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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.3.1

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6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Enabled Energy colouring for the dragons metal textures.

  • Previously the metal parts of the dragons were locked as gold. Now it takes the primary Energy colour, and if you have the secondary unlocked, the Energy element of the dragons will favour that - so you can colour the metal with the primary and the Energy with the secondary

The metal should be accent color, not energy color. This messes up the energy color of all other attachments.

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There is still no fix for the Vaykor Sydon bug. The Vaykor Sydon's unique ability to store charges when blocking, which can be released as a Radial Blind once full by simultaneously blocking and performing a Heavy Attack while in full melee mode doesn't work, it should generate charges, up to 15, which counter should appear in our Hud, but nothing shows up. I tested it in several missions, locations( even simulacrum and captura), being the host, and being the client too, but there was no noticeable difference, or effect from the weapon. This problem was present ever since melee changes went live on PC, and despite comments, and other threads it still wasn't fixed.

It wouldn't be a big problem but this bug makes a unique weapon just a generic polearm like any other, and we have plenty of those.

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On May 20th, patch 27.5.4 was released, and with it, Garuda, Baruuk, Excalibur (Prime/Umbra), Valkyr (Prime), Wukong (Prime) and Titania (Prime) all lost the ability to properly utilize crit builds on their innate melee weapons. For all exalted melee weapons, the previously functioning Gladiator mod set bonus stopped working, and for Garuda, she also lost the functionality of Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds on her talons.

We have yet to hear any word on if this change was intentional and just unannounced, or if there is a bug happening here. If it is in fact a bug, we have had no word on if its even being looked into. Myself, I hope it is actually a bug, because I am sick of DE's ninja nerfs for frames and weapons that do not deserve to be kicked while they are down. If this was intentional, I would like to hear their reasoning for essentially deleting crit builds for all of these frames' innate melee weapons.

I have not played since May 22 upon learning that these mod interactions no longer function. I would like to return to the game, but knowing that this issue is just the tip of the iceburg, and seeing so many other issues go unnoticed and unfixed really puts a damper on that. I've been here since 2013, I am a Founder, and I am very disappointed that DE continues to just push out new, disjointed content without caring at all about the existing content and its functionality.



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