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Star Days: Update 29.8.0

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Ticker be like:

Probably the only Warframe for me to use the wings on all the time:
(and the only way to color rhino^^)

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Thx now its time to fly


So Event is already done. Now a little side note:
Can you make the Eros Arrow Skin plz be a Skin and not a CONSUMABLE?!?!?!
EDIT: It is a skin, my mistake sorry ^^



Can u plz change the SP Bounty so we have

- 1st) more (doubled the rewards) and

- 2nd) more Standing?

Because currently there is no point doing it. You get the same reward as doing the non-SP 5 star bounty and you only get 840 more standing thats ridiculous...

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Made a completely pointless optimization to postFX setup

Thank you so much for that one especially. You have no idea how much I needed it.

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To those that found these bugs and submitted them clearly enough for DE to fix them, I wish I could buy you all beer. In the event alcoholism isnt your thing, a fruit smoothy works too

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