeling efficiency)

18 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


Better security is always good. A nice cosmetic is a good bonus.

UI rework looks good.

2 channel colors look good.

21 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Zenith Alt Fire Ammo cost reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Zenith’s Alt Fire radar deployable is now Ammo based instead of duration.

Woawh. That's pretty good!

22 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Tysis Corrosive Damage-over-time will now be apply a single tick to targets the projectile punches through.
  • The Gaze Kitgun Chamber now chains to up to two targets within 5m.

Not sure what the Tysis did before so unsure if that's good or bad.

Gaze kitgun is now a mini atomos? Iiiiiiinteresting. Is that flat 5m? or does that vary based on the grip?

23 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Gun Spear Weapon Changes:

Big buffs. Gotta test how the throw feels now but hopefully ferrox is now not so dominant.

24 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Post Processing Changes in Orbiter:

Fantastic endgame buff.


24 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Increased Ephemera drop rate on Exploiter Orb from 6% category drop to 10% category drop.

Wow. Maybe I can finally get a shocking step ephemera.

25 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Konzu’s Eidolon Hunt now grants Ostron Standing! 

Nice. The orbiter deco's cost way too much.

26 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Heavy Ammo now drops from Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Napalms, Corpus Tech, Fusion Moas, Oxium Ospreys, Ancients, Corrupted Ancients, and Corrupted Bombards.

Does not fix that fact that most archguns do piddly damage for a "ship killer" weapon. Their mods just dont stand up to normal mods.


27 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Hildryn will now use her Shields when Melee Channel Blocking.

Melee Hildryn dream is alive?!

Everything else looks decent.

Bug fixes always appreciated.

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22 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed Chesa Retrieve double dipping with Nekros’ Desecrate.
  • Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora. 

This makes Chesa pretty much useless. The Nekros nerf I can understand but there's no reason it shouldn't stack with Hydroid/Khora. Considering the massive delay between retrieves it's only useful with another looting frame.


Back to stasis she goes, I guess that will teach me to waste forma on kubrows.

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Quick throw auto recall timer reduced from 20 to 10 secs.

Auto-recall is obnoxious, ruins the flow of the weapon, hurts the utility of the Ferrox and Scourge, and even breaks things (like the new melee).

I can't believe you made it harder to avoid the auto-recall, or that the only small consolation is making us do charged throws for less annoying Ferrox use.  Charged throws suck, especially on controller.  I would much rather the Ferrox didn't auto-recall at all (as long as there is some way to get it back when it goes out of game or somewhere unreachable, like /unstuck).

Having to pay attention to when the auto-recall is going to mess things up is the worst thing about spearguns.

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I'm having an issue with the game after this update.

I play on a 21:9 screen, and the image is butchered. It's kinda zoomed in too far, so I won't get the whole screen. Tried messing around with diffrent settings, but can't seem to fix it.

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41 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed Chesa Retrieve double dipping with Nekros’ Desecrate.
  • Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora.

Way to nerf Nekros and increase grind time DE.


Listing a gameplay change as a "fix" after all this time is underhanded.

Edited by Moomabo
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