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Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker: Hotfix 27.5.3

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Personally, i don't mind the staggers.

it makes weapons fel different and realistic.


What you can do instead is buffing them! both amps and weapons like the Sonicor.


WIth no buff, ye just remove the stagger plz

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Still no fix about nightwave crime scene 


When interact with statue

Can't jump to option platform, origin platform immediately disappear when countdown start, double jump too high cause exit the selection scene.

And the Cephalite resource drop limit up to 20

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Payload not being saved if you reforge after objection completion and dock. Annoying AF. Fix please.

This has been a problem since almost the beginning of Empyrean. Why this bug still exist even?

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Ash Shroud Delux Skin

Please fix the shroud skin, while its still new without been DElayed for the next two years, the accent colours are everywhere and should not cover 90% of the frame (yellow), and not one section are tint-able or able to be coloured as metal. This will be a posted every time a new hotfix goes live to remind you that a section of your update is bugged or was not planned out well enough and needs to be fixed ASAP until this is resolved.


https://imgur.com/vPBuMcn (Ash Shroud Deluxe Skin)

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Can we get some sort of indicator in the Nightwave menu that tells you how much Cephalite Resonance you have? It's kinda annoying to have to go into the weave just to see that you don't have enough Resonance.

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