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Kuva Lich 1.1: Feedback Megathread

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2 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

I have an image of it too:


Does the link work?


Yeah, it worked - that's hilarious. I'd heard that they could enthrall your companions and you could then mercy-kill your sentinel or whatever, but this is even funnier/weirder.

Did it prevent you from interacting with it? God forbid, did it let you mercy-kill the mobile defense objective? 


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11 minutes ago, Ham_Grenabe said:

Yeah, it worked - that's hilarious. Did it prevent you from interacting with it? God forbid, did it let you mercy-kill the mobile defense objective? 

Thing is, It got turned into a thrall when the data mass was still in it. It still functioned as normal, and plopped the datamass out normally when it was done. I can't damage it since its invincible when the datamass is out, so I couldn't "down" it (lol).

Still was a waste of 1 murmur though. 😞 

I wondered if the datamass was not in it when it was turned, would the objective have refused? idk.

The game treats these objectives as an entity, like enemies and players. I once got a mobile defense objective "attracted" by Titania's lantern. It just stood spinning on spot (it can't move). Was funny as hell. But I didn't take a screenshot of it though, and it happened only once. I couldn't not reproduce this bug afterwards.

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I finally had time to spawn my first Lich since the update.  I downed the larvling and saw that it had the new bow.  I chose to spawn the Lich and when I got back to my orbiter I was happy to see I also got the Frost Ephemera.  So far, with my small sample size of one, I am happy with the changes.  The only negative from this experience was that my bow was only 25%, but RNG is RNG.  I look forward to farming the other weapons I need and the remaining ephemera.  Next, I'm going to try to get another bow (or another duplicate of a weapon I already have) to test out the Valence process.

Once some changes are made to the murmur farm and the Lich mission/spawn mechanics I think it will be in a decent place.  I'd love to see it tie in with Railjack like what was demo'd a while ago.  I could see implementing a special node once you have a Lich.  If the Lich is level 1 then it's a simple fighter/crew ship skirmish.  Killing commanders on crew ships could give murmur.  As the Lich levels up more objectives are added.  A level 5 Lich will have their big galleon ship that you have to infiltrate to fight the Lich.  This would be a good way to force a fight with your Lich instead of relying on RNG.

I appreciate the changes and look forward to any future ones!

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The kuva lich system overall is much better than it was. There is a clear progression and every time you do a Lich, you are making some sort of progress to your character. This was my core complaint system and I am quite pleased that it was addressed. Although I think that a little more vigilance must be taken for future releases because this was a very obvious issue coming right out of the door.

I do still take issue with the lack of evergreen rewards. You will eventually get nothing once you have all your 60% weapons with elements that you want. So, much like many systems, this mode will go by the wayside eventually, when people have gotten what they wanted from it. Something to consider.

Murmur farming is still tedious and long, but i can justify it because I am at least getting something I want now, so for that, thank you.

Looking forward to RJ integration of liches.

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-Leave us hunt thralls and larvling in the core of the game.

-Will be nice have a mechanic that have sense with the lich hunt. 

For example. Capture. 

Capture a mini lich that is part of the organization of the lich. Give a little more of murmurs. 


Sabotage a ship (if is implemented in railjack, i have hope, the railajck ship) and obtain a little part of the resources that the lich steal us. 

-And a expansion in the voices and character of the liches. 

Good changes, this is the way team. 

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Just went through my first Lich after the update, gotta be said the experience is much improved! The... I think the term is "Gameplay loop"? feels nicer, less RNG dependent which is great!  This update is a good step forward but there are still plenty to go!

I think the overall system with these improvements is a winner and hopefully if or when it gets full gameplay integration it will shine! but despite all I'm going to say here: it still feels like a island which is a problem. 

In this post I'm going to cover all I've experienced so far, including or videos if I get it to work properly. I'll try and keep every part short but if anything needs explaining more do ask! 

The Kuva Larvling Who Lived



This change is for sure welcome as it lets us pick what kind of weapons we want plus a small reward of Kuva for just knocking down the Larvling which is nice! I know people don't think 100 is much (it's really not) but after a few runs it does add up especially if you are hunting for a certain weapon so that's cool. 

But while that change is welcomed, I feel more could have been done with it.

Accidental stabs can still happen and I think that's a problem for people who are new, or trying to avoid making a Lich.

I think the knockdown/Xtokill should still be there but instead of just outright generating a Lich, it opens a new menu/window with random information on the Lich you might generate. 

For example sake: Let's say you knockdown a Larvling and execute (X in my case) but instead of automatically generating the Lich, Your Warframe hoists the Larvling up by the chest or neck with a close up showing you various information on the Lich you may create.

Certain information should be guaranteed like: Name, Weapon, Weapon Bonus maybe just to start but other information like: Starting Sector/Planet, Quirks, Abilities*, Weaknesses, Other new additions*, should not be totally guaranteed and should only show a min of 1 but a max of 3. Hopefully giving the player a slight advantage when starting but more importantly allowing them to decide if that is a Lich they want to deal with before generating. 

Having it also work like it does when you reach the end of your Lich (having to hold A or D for Converting or Killing for a few seconds) should also help avoid any accidental generations, a bit of a safety net and a "Are you sure?" choice since Liches hopefully will provide more impact in the future.

Otherwise it's a good starting point. I think more information on generation is key for this part! 

Shame I'm not good at drawing, it'd explain it a lot better ha.

TL;DR: Great change for convenience but could be improved by providing more information on the Lich and a safety net for accidental kills/generation. A special menu showing information and allowing you to kill the Lich similar to the way you end a Lich (kill and Convert) should handle all this. Information is key here.


Breaking Your Back for Knowledge



I think out of all this update brings, this is possibly the more disappointing, on one hand I'm totally glad to see the end of the being murdered by spine breakage but on the other what we got instead is a bit... underwhelming. 

From what I can tell, this is still a hot topic on the Liches, Spine Break or not, and while I am glad to see it gone, I'd totally prefer something more skill based rather then just getting the combo wrong to warrant being snapped in half like a twig. 

Instead of just having it kill us outright, why not have a skill based option of getting out of it? Getting a timed key combo right (Pressing keys when prompted or in a order within a certain time slot) or something of the sorts but skill based on the players performance. 

I can't speak for people obviously but I'd  prefer a system that punishes me for getting it wrong by own means and/or lack of skill rather it being down to something out of my control like what Requiem goes where. 

Hell, Converted Liches could have a use here for saving you from a failed skill section (should it be implemented) or failed requiem! Having a Converted Lich save you from death by spine snapping and forcing the Lich to retreat would be great and would give the Converted Liches another purpose.  

I do hope the Devs will take another look at this part, it's one of the major problems of the system and I don't think this patch really addresses it but more... bandaids it. You got a good idea here, but I don't personally think the direction you're going in is the right one. 

TL;DR: More could be done with this, it's nice not being outright murdered for having the wrong order but I think you had the right idea to start with! giving the chance for players to escape via skill I think would be more preferable, maybe also introducing the Converted Lich to save and support you would be a welcome addition to that as well.


Valence FUSION

I can't speak on the new Valence changes yet but they do look cool so I can't wait to try out there! My bow only has a 25% bonus 😞




Firstly, I love this bow already but this does have some issues sadly. Firstly and most importantly the self damage is quite insane and with the ability of not being able to put on the mod that allows you to negate most of that is a bit of a put off. 

Secondly, This weapon behaves really strangely with Shred or anything with a bit of punch through. it goes perfectly through closed doors (and doesn't explode till it hits the floor) and the additional cluster bombs seem to just fall through the floor at points or just don't explode with Shred active. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not but it's quite frustrating, I think it'd be fine though if the secondary explosions weren't cancelled out by punch through) 

I do have a video of this and it's quite easy to replicate, I'll upload it it very soon.

Other then that I love it. The sounds are top notch, it feels and handles great, I'm in love. ❤️ 

TL;DR: The Bramma is great, but the ability of not being able to use the mod that negates 99% of the self damage and having it behave strangely with Punch Through mods is a bit of a put off, otherwise I love it ❤️


Converted Kuva Lich Changes



I was/am quite excited for these, I really do believe Converted Liches should have more purpose other then supporting you after you get up from being downed, given how much effort/time goes into collecting them! Still the changes we got are for sure a good start but it's not all there yet. 

I've actively went into missions to get downed (mostly on Void Captures solo) and have any converted Lich spawn. Just so I can see the changes in action! 

It was surprising and awesome to have them spawn and actually help out! they were doing damage, using powers and it was great! And while my Converted Lich wasn't completely wiping the floor with the Corrupted, it was pretty cool to watch and see, He was one of my weakest ones however so I can't wait to see some of my cooler ones spawn. 

However it does kind of show a bit of problem here, even with the 3x bonuses to damage and increased time, it's still not enough and my Lich was somewhat struggling with the tougher units like the Heavy Gunner (this was level 30 by the way). They really need a lot more to them for these to shine and be worth it.

I think a choice needs to be made here, either commit to them being temporary allies and have them really be truly powerful as they were when we fought them (As it does feel like they are much weaker then what they originally were, don't know if this was intentional) or put them on a more permanent basis while being toned down somewhat. I think there is a way to active both of these and have Converted Liches truly shine which I'll talk about in the next section.

TL;DR: While the changes are great! They just show that Converted Liches need more work. Right now, while they use powers and all, they struggle with higher armored enemies and that might be a major issue in higher level missions since armor scales higher, this is a start but the Converted need a good look at for the future. 


 Overall despite my issues with the updates, the gameplay loop is for sure improved, but i personally don't think this is the correct direction to go into however. 

The removal of the back-break just makes that part of the system totally underwhelming, having it punish you for the wrong combination wasn't the problem I think, it was the reason behind getting your back broken just because you didn't get a order right or missing the correct Requiem was a bit insulting.  Having a skilled based system instead I think would have been much more interesting and interactive. 

Also the changes to the Converted Liches as I stated while are welcome, they just further highlight the issues they currently have like not being active (only seeing them on getting downed) enough, not seeing your hard earned Converted Lich enough etc.  Sure hopefully we'll see them for the Command instrincs and Railjack, But I do predict they'll suffer even more while trying to deal with the tougher heavily armored boarding parties. (assuming they'll be on board with us helping) 

Like I said I do think this system is great and your onto a winner here, but it does need a lot more work for it to blast off. Otherwise keep it up! 

What Needs to Be Addressed/Added For The Future (In my opinion) + Ideas


Gameplay / Combat

Here are just some of the things I think should be addressed with the overall gameplay loop not covered by this patch!

Murmur Overhaul: The current grind loop for Murmurs is far too much, it feels tedious, unrewarding and just really drags out the Lich for no reason, it really makes it not fun after a few runs.

But I don't think the problem is due to how many Thralls are needed for discovering the requiem, I think it's more so due to the lack of variety of how we acquire murmurs overall. Right now we only have two methods: Thralls and the Lich itself, it's not really enough to justify how many murmurs we need. 

Here's the kicker though, I think you've given yourself a big problem as to how to address this that makes total sense. Murmurs and Requiems are very... Linear, there is only one real path you can choose for a outcome, it doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room on variety given how this is also tied to the Void with it's Relics and Requiems and little else.

There are plenty of other suggestions for a Murmurs overhaul or replacement, far better then what I can provide (There is a minigame out there that made it very interesting!). But as it stands right now, the lack of variety and sheer number needed to complete a Requiem is just hurting the Lich  and I really hate to say it, till it's addressed properly it will always kill the system. 😞

TL;DR: The Murmur system needs a complete overhaul, as it is right now, it will always kill any fun and enjoyment the system can offer. There needs to be at least variety to how murmurs are collected, not just from Thalls and Liches.  

Taxation: The Taxes imposed by the Lich is a great idea but a wasted avenue, it only serves as a annoyance with no reason behind it. The Lich doesn't improve with you collected resources, doesn't get stronger, doesn't gain any special bonuses, doesn't change his appearance (someone suggested that and I thought it was as cool idea), nothing. 

I wouldn't have a issue with it if it had a reason behind it or lead to something, maybe it will in future but right now it's just a pain.

Let the Lich do something with resources collected, even something small like expanding into a new sector without the need to level up would be super helpful especially if players are struggling to get the Lich to appear. 

Maybe also add a raid-able vault to the liches territory with a semi decent chance to appear so players can recover a small part of their loot and generate a bit more anger with the Lich than usual (Maybe even force it to appear?)

TL;DR: The Taxation system right now serves no purpose other than a annoyance, not motivation to take down the Lich. Have the Lich uses the resources for some end goal like self improvement or bonuses, but also offer a means of recovering small parts of the stolen loot that also contributes to taking down the Lich. a bit of give and take if you will.

The Lich Grapple: Fighting up close on a Lich (especially a melee one) should always be hazardous, I fully respect and accept that. But the Grapple move they have if you get too close is insane, there is no way out of the grapple, if you don't have any ability Damage Reduction in some way that Lich will do a ton of damage (and can instakill weaker frames)  and ragdoll you and there is little you can do about it. 

The grapple damage and ragdoll isn't the issue exactly, it's just such a powerful, universal to all Liches attack should have some means of telegraphing and escaping it. Right now the Lich can grab you from quite a distance if need be and it doesn't exactly seem fair to deal with that. 

TL;DR: The Lich Grapple needs a way of telegraphing the attack and we need a method of avoiding it. 

Lich Appearances and Variety: As it is right now, the Lich only appears randomly in his/her territory missions and for the small part of it, that's fine! Your Lich should always have a chance of appearing if you are running missions in their territory but not having a guaranteed spawn location and other methods really blows right now, there needs to be some variety with how they spawn. Here is just a few ideas I had that gives a bit of life to the Lich.

Spawning outside their territory: Liches are meant to hunt us down and ambush us right? Having them spawn while we are doing other missions would fit this nicely, maybe at a reduced rate to keep it more of a surprise since we ain't running in their territory.

Invasions: The Lich shouldn't be just totally idle while waiting/hunting us, since they can spawn in other faction territories, Maybe have certain nodes turn into Lich Invasions where the Lich is taking down let's say Corpus enemies and we can Ambush them. 

Strongholds: Each sector they move into (including the starting one) could have a special stronghold node, that not only guaranteed the Lich Spawn but they would be well defended, as if they were ready and waiting for you to come. 

TL;DR: The Liches need more variety in their spawning method, the one we have is okay for normal missions, but could be expanded greatly so we have plenty of opportunity to fight our Lich but also could be used to give them a bit of life outside hunting us. 

CO OP Play: Right now there is very little reason to do anything co op wise with the Lich, I can kinda understand it as they are your own personal enemy, but I don't think it should be just a solo thing, hunting Thralls together is a good start and I'm guessing more co-op like play with Railjack and Liches may come in the future? (As shown at Tennocon) but could be better.  

The Kill/Convert Rewards: Currently the rewards to killing and converting the Liches are very... minor considering the amount of effort and time goes into them, Converting is another matter completely but Killing only rewards the weapon, a huge dose of Kuva tied to their power level could fix that possibly to start, but as it is right now it ain't enough. 😞 

That's all I can think of with the gameplay and combat loop of things, people have no doubt talked about more with more detail involved

Lich Improvements 

Lich Specializations: This was something I was pretty interested after showing it at Tennocon, Liches had specializations. In Tennocons case, the Lich we saw for the reveal was Tech based and had powers to show that, I guess this was changed or taken out but it's a real shame, stuff like this really makes Liches interesting, makes them more unique, I do hope we see this in a future lich update, I think stuff like this is really cool. 

Lich Growth / Growth Tree (Power Level)

Lich Abilities 

Lich Quirks

Lich Personality

Converted Lich Improvements (Coming Soon)

Converted Lich Missions 

Converted Lich Support 

Converted Lich Bodyguard System?




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RNG should really just go.

If hours of grinding enemies that can often oneshot even fairly tanky frames and then having to level that weapon five times to master it, if this is /really/ all you can provide as entertainment for endgamers to stretch out content.... You don't deserve attention. Just set the parameters of the weapons the way you know people are going to need them to be and get it over with. "oh we'll let you slightly increase the stats until you get to where we should have just set them by default, but only after you've ground for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours" no.

This is not how you stretch out content, this is how you kill interest in your game. Stop it. For every one person you're making happy with this system there's another person who this is one thing too much. There's a middle ground. That middle ground is finding a way to get up to your max stats without having to grind for months. 

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1. The removal of the "punishment" for getting the wrong requiem made the whole thing even less organic. It already lacked the sense of consequence in terms of creation of a lich- now it doesn't even feel like a nemesis at all. Not scary or threatening. Just another random poofing out field boss kind of mob for another gun farm for yet another min-maxing. At this point, in the standpoint of being relatively organic, it seems to me as if the G3 and Zanuka have better system to it because they come at you based on your actions and actually give you a penalty for losing the fight. Hell, the liches don't even have any sort of mocking voicelines when they "run away". 

1-2. Maybe change the description of "Mercy" as something like: "injecting the right amount of kuva to separate the soul from the body, relieving the pain and granting the victim swift death" or whatever. And correct requiem mercies could be "injecting the right dose to overload the lich with the boiling old blood, weakening them". That would make more sense why using the wrong requiem would power up the lich.


2. I really, really need to see more variations in quirks and personalities. Male liches are funny guys, and female liches are all serious and logical- it was fresh when it first came out. The excitement lasted a week. But after that, the voicelines became old and repetitive. The patterns bored me out way too quickly. The liches, at the very least, need different voicelines with swapped personalities to feed it some fresh air. And I don't mean differently pitched lines that sounds like another. I mean actual new voicelines. New lines for serious male liches and wacky female liches. Please. 



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I think that all the changes are definitely a great step in the right direction. So, I thank you very much for it. I would like to suggest a solution to:

On 2020-02-04 at 7:50 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

*Comment on Murmur hunting - There are some questions about Murmur hunting that are outside the scope of this hotfix, but we will be reviewing in the coming weeks once the above changes are settled in.

Disclaimer: This would be the best solution for me. I understand that other people may not like it.

I think that you should:

1) Delete thrall missions: If the lich has a sphere of influence over some nodes, we should not have the option to run a normal mission. Lich system is already opt-in, so people know what to expect and it would be more meaningful.
2) Give lich more levels: 5 levels is not enough. The lich is maxed out way to quickly. I would give them 10 or 15 lvls. Max lvl would be the same power as we have now on lvl 5 and the differences between levels would be therefore smaller.
3) Thralls lure out lich: Thralls should NOT give the murmurs (or only a little), but killing them should lure out the lich. I don't want to fight his thralls, I want to fight him. I would set it up like this:   a) If you do not want to meet the lich, you don't mercykill his thralls and let them die (similar to the larvlings)
                b) If you want to meet him, execute them. That will make him angry. Do this like 10 times and he comes.
                c) He also has a chance to spawn randomly, but that would not happen every mission.
                d) He can invade you with his thralls anywhere in the starchart, if his lvl is high enough (10 maybe?), but that would be rare.

Basically, liches 1.0 were a huge grind for the weapons. That is what made the content long lasting. Liches 2.0 give us the possibility to choose the "correct" lich and skip the rng grind, so therefore the relationship between lich and player should take longer. It should take longer to kill him and should be more about 1v1 with lich and less about grinding his thralls.

tl;dr: More lvls for liches, no murmur from thralls - luring out lich, actual long relationship (just the way it was promised at Tennocon). 

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Good fixes, but as many have said, they don’t touch the murmur grind. That’s hopefully in the pipeline.

Ideas for version 1.2:

1) When a stab fails, you get info if any of the three requiem mods were correct. So we can adjust the mods better, not just guessing the next one.

2) Increase the lich level range, so we can stab him more times before maxing out (1-10 maybe). This also allows the lich to spawn more often.

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Bring the back break mechanic back into the game PLEASE! 

It has so much potential to grow into something amazing. 

Sure some people hate it so do something like making the operator unable to use the warframe until it regenerates its spine or the operator itself is knocked out of commision which would put the frame in a heavily debuffed state , heck you could even do sth crazy like making the lich chase you in operator mode till you manage to extract and if it were to catch you it would shake all those precious credits right outta you, take every single drop you had and  leave you for dead. Then you could make us still unable to use transference which opens a window for using the gameplay from the the second dream (stalker part specifically) be it till we extract or the frame itself stabilizes.

This would make liches seem way more threatening , feel even more immersive  especially when you see what state they put you in after failing and give you more agency on the outcome of your failed fight with the lich.

I know i mostly if not completely listed cons to failing a requiem/fight, and that is because i focused mostly on dumping ideas i find interesting and quite possibly enriching to the gameplay/ lich encounter.
I guess off the top of my head i can think of one or two positive sides to failing the requiem and then successfully extracting as operator waiting out the recovery timer without being caught by the teleporting super speed lich or even downing it would provide you with a "massive" boost to requiem progress and or one time get out of jail free card which allows you to prevent liches from stealing your items at the end of the mission because.. well .. lets face it .. many of you had their riven mods stolen at one point or another.
(heck this could make you fail requiems on purpose so your sortie reward can be kept safe or even more agressive to trying mod combinations early)

How to balance this?  

Welp operator dies in one or 2 hits from the lich regardless of hp from arcanes/focus schools with void mode possibly reducing , but not negating damage taken. i mean cmon  how many of you are running this with a pug/premade , they will pretty much slap the lich around while you are hiding anyway unless it uses blinks to keep up with and chase you  (and tbh i want the liches to be REALLY scary like PoP WW Dahaka).

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Let me make one thing clear, the Murmur & Requiem Relic grind are still the most tedious aspects of Lich hunting, in fact, these two features make up the majority of what this content has to offer. The gameplay loop is: grind for Murmur progress, encounter Lich on occasion & stab them for Murmur progression, farm for Relics once Murmur progress is done, run the Requiem fissure & hope that you get what you need, fight Lich & determine their fate, rinse & repeat. When the Lich system was initially announced, there was nowhere near the amount of hoops to jump through just to actually be able to kill your own Lich. Grind is NOT content, but that seems to be what we've been receiving for the past few years. The unfortunate fact is that the gameplay loop is intentionally made to feel as lengthy as possible to cover up for the lack of cohesion between what you've shown us at TennoCon & what we received a few months ago. If there is any way to make this loop feel less boring, I'd welcome any change, within reason. Murmur grind needs to be drastically reduced & Requiem Mod acquisition shouldn't be exclusive to some rip-off Relic system. The Kuva Fortress should offer other opportunities outside of that specific fissure mission for Requiem mods.

A couple other things I'd like to add is that Lich levels should have some influence on the RNG of Kuva weapons. While the Valence system has improved to a significant degree, I still think Lich Levels should contribute somehow, be it a 10% increase in the stat when you have a level 5 Lich, or something in that manner. Another thing I'd suggest are Lich companions. Given the fact that we can convert Liches, the least you could do is allow us to do is customize our Liches to our liking & let us take them into the field with us like our other companions.

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The Requiem Relics & Mods need a look over.

They are just tedious rng & my friends & I tried making Liches since the patch & so far we've only gotten 1 mod to drop out a combined 12 radiant relics.

Now we need to farm relics again and we just decided to take a break & ignore the Liches for now. Cause farming the relics, then the traces, then the mods is just unnecessarily tedious. There is no fun that gameplay loop.

The Mods & relics should be rewards from Lich Content period.

For example, put Umbra Forma Blueprints, Weapon Exilus Adapters, perhaps even Legendary Cores in the Requiem Relics & make them drop off the Lich itself when Vanquished/Converted.

Requiem Mods should become something earned from clearing a planet of a Lich's influence.

Clearing a planet of a Lich takes time so the mods are  ot just "being handed out" but this also is guaranteeing the player with the Mod they need.

Additionally this makes the progression to that final battle with a Lich feel more organic as we essentially tore down their operations and in the process gained the knowledge & info to take down the Lich.

Changing the system to something along these lines would promote players to both interact with Liches more, as well as give a real purpose to clearing a planet of a Lich's influence. But also prevent burnout & low morale.

The Requiem Grind is honestly horrible. I hate to say it so bluntly. But it really is.

The grind kills the excitement that was building up to the climatic battle with a Lich 

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1. Kuva Larvling  and 3. Valence Fusion

All round good changes.

If anything, this makes the Lich abandonment mechanic not as urgent since one of the reasons to abandon a Lich (unwanted weapon) can be avoided.

2. Back Breaking

While your Lich no longer killing you is a plus, having the same animation as when you have a correct requiem can cause moments of "Okay, I got that one right- oh, wait, no I didn't" While not as bad as you being killed, it's still a disappointment as we're used to the animation being for a correct guess.

I would suggest a new animation in which your Lich actually gets stabbed - sometimes either willing or even enjoying it - only to disappear in a powerful flash of light and gaining a level. The way I see it from a lore perspective, your Lich does not want to be stabbed with the right requiems as it will kill them, but is aiming to be stabbed with a wrong one, as that is what powers it up. 


Hoping you do a similar thread for the murmurr side of things.

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I saw this elsewhere, and I can't remember which thread, but I'm going to put it here as well: for those of us that have a number of converted liches (since there was no point in vanquishing a lich with a low-percentage weapon), can you give us an option to "vanquish" them and take their weapons for upgrade purposes?

It can be a one time vanquishing amnesty, or whatever, but I'm sitting on like four 25% Kuva Chakkhurr's that I would definitely not mind using to feed the one I kept. I figure we ground out all these liches before the improvements, so throw us a bone. 😄

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sometimes looking for kuva weapon that you need will cost kinda alot time to kill larvaling again and again

can we make some change like use Brakk or Kuva Brakk to kill larvaling , and will for sure display Kuva Brakk like that


also , if kuva weapon getting display extra element damage like railjack turret . That will be better

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if you ask me, i think getting rid of the back breaking animations entirely was a mistake, it doesn't feel like there is a consequence for getting the parazon code wrong. by all means, good riddance, didn't like it. but having there being NOTHING to replace it? i think we need something in its place.

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