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The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.8

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90 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.


Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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Those are some great changes that I am happy to see!!! Makes a HUGE difference when playing disruption. So grateful for developers that listen to player feedback :)

Also I am unsure if this has been happening to others, but some times when finishing a tridolon run, one of the arcanes will not be rewarded. It's not common enough to drive me insane, but I'm wondering if there's any progress on that. Thanks :) Started happening after recent patches from Hotfix 25.

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1 minute ago, Kryogeneva said:

Can you guys clarify what "defense objective" is, in context with Ivara? Because it seems like a natural intuition to use cloak arrow on the roaming defense operatives. A "feature", not a "bug".

Someone already responded just a few responses back explaining this in great detail.


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1 minute ago, IspanoLFW said:

Someone already responded just a few responses back explaining this in great detail.


Yes, my question was mainly to add to the patch notes themselves - so player's knew at a glance without having to forum/wiki dive. Thank you, though!

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1 hour ago, -Bv-Psykiik said:

it did ... my bubble can cover entire crypod ..... it is a cloak arrow ... the name is cloak it does its jop ..whats wrong with that 

i have a feeling that before ivara prime comes out they will nerf her prowl energy/s 

The cloak arrow covered the cryopod, yes. But it never technically made the cryopod disappear visibly, not like say a sortie defense operative or the coildrive from orb vallis bounties where you could visibly see it disappear. When I found out about this bug, I went to go test it. Whenever I shot the cloak arrow at the cryopod, I could still visibly see the cryopod and IIRC, I could actually still see the person stuck in the cryopod when I walked up to it, but the grineer units wouldn't attack it.

For further explanation, I went to go test the other defense mission nodes throughout the star chart. Infested defense, corpus defense, corrupted defense. None of the other defense nodes ever worked with cloak arrow and I was able to determine that it was only specific to hydron and helene (they share the same tileset as well). Supposedly someone else also claimed lith earth also worked (maybe I missed earth, but I definitely did check out the other faction defense nodes). That's how I was able to determine it was a bug specific to certain mission nodes.

I do hate nerfs on Ivara, as I feel the "fix" on Ivara's prowl being able to formerly stack was unjustified and plain bad for its reasoning, nor was I happy about the bullet-jump prowl being considered a "fix" either. I'm sorry, but this defense one, I have to agree that it is a bugfix. 

Perhaps a feedback thread needs to be made on Ivara to review her current state and see if changes should be made. Although, that is a completely different kettle of fish to talk about. If DE were to continuously nerf Ivara, then I feel they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Ivara prime is scheduled for December 2019 of this year, she's a future prime access. If Ivara falls into unfavourable circumstances with continuous nerfs then her prime access might sell poorly, and prime access is a big deal for bringing in income for DE. So I'd like to believe, DE are aware that continuous nerfing of Ivara can hurt their financial future with her prime access.

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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak arrow functioning on Defense objectives, leaving enemies unable to find it. 

Well, for a moment there I thought those brainless idiot "defense" (read: babysitting) targets were the target of this fix. Good thing they're not.

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