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Deimos: Arcana - New Bounties & Isolation Vaults Megathread

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Please allow us to select which isolation tier bounty we want to play and have these new/old bounties available at mother in the Necralisk hub. Some of us don't have time to do all 6 bounties in one run. Also, having a risk of host migration might cause the mission to bug out and the team has to go to extraction point. This will be frustrating for players trying to do all 6 bounties in the same session and have to restart all over because of a host migration. If a player wants to do only tier 2 isolation vault then they should be able to select that bounty.

Option 1: After they complete Isolation vault, if they want to do the optional/additional bounty, they should be able to activate something like how we activate loid to open the vault. Instead, we go all the way back to the nearest mother and start the new vault bounty then go back all the way down to the vault.

Option 2 (Preferred): Have the bounties separated and available at mother in the Necralisk. Players should be able to select Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Isolation Vaults and Bounties. 

I think the "marked enemies" task on the new bounties needs some rework. Players are killing everything in sight and some don't know where the marked enemies are at within the objective zone. Use under 3 sac's to kill 30 enemies is kind of hard when everyone is killing everything. Trying to tell the other players to stop killing and gather the enemies to one point of the map in order throw the sac is a pain sometimes. I only had one successful completion of this task. We need a red objective enemy markers to help players out and maybe lower the number of enemies killed.

In the end, I'm not really happy with this because of bugs preventing progression of certain bounty task. The team extracts and restarts the isolation vault task then tries to complete the new bounty which is starting to get annoying. 

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Yeah, I'm with everyone else here. This is all kinds of bad. 

Nyx/Ash can't strip off their armor, Stropha can't hit them. Larkspur can't hit them. The fights were already obnoxious, which is why people brought frames to cheese them. Now they're obnoxious and uncheesable. Just a huge chore and to have to slag 2 hours of time into it. Just big blehhhhh. 

Vault layouts are junk now, just huge and labyrinthine. Loid moves twice the speed and has to cover 8x the distance with less health than before? Yay.

I'm going to echo what everyone else has been saying: Let us queue up for the final isolation vault wtih 3 necramechs and do the corresponding follow-up bounty. 

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  • Increased the speed of Loid/Otak in the Isolation Vault! 

Incredibly irrelevant when Loid has to go all the way to the new tileset anyway in order to power up the 4 generators

  • *Enemy Voidrig & Bonewidow Necramechs now have the ‘Lich’ treatment with vulnerability to Status Effects, meaning you can now apply Status Effects to Necramechs! Additionally, certain damage immunities and diminishing returns for Warframe abilities have been added to balance this out. The damage immunities apply to movement abilities, such as Banshee’s Sonic Boom, to prevent yeeting the Necramech into the sun. The diminishing returns are present to also prevent 1HKOs - on par with Kuva Liches.

So now we get to struggle shooting arms off even more than before. Great.

  • Esophages in Isolation Vault Bounties now have a press and hold context action to avoid accidentally interacting, and thus having to go all the way back down to do the Vault Generators.

Don't know who could have possibly hit the exit by accident. But I wouldn't know since its far out of the fight most of the time. Holding the button the exit just seems like going backwards. My opinion, the old way was better.


My final thoughts? It was in a garbage state before, now it's hot garbage. I personally wouldn't touch this mission again unless I'm motivated enough to get the new stuff. Which right now doesn't seem like I will be. Isolation vaults are now just a heavy time gate in comparison to before what with the new changes made to the necramechs and additional tileset that Loid has to travel between to power up the gens. Oh you made Loid faster? Doesn't matter when he still has to travel across to the new zone. It's pointless and adds the illusion of going by faster. Nothing has changed. This update was disappointing.


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Obviously none of the developers had tested or played these bounties. A game's first priority is being a fun product and doing these tedious bounties and doing old isolation vaults before them is no where being a fun experience. I seriously can not understand ,how someone in the development team suggest mandatory use of isolation bounties before new ones . And  new ones not working as intented too, in mission type with killing tumors and charging the device bounty, sometimes there are enough mobs spawns but sometimes you can barely found 4-3 mobs at the same time to mark them with device. Bonus bounty rewards of the new isolotion vaults  are not giving and extra rare loot like they are doing in orb vallis or plains of eidolon bounties if you will finish all missions with bonus objectives, they are only giving couple more mother tokens and that is it. 
And by the way new loid path on old isolation vaults is terrible too. You made him faster that is sure but the distance between the generators he is trying to find is taking much higher time cause generators are not close to each other anymore because of the new expanded tile set.

I think you need to do some serious talks with your quality assurance teams cause in 2020 only decent update was deadlock protocol. Keep bringing unfun tedious experiences like this is not good for us as comunity nor is not good for your buisness as a compnay.

Have a nice day , best regards

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i try many runs dint drop single part lol and u need to finish iso vault then u can repeat the bounty T1 T2 T3 mother    but still waste time to finish iso vault then we can do the bounty  maybe DE think the bounty are inside the iso vault so that cant be like normal bounty  need to clear the iso 1st but still 😅😅 

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Honestly, the idea that we have to go through T1 (, T2 and T3) and only then we can have a crack at the new content is a bad one. Matchmaking is very difficult for a task like this. If you want to try the new rewards, you have to invest at least an hour or 2 to make it worth it.

I never liked isolation vault, but now you made it somehow even worse.

And where can I find this floating scintillant? Am I too dumb to find it or do I need new glasses?

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1 minute ago, Dunkelheit said:

Honestly, the idea that we have to go through T1 (, T2 and T3) and only then we can have a crack at the new content is a bad one.

Yes, though "bad" doesn't even start to describe it.

I was actually looking forward to the new missions and to trying out Sporothrix, but this means "bye bye Cambion Drift, nice knowing you, you really had potential".

I simply will not spend hours and days of my time doing totally meaningless missions for 40 minutes (tier 1, 2 & 3 of the original Isolation Vault). And they are truly meaningless to me, there is absolutely nothing I need from them anymore. 

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So my first impression of the Isolation Vaults, the design looks interesting, but it gets completely outnumbered by what I really dislike (tbh I did only first part of Deimos Delicacies (to the stage where you have to find those tumors and kill only marked Enemies) which made me ALT + F4 the Game) :

a) Thanks for making Loid faster. It still takes more time since he needs to travel through 2 gigantic vault rooms. Bad. -->make him take the crystals in only 1 room. Or make him even faster. Better do both.

b) Way too time intense. Feels not at all rewarding. Bad. -->make it less time wasting and make the Isolation Vault Bounties as a Loid Bounty. Like you did with Little Duck and PT. Every single Mission should be accessible on its own. And remove this Create Bait and Toxic Tunnels thing for the new Bounties.

c) Forcing Players to play through this ... i'll call it friendly... pure garbage... to get the Arcanes, Weapons n Stuff, is very.. disappointing. --> Make .. Well I don't have any good suggestions other than to not forces players to do so.

d) As I stated above, i quit at the Tumor Stage, They are not enjoyable. And required way too often for this Task. Also there was a Doorway where i couldn't pass, but my Squadmates could. Bad. --> Give the Tumors a Waypoint. As well as to the ones in the normal Bounty on the Surface.

e) I guess there is a lot more, but I'm tired of this.


IMHO, point b) is very important.



On 2020-11-20 at 2:11 AM, Skaleek said:

Hey guys, this new arcane grind is nuts. Like seriously, you guys are insane. I want to say things that will get me banned from the forums, i'll let you figure it out.

I wont touch these because i already know you're gonna change the acquisition rates later. Whether it be in a year or in a month, i know you will, so im not touching the content.

This was as constructive and civil as I could manage, sorry guys.

/feedback that you'll ignore


This is it! You pretty much nailed it!



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Having to complete all 3 normal iso vaults is really a horrible idea , it's time consuming and annoying and since the new bounties are extremely buggy you oftenly have to leave the cambion drift because of an uncompletable mission thus forcing you to restart the whole farming process.

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Infested research felt like it was not tested at all, or was tested with people already familiar with it which didn't understand how frustrating it would be for everyone else.

You have to explain to people to stop killing and then you have to have some ability to bring at least 10 infested in a single spot to throw the sac or you won't get the bonus.

And even worse, if you throw it while nidus larva has enemies, it does NOT coat them, likely the same will happen for vauban vortex too (which is also bad there because enemies will get stuck into things).

This one needs changes to make it in line with everything else, as-is it's too annoying to deal with.


The one with flowers that sprut when you add a power source to something is worse underground because there's so few flowers.

And people can easily double-feed the thing, which actually happened and ruined our bonus.

It needs to not accept more than 1 power cell until there's no more flowers in range (or at least some cooldown until you can power it up again since last power up, like 5 seconds).

Not really a fan of this one regardless because of the "press use" requirement on the flowers, it's awkward. Maybe make it accept melee attacks too.


Zone defense is just as boring underground as it is above ground.


The juggernaut one is straightforward and cute.


The mist one was confusing at first and it will continue to be confusing because the yellow zone markers aren't vanishing after you complete the fissure. This one needs fixing, but apart from that it's at least something else than just more waiting for timers.



The hold-to-use on the tendril thing to exit the vaults makes it even worse, it already took a while for everyone to leave the vaults and now it takes even longer because you can also get shoved/killed while you hold use.

It needs to allow multiple people to use it at the same time or at least add 1 more next to it.


Not really a fan of having to go through iso vault process just to get to this new bounty for it to still give me the same loot as everything else... and still no weapon. It seems too grindy and it's tiring to have to do such long missions... especially with the many things that can go wrong (bugs which are many, internet, power, etc).

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Crack in Deimos bouty mission often bug and will not spawn ennemy making progrssion impossible.

Restarting a vault bounty from Mother will result in the same loot every single time at every mission. ( Did T3 Arcana Vault 4 times, got the same stuff for every mission. )


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If there really is a need for a mandatory bounty mission to open the Cambion Drift underground ("isolation vaults"), call it "Open The Tunnels" or something. That mission (which is selected from "Mother inside") should have nothing else to do with any other underground mission, apart from making the rest of them available. Then this part would be logic and clear.

Once a player/team has "opened the tunnels", the actual "isolation vault" missions become available, in Cambion Drift. However, they should be grouped in separate, distinct tier progressions (where such a progression is warranted). So there would be one tier progression for the "Isolation vaults", another for the "Research" and so on. This would allow players/teams to select the mission-tree they actually would like to do. And it would make the progression logic and clear.

Logic and clarity could be further enhanced by not having a multitude of Mothers offering the same or different missions depending on player state (that is which Mother you talked to for the previous mission). In fact, by not having a multitude of Mothers at all. Remove all Cambion Drift Mothers except one, and replace the other instances with the other family members. And make each family member "responsible" for one specific underground mission-tree. So Father would handle the "Research"-tree (all tiers), the single remaining Mother would handle the original "Isolation Vault"-tree (all tiers), and the Daughter could handle the "Delicacies" and so on. In addition they could give out the standard extra "Cambion Drift"-bounties, of course.

This way absolutely everyone would understand how it works (open the tunnels => go to the appropriate family member and select the first mission => return to the same family member if you want to do the next tier => repeat) AND no-one (especially me, of course) would have to slog through 40 minutes of meaningless missions just to get to the bounty you actually want to do.

In addition, once a player/team has "opened the tunnels" they could do one mission-tree after another during the same Cambion Drift visit, if so inclined. This way meaningful "long stay" in Cambion Drift would also be possible (but not forced on players/teams by stacking the separate mission trees after each other).

It would possibly even allow for a way to handle the team break-ups, by re-assembling teams inside the Cambion Drift. So if you did tier 1 of a certain progression tree with a squad but the other player(s) then left, you would stay inside Cambion Drift (not be forcibly ejaculated) and could then be re-linked with another open squad when selecting Tier 2.

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Il y a 11 heures, DRGN21 a dit :

Requiring the completion of all three old iso vaults AND the new bounties all in a single sitting is a bit much. A lot of people, myself included, don't have/don't want to spend 2 hours in a single instance of Deimos just for a SLIM chance at a weapon part. Can we maybe get the various tiers available right from the start, and NOT have to spend half an eternity out in a buggy instance where you can get permanently stuck in the vaults if someone decides to disconnect?

so true, casual and veterans agree on this since day one !!

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just gonna quote this here, even if there are more than enough that provide basically the same feedback and are already agreeing:

vor 12 Stunden schrieb DRGN21:

Requiring the completion of all three old iso vaults AND the new bounties all in a single sitting is a bit much. A lot of people, myself included, don't have/don't want to spend 2 hours in a single instance of Deimos just for a SLIM chance at a weapon part. Can we maybe get the various tiers available right from the start, and NOT have to spend half an eternity out in a buggy instance where you can get permanently stuck in the vaults if someone decides to disconnect?

vor 2 Stunden schrieb LuceusW:

Having to complete all 3 normal iso vaults is really a horrible idea , it's time consuming and annoying and since the new bounties are extremely buggy you oftenly have to leave the cambion drift because of an uncompletable mission thus forcing you to restart the whole farming process.

I 100% agree with this. (and could quote basically 75% of the posts in this thread that say the same thing 😅)

Like already mentioned during the test-cluster: [inser small "i told you so" here :) ] It takes too long to even get to the new isolation vault bounty.
If you want to get to the hardest one, you need to spend roughly 1hour (a little bit less if you don't open the secret door with loid each time). You pretty much have to invite other players into your group before starting this tideous mission/bounty/cycle...because no way you find any random players if the mission works like it currently does^^'
Afterwards, it is still left by chance that you even get the reward you want...currently it looked most of the time like this for my group:
a few arcanes, that's nice; some mother tokens to spent later - sure why not; but I still do not need that endo as a common reward on the highest difficulty...not after playing for over an hour. Oh and maybe it's only my bad luck, but no weapon parts in sight too...

It is not a pleasant design choice to lock the new isolation vault-bountys behind the old isolation vault bountys. If you want to farm for the weapon parts (not even the main blueprints because i never saw them as a reward listed at all) you have to spent about 1h just to get the first chance to see some of them as a reward.

Please change the current way of accessing those missions and remove the "play the old bounty before to unlock the new one" requirement. 


of course there is still a lot of positive things to say about the new bountys:
- the juggernaut mission is fun to do and quite creative.
- the Green-Infested-Mist mission has the right amount of enemies to be challenging, but is still not impossible to do.
- you can now open the round-reward-cache in the cache-mission from all sides (this wasn't the case during the test-clester! Thank you very much for changing this little small thing!)
and a lot of other small things, so thank you for listening to the community.
The new isolation vault itself can be quite entertaining, it just takes too long to get to it...It would be great if the overall feedback of this thread could make another difference as well :)

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All right...

Necraloid Speed Booster: It's really awful of you to double his speed, but then subsequently stitch two vaults together so they have to traverse double the distance. That's a big 'thanks for nothing' moment there.

The new bounty set-up: As others have mentioned, it's really annoying to have to do all the vaults in order to be able to do the bounties you actually want to do. If vaults 1, 2 and 3 were decoupled so you can do them in any order, it wouldn't matter as much.

The Polyp-Hog Juggernaut: Surprisingly cruel. Did not like that. Also, are you sure it's a good idea to take a big, bulky unit, cram him in a difficult to navigate area with incredibly complex level geometry, and then try to slap a pathing AI on him? The guy keeps bashing his face into the wall for three minutes before figuring out where he needs to go. Not to mention the time he slipped and fell down a cliff and spent five minutes climbing back up, then back down again. 

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DE: "Increased the speed of Loid/Otak in the Isolation Vault! "

also DE:  combine 3 vault  map, takes 10yrs to find Loid without indicator, watch Loid waddles through all 3 map before waddling back again😩



T1 vault: gather residue>>> make bait >>> make concoction>>>  throw at sphincter door >>> clear tunnel toxin>>>

Players: oh, we did good job. NO TOXIN ON THE MAP CONTAINING ALL 3 VAULT

T2 vault: "gather residue>>> make bait >>> make concoction>>>  throw at sphincter door >>> clear tunnel toxin!!!!!

Players: Why?


Players:  yes, sir.....😞

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5 minutes ago, Rifz57000 said:

Just remove the "the device" bounty stage in iso vaults it's so bad i think it doesn't need any explanation

To clarify: The device requires players to stop playing in order to amass enough enemies to get the bonus objective done. Warframe is not suitable for that kind of play.

Unless you bring Larva, but we shouldn't be forced to bring Nidus/Larva for this one specific mission type.

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In the Tier 3 vault, the new bounty, just gave me the same revard(except part 4 wich gave an arcane). I ran the mission 3 times, got 9 necramech fury and 3 arcanes(the one that gives weapon damage standing on top of the AoE effect on infested kitgun arcane.

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Blueprints for the new weapons - Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa are nowhere to be found what`s even worse chances to drop the parts (so far we can only drop LITERALLY 2 parts in total) are ridiculously low btw. completing a single Iso Vault and Arcanum Vault run takes up to 60 minutes depending on the team. Please change it, make it obtainable in any other way.

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23 minutes ago, -ZeroStar- said:

New iso vault 'secret' rooms, shooting the Reactive Crystals, bugs out 100% of the time, 7 vaults, 0 rooms opened, and I have all the old ones memorized!

Reactive crystals in general seem to be malfunctioning, it -might- be a host/client issue, as I've noticed hosts have no trouble starting the Necraloid escort part of the vault, but I could only do it with Xaku's 4.

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