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Update 30.9.0 on November 11: Dev Workshop!

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Update 30.9.0 is coming on November 11th to All Platforms.

This video walks you through what to expect, and this written post provides a Update breakdown! Get comfy Dreamers!

Without question, The New War is our biggest priority for 2021 and is in full development swing. But just before The New War comes Update 30.9.0! This Update will be a Mainline for all platforms. It is largely Quality of Life and Bug fixes, with a groundwork for a Prime Vault style event that we alluded to in a prior Devstream. This will be the last Update before The New War (Emergency Hotfixes not withstanding). It also closes off the year with one of many QOL focused Updates this year.  Between completely reworking Railjack at the beginning of the year, tying more lore into the Proxima Regions, and finally connecting all things Adversaries (Liches/Sisters) together with Railjack, we’re seeing things really come together with our ‘rework and reconnect’ mindset. We also spent time this year working on ‘The Arsenal Divide’ among many other QOL driven updates.

This year likely felt a little weird - and not just because we’re still working from home for our 19th month straight. We (finally) released a lot of things that were perhaps revealed too early in hindsight. For us, overcoming our backlog of announcements and turning them into releases has been a priority this year, in addition to a larger ratio of reviews and Quality of Life content in the game. This has likely been particularly challenging for veteran players who may appreciate the motivations behind the changes, but are itching for something new or challenging to do (or in the case of content creators, cover). In many cases, veterans are yearning for that ‘something’ to release as ‘The New War’, which we will discuss in the coming weeks. It is indeed the most exciting story quest in Warframe history, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

But first! Update 30.9.0

In this Update you can expect the following:

- The much requested Forma Quality of Life changes!

This included everything covered in our original Dev Workshop, as well as the addition of opening up Sorties and other Level 30 Warframe restricted content to Mastery Rank 30+ players who have Forma installed!

- New Warframe Augments!  

Xaku, Lavos, and Trinity receive Augments on November 11!

There’s more - too much to cover in this post, so we’ve written additional Workshops:

Early Player Changes.
Adding a ‘Tenno Guide’ and an effort toward reducing the early-game time and resource demands. Necramech and Railjack acquisition improvements!

Dojo & Decoration Changes
Adding a Spawn item feature, Basic/Advanced Decorating Modes, and much more!

And if you’re looking for ‘What to do in November’ while you wait for The New War:

See here! Alerts and ‘The Story so Far’ abound all month long!

And of course, if you’re wondering how to prepare for The New War?

- Ensure that you have completed Chimera Prologue, Erra, and The Maker in 'The New War' Codex Quest entry! 
- Own a Necramech and a Railjack! We’re making it easier to do this soon, and you’ve got time. Spread the word, Tenno! The New War means battle is on - gear up!

See you November 11th, Tenno!


Augment Information:

We have 4 new Augments in the works -- 2 for Xaku, and 1 each for Lavos and Trinity!

Lavos - Ophidian Bite

Change to reduce cooldown of all Abilities by (X) seconds for hitting a cluster of enemies (exact number TBD), while also adding an ability range buff for Ophidian Bite.

Xaku - Grasp Of Lohk

When a stolen weapon deals damage to a target affected by an ability of The Lost, Xaku heals for HP.

Xaku - The Lost

Casting a Lost ability increases the power strength of The Lost by a certain % and will stack. Casting the same lost ability twice in a row resets the bonus.

Trinity - Blessing

Gain ranged (primary/secondary weapon) Crit Chance % for each % you heal on your allies. On refresh it adds up new value and refreshes the timer.

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" The much requested Forma Quality of Life changes!

This included everything covered in our original Dev Workshop, as well as the addition of opening up Sorties and other Level 30 Warframe restricted content to Mastery Rank 30+ players who have Forma installed!"


Does it have to be Mr 30? I'm Mr 25 and I know I can easily do Sortie and ESO with an unranked frame, and with the ability to have my abilities when forma-ing a frame that would just make it easier. Plus AOE weapons exist. 

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Especially improvements to the new player experience are definitively a welcome addition. The game has always been somewhat lackluster with explanations and guidance. Yes, there's the wiki, but over the years it has also become bigger and more bewildering in a lot of ways.


Also, if we're talking QoL again, I'd like to repeat some requests for Conclave improvements:

  • Telos Boltace -- could simply be disabled if not reset to its pre Old Blood behaviour. We're approaching the two year anniversary on this one. Ragdolls on players should never have been a thing and in some cases it also breaks the maps. E.g.:






  • Wolf Sledge -- its throw has it all: very high damage and range, retained the super-fast Glaive wind-up, homing projectile, knockdown, AoE explosions (both automatic and manually triggered) and can melee block while throwing, negating 100% of incoming shots in that direction. Here's an example clip.

  • Fall-off bug. Causes a lot of shotguns and snipers to deal PvE damage (min. fall-off) instead of the originally balanced numbers. Has been reported numerous times over months. Latest here:




  • Saryn's passive + any electric weapon. A bug introduced with the damage type rework makes it possible for Electric procs to refresh themselves. This gets exploited by some to get an unavoidable damage source which ultimately just kills without being able to do much about it. Especially problematic with AoE like from Castanas.


There are more problems, but these are some of the worst offenders right now. People would already be happy if you just disabled e.g. Telos Boltace and Wolf Sledge if you don't want to take the time to fix the bugs/balance properly.

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