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Wukong Deluxe: Hotfix 25.5.1 + 25.5.2

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How about taking another look at the opticor metallics someday? Seriously the base opticor is so dark it makes coloring it almost pointless to the extent a person has to switch to the old legacy colors in order to get something remotely bright. Its the same with the vandal, but at least that one was given a little better setup so the colors are more noticeable. Please consider toning them back if you would to something closer to what was done for tetra as an example for metallic tones. As a fan of the weapon I would be most grateful if this would get looked at and improved on.

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6 hours ago, --Q--Animan8000 said:

cool but what about raids (trials)?

Why are people STILL asking about RAIDs? its been over a year at this point, they were barely played and their rewards are now much better to obtained. Why do you want RAIDs back when there is so much better content in this game?


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i want the water gun as a skin for rifles please! i can just imagine the ignis with this look. might actually look like a flamethrower lol. also bad ass even, might wanna take a note and make pvp follow this same formula, no mods no skills only equal engagements 

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Please put the planet name and mission type and level range in the progress window.

Please fix vacuum/fetch mod so that it works under laggy conditions and isn't reliant on pet distance along with other variables such as host CPU which adds a huge delay to vacuum even if the ping is below 50ms.

Please add more configuration slots for frames. ABC -> DEF.

Please add medallions to defense tilesets or boost the standing gained by at least 8*500 = 4000.

Please make medallions persistent in maps so the host can pick up the medallion and people joining after will still get them.

Please re-add mastery symbols at a glance to hover over market item icons instead of requiring 2-3 click through.

Please clean up the new index map, tons of nooks and crannies make reactant impossible to collect.

Please draw the minimap so that parts of it that you've already explored show at all times instead of fading away in weird blotches. Or whatever this weird mechanic is. Increase the tolerance level for exploration for verticals.

Please add favorite weapon feature so we dont have to scroll through an extremely limited UX that doesn't scale by resolution.

Please add configuration names to the Arsenal general screen so we know what frame and weapon configs we have selected at a glance. Glance value can improve a lot of UX complaints.

Please allow the loadout list to be re-arranged or reordered.

Please fix Tyr Regor assassination maniac spawn so they do not teleport/clip through walls/water. They become unreachable and you need to wait a long time for them to "despawn" for the fight to move on.

Please increase extermination spawn rate if players reach the end. Certain extraction tilesets do not spawn enemies until players are far away from the spawning zones.

Please improve survival spawn rate. It breaks if people extract separately, if you're the last person, only 1-2 enemies spawn at a time. Please make the spawn rate better across the board so soloing survival is more comparable to soloing defense.

Please show the number of shadows Nekros has stored up to the maximum 20.

Please fix the terrible AI when holding position. 100% of the time they will stop shooting due to queued up actions until you put them back on follow. This applies to spectres as well.

Please fix Arca Plasmor disintegrate not working with Nekros Desecrate (the invisible corpse does not get rolled on for extra drop chance). 

Please fix medallion riven challenge so that picking up medallions actually counts towards unveiling the riven.

Please fix Zhuge Prime reload speed. Emptying the mag results in a 2 second reload instead of the advertised 1.5s reload.

Please hide the character model when backed up against a wall. If you stand against a wall it blocks your ability to look or aim.

Please delay extraction until after a void relic has been chosen. For example, if all 4 people stand on extraction in a survival, it extracts before the reward choice screen pops up.

Please display different types of upgraded relics when clicking on a linked relic.

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115 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.


Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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thats by far the most boring event I've done so far. I bet everyone is doing it for the sake of the rewards then no one gonna touch it ever. I mean instead of putting efforts and work on this wouldnt it be better to focus more on raids, fixing and updating them but oh WELL.

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you win the dog days event if you draw, i.e score of 0-0. you still get the 50 tokens if you afk for the full 5 minutes. This game mode is literally just afk mode. and you hhave to do it for hours to get the rewards. wtf are you doing DE?

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Please fix the Banshee Soprana's clothing physics; it clips through her waist during basic movements (jumping, sliding etc) and in the arsenal by equipping some syandanas.

Please fix the issue when the host extracts from any mission, all the frames that have self buffs on, will lose all of those due to host migration screen. And i'm talking about buffs like Gara's splinter storm damage buff and Equinox's Peaceful Provocation slow that it takes long time to build, and others of course.

Please fix the delay after the host migration screen; there is a freeze period of 2-3 seconds where the enemies can shoot you and you can't move/attack;

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This Dog days grind is terrible. I don't think they player tested this at all. It was fun in the first half hour but there is too much. 1000 points for capture is insane along with the points for the other stuff.


This grind needs to be nerfed. It's like they added an extra 0 to every reward by mistake.

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3 hours ago, HorneySaint said:

thats by far the most boring event I've done so far. I bet everyone is doing it for the sake of the rewards then no one gonna touch it ever. I mean instead of putting efforts and work on this wouldnt it be better to focus more on raids, fixing and updating them but oh WELL.

Agreed. This got boring in the first 30mins I played it and the grind is INSANE for something that stops being fun in a short time.


would rather have raids back.

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Il y a 6 heures, Kurokoro2980 a dit :

DE please fix the issue with PoE and the inability to turn off the turbine in PoE. I cannot scan the last 1,000 year fish statuette until you fix this issue.

At the start of PoE, it was possible to scan it without stoping the turbin (1 little zone on the map, it was possible)... Dunno if they have fixed it yet, but maybe it can help 😉

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...not sure if it's already been mentioned, DE, but I just tried a couple of times to Help a Clannie w/ Jordas Golem, but when I go w/ them, there's no Jordas in my Game, once in AW mode.  My Clannie is more than a little frustrated, as they've been unable to beat him as of yet on their own--and now I can't Help them.


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