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I dont want to play a lame assed game where you rely on special spots to hit the enter wallrun command then you auto wall run or even close to that. I prefer directional melee combined with wall running and jumping maneuvers. Not all players can handle it sure and that to me is skill not cut scene parkour.

The real problem with parkour currently is that we can only wallrun on some surfaces and there is no way of knowing which won't work till it is too late..this is where the fix needs to be focused.

As for weapon mods.. no I am happy with how they work it is part of what separates warframe from every other game out there already.. get rid of that and it just becomes meh.. plus players can already share mods so mod collecting isn't the major issue with grind walls.

Abilities that are being used less often are a problem because they are not helping the players achieve the current focus of wargrind..I mean warframe.

Perhaps if grinding and RNG were less of a focus we wouldn't see some abilities being used frequently and other abilities ignored completely. Perhaps if augments didn't allow a frame to do what another frame was good at..we wouldn't see this problem perpuated.. but all that aside..

Some frames just don't have abilities that are of much use/any and that is why the energy is saved and used on others..Bullet Attractor, Crush, Switch Teleport, Tesla Balls, Bounce (the cooldown between bounces makes this worthless), electric shock etc.. i could go kn but we all get the idea.. they are either situation or have such little effect the energy can be better spent elsewhere.

Regarding pickups.. I think mod and resource pickups should auto go to all squad members no more drops to lag out missions and the same goes for ammo drops. Hp and energy should remain as they do increase the challenge of getting to them before the enemy kill you.

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Serration and the other "main dmg mods" should be INCORPORATED as weapons lvl up from 0 to 30!


Since Serration and Hornet Strike are 10 ranks mod we could use an equivalent upgrade in base dmg every 3 lvls up to max when reaching lvl 30!

The bonus provided by Point Blank, Killing Blow and Pressure Point should be split in 10 ranks too instead of 5 and follow the same pattern


This would:


Free up a slot for modding/customization

Ppl would actually fight enemies of the proper level

Proper compensation should be given for each mod converted like this


To a slight degree we could make even Multishot follow the same rule!

That would make 2 free slots!

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Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:



As long as there is directional attacks everything else is useless.

So why dont you just change directional attacks?

What about instead of launching yourself at aerial enemies you throw your weapon at them but since we are ninjas (not anymore) we have a string tied to the weapon use that to fling the weapon back to our hands.




Advantages and disadvantages, folks.

If we go with this isnt this just going to filter people to use frames\weapons that get the better % from pickups?

And this is just going to bring endless complain thread for the weapons\frames that dont. 


Damage levels, Powercreep, and Required Mods:


Unless you are going to get rid of the mod system, there is no discussion.

You get rid of X dmg mod and guess what? Another dmg mod will take it's place.

And since there's apparently a section of the player base that has tremendous trouble using different configs.... it will likely become ONE specific mod that has the best dmg overall when dealing with all factions. 


Grab and Throw Mechanics:


Since this game is Space Dynasty Warriors and you have dozens of things coming at you whatever grab mechanic you want to add into the game must have some AOE effect. Because adding all sorts of fancy stuff that will only affect one or two enemies will result in people not using it. You know, throwing that old excuse of, "whats the point of using this when i can use that." So if im going to suplex an enemy the slam on the ground should cause some aoe stagger\knockdown.


Abilities and “Energy 2.0”:


Like i just said above, the "what's the point of using X power when Y power is better" is prevalent in this game because of the amount of enemies the game throws at you which cause a large amount of energy to drop and that makes people just want to use certain powers. Changing the way the energy works is not going to magically solve anything when the problem is so tied to how the whole game works.

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1. Something needs to be done with coptering, it's looks unnatural and silly.  It ruins the very concept of movement in Warframe when every frame is gleefully zipping about through the air like  skipping-stones, it makes running unnecessary.  The Devs did not spend their time and money working on animations and levels to have them out done by a bug.


3. I, like many of my fellow Tenno have grown very use to mods like Serration, but ever since Damage 2.0 was released they've been looking out out of place.  DE has been emphasizing on the idea of playing your own way and making nothing mandatory, but these mods in question defie such concepts, for this reason alone something needs to be done to put them inline with the Game's balance of mods and damage.


6.  I feel as if powers are becoming more and more obsolete as time passes.  They are constantly having small revisions being done to them almost everytime something new is added to the games, I think DE should take a look at the powers mechanic and maybe future proof it in someway beyond the need of Augment mods.

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Weapons should increase their stats by damage, Unlock passive utilities by playtime. 
This way everyone who likes investing time into their weapon can get the most out off it.
Also talking about mods there are to many unbalanced mods. For example piercing hit +30% puncture mod cost 9? Who would waste a slot for that mod ? 

I think alot off other mods need a rework. After Rifle ammo mutation got buffed I started to use it on some weapons. So please make these utility mods more viable. I think primed fast hands should be 95% and normal 50%.

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1. Something needs to be done with coptering, it's looks unnatural and silly.  It ruins the very concept of movement in Warframe when every frame is gleefully zipping about through the air like  skipping-stones, it makes running unnecessary.  The Devs did not spend their time and money working on animations and levels to have them out done by a bug.


I don't think that's really relevant since DE intentionally released aerial melee.

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What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Well, I would like the must-have mods to be more varied. One that caters to a specific playstyle, one that gives different bonuses and such. It was Notionphil who suggested this idea.




That, or you could just remove serration altogether. This would require some tweaking towards the enemies though. Values such as hp or weapon damage must be tweaked and such. So in the end removing serration will cause a lot more work and would cause outrage if left just like that.


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I want Serration removed.


Serration is now a must have on every weapon which I think is ridiculous. You might as well have a built in serration DE.


I came up with an idea where every time you level your weapon the damage it does increases. This way leveling becomes important again and also no one has to cry about serration anymore because by the time the weapon is rank 30 it already works as if it had a maxed serration.


Not only does this save us mod capacity but either way everyone wins at the end.


Also, we should have our cores refunded if it does get removed.

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I'm not using coptering that much, but I use the crouching-acceleration.

I would be interested in a review of the system, but I am also afraid you replace it by something bad.



Life and energy pick-ups are fine as they are. But ammo pick-ups, yes, certainly need a tweek.



I also thing that serration and others mods (multishot, for instance) are game-breaking in the sense that it NEEDS to be on the weapon.

But change that would implies changing COMPLETELY the damage system of warframe. I don't know if DE (or even us, the players) are ready for that.

Thing is: in the long term, the damage system MUST be revised and changed, so why not now?


I'm just afraid of what the results might be: in short do I want to change that actual -not great, but not bad either- damage system for something that could be better or totally worst?

Well... Yes?


Best would be idea and suggestions in the forum or the counsil.

The passive damage mod progression below s a good idea, for example.


Warframe abilities:

THIS need a change, and fast!! Better late than never, but on most frames only one, or two abilities are useful and used.

Some examples: Frost snowglobe, saryn ulti, ember ulti, etc...

That means no coldow on abilites (best way to kill the game in my opinion), the separate power bar idea could be something.

This need change ASAP, but I still think that this should pass by changing the warframe attacks themselves. Adn their enegry consumption.

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Proposed changes for health/energy/ammo sounds wonderful.

The main problem with pickups is resource pickups. Please, at least make rare materials drop in their distinct color boxes. Better add rare mode effects (glow and afterglow).


Mandatory damage mods:

Currently all that damage mods do is progression - when you a new player its kinda hard  to max that serration/hornet strike. However, when you do maximize them you slap them into every single weapon. This doesn't add anything to the customization and these occupied slots is better be filled with mods that fit different playstyles (conditional damage mods is good suggestion).


But I don't think that damage mods should be removed from the game. They should retain their progression value. They should be removed from weapons though.


Best solution I can think of is to make damage mods into some kind of global tenno passive mods which apply to all your weapons.

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I dont see so much of a problem with coptering so much as things like basic mobility, level design, and parkour coming up short. For example, when im running and mantle over and object,  I lose all my speed, if I copter, at the very least I keep my speed or go even faster. Coptering also lets people bypass things that would be seen as challenges and turns them into mere annoyances at worst. Parkour needs to catch up to coptering first before I feel anything should be done to it because right now its just a far superior solution to the intended movement options.

What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Well, I would like the must-have mods to be more varied. One that caters to a specific playstyle, one that gives different bonuses and such. It was Notionphil who suggested this idea.




That, or you could just remove serration altogether. This would require some tweaking towards the enemies though. Values such as hp or weapon damage must be tweaked and such. So in the end removing serration will cause a lot more work and would cause outrage if left just like that.

Yep, agree with this solution to the damage mod problem. Lets people keep their damage, but allows some variety as the mod becomes more about how you get the damage rather than the damage itself and lets you build your weapons towards how you would prefer to play WF.


Simply removing damage mods would require a massive re-balance and re-work of every enemy in the game and their spawn patterns and numbers not to mention make a good number of people upset that their investments are just going up in smoke. 

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A lot of moves in warframe currently generate free momentum like Germany printed money during the great depression, with coptering being the biggest offender.

It's ridiculous how fast you can go with just SHIFT+W+CTRL+E. 

1) Coptering

It needs to go.


Or rather, the ridiculous amount of free moment it generates needs to go.

It could still be used in combat, but it needs to be easier to aim. Perhaps a sort of homing attack that chains together multiple enemies?


https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/383301-new-movement-sketches-tweaks-pictures-inside/'>this thread out. Some of the concepts presented inside just make me giddy (use grineer faces as a skateboard while shooting? Where do I sign up?)



*note: every time I say serration I mean pure damage mods. Except pressure point.

This is a very major part of the game and it's scaling. A lot of time was invested into maxing serrations (not as much as you think, however).


Personally I would have an entirely seperate slot for these essential mods. Along with different serrations that give bonuses depending on certain factors.



Serration that gives bonus damage if you hold fire
Serration that gives bonus damage on weakspots

Serration that gives scoped shots more damage

etc etc










As long as it's seamlessly integrated into combutt, yes.



I don't see as P4TW as that much of a problem, although I may be spoiled by being able to use room clearing abilities whenever I need them.

Perhaps a separate meter for every frame's ult, and that is increased every time you get a kill.



Anyhoo, I generally tend to use all my abilties (except useless ones. I'm looking at you, psychic bolts).

Sometimes though, I wish I could reroute my warframe energy into making one ability have more damage or a buff.
Like, Sonic Boom exploding in all directions. Or slash dash ragdolling enemies.

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Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:
Personally I'd really like coptering to go. But some players will demand reparation in blood if you do it. Could you at least, make so that coptering consider momentum and speed, so we could not launch yourself from standing position 30m forth.
Wall Flinging is too unreliable. Good luck landing precisely when needed. 
And remove stamina already! It serves absolutely no purpose.


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Interesting voting results especially in the last poll whereby 42,71% players claim to use all of the abilities regularly but once you go into the games, this opinion does not seem to be accurate reflection of reality. Most of the time I truly see that people are using specific abilities only. Some have more of those useful abilities than others, some only have one or two useful abilities at most and so on so forth. I would wager the reason is because the topic discusses about changing how energy pickups work and that it would punish certain gameplay styles.

It is a rich topic with discussion to be had in my honest opinion. While I am not of the sort of encouraging people using all abilities trough force by punishing certain playstyles, especially now that auguments are within the game itself. However, I would also have to say that I wish all abilities would be used frequently in proper situations. There are quite a few problems in mechanics however that limit some abilities. For example Banshee's Silence is otherwise pretty great but if you use bow with Thunderbolt for example and it happens to proc and damage an enemy nearby, then that ability is useless because that enemy will set off the alert by either activating the panel or start shooting and then others will do that instead.

So it is very limited in function albeit with the revision of Stealth 2.0 and making it more valuable or even essential at some scenarios would fix abilities like this. I feel that almost purely utility based abilities like Vauban's Bounce is another good example of nearly useless ability. The cost benefit of saving few seconds is next to useless with that energy cost and how small distance it throws you upwards and due to the tilesets, there are not many spaces you can utilize the ability. I think that if say giving more opportunities to fight over terrains like ledge hanging and pulling enemies down from ledges  and or giving more areas where abilities like that are useful in the first place. Maybe some sniping positions only accessible with abilities like that?

Hard to say what would be the optimal approach to this issue but in my opinion, it should be about rewarding rather than punishing and that is the part I ideologically disagree. Give a reason to use them, give proper reasons or even make them at times almost essential and reward these usages properly just like any other playstyle would be rewarded for their speed. What I mean is that people go speedrunning because it maximizes loot/exp ratio. Slow stealth sucks at this moment. So before it is not properly improved accordingly, these sort of things will still be present and are nothing more than mere band-aid fixes that ultimately are harmful for the gameplay and player experience health.

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Serration though makes any weapon powerful.Its only enough for taking care of low - mid tier enemies, As once the enemies are above 130+ most of the weapons start to fall off so bad, that only the most highly damaging weapons are the only choice.

What I might consider instead is having a gradual increase in the overall damage it gives as enemies level up.


For example:

At 30 mins enemies are level 25 and your weapon does 100 damage
Now as the time goes by and when enemies scale up to 30  your weapon damage should increase so as to counter the enemy level,

not an absurd amount but enough so that instead of having to use 1 bullet to kill an enemy it takes maybe 3-4 bullets at most not an entire clip.


Make killing the enemies at longer intervals feasible, make it hard but doable.
Skills come out in the open when something is tough to pull off.

Maybe then you can see people looking at their arsenal and say
"so which weapon do i wanna use maybe this new one pantheraa or maybe the old miter i feel like slicing things today yum yum yum,"


Rather than "ah.... T4 now i have to bring out the 6 Forma'ed S#&$ that i dnt wanna use coz m sick of it but nothing else will kill any enemy past 20 mins so i have to *sadface* "



Hope some nice changes come about soon..

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A. No, coptering/sliding/wall flinging are fine and i would imagine intended, all be it perhaps not as they are currently being used. i would imagine they were intended to gap close for melee, seeing as melee is close quarters combat. if you cant close that gap you might as well shoot yourself in the head and save the enemy a bullet. keep it as is. speed makes things more intense and enjoyable

go fast or go home


B. I would prefer health orbs and energy orbs be more available, also wouldnt mind stamina orbs, preferably health orbs. Energy has quite a few instances where your entire storage will be taken. grineer doors, disrupters, magnetic eximus'. if there is going to be an instance where you will lose all your energy, then inversely energy should be more available. whats more is that abilities are fun to use in most cases. people like using their abilities. there should be more instances for people to use their abilities because abilities are a fun aspect of the game. ammo i guess is okay since there are the ammo conversion mods, although one has to ask in this future where there are 'universal assault rifle ammo' why isnt there instead just 'universal ammo'


C. ah, damage mods. this is a sensitive topic. personally i think that combat itself should take a major look at. as it is, atleast in the end game, its basically 'kill it in in one shot before it kills you in one shot' and with scaling enemies your ability to one shot them falls off rather quickly as compared to their ability to one shot you. melee is kinda a joke because its damage falls off far sooner than guns. people on this forum will say 'oh you can still kill things with melee, it just takes longer' and that is the problem. it takes longer, where in a game that has continuously spawning enemies that's damage scales better than you. taking that risk of longer fights, in an already vulnerable state that is CQC is asking for defeat.

i got distracted. i think mods should be changed, where the point of a mod is more utility in a certain aspect. as is there is only like two builds for any weapon. damage multishot elemental combo x2 if status chance > crit, damage multishot crit chance crit damage if crit chance > status. but again, for a change to happen it would require rebuilding from the ground up.


D. grabing enemies. what benefits would there be? a body shield? ehhh. dont get me wrong, i appreciate that you want to add interesting concpets to your game. but if the foundation of your house is questionable as is, adding on a floating balcony, while definitely cool, should raise a few eyebrows.

its a interesting idea, but you should hold off implementing it until the system gives it a reason for being there,


E. some abilities are more worth using than others. some abilites are maybe not so much worth using at all. a lot of abilities dont scale to well past the first half of the planets. it reminds me of a funny comic where a beefed up rhina proclaims that he will tank this charlie and cries out "IRON SKIN ACTIVA-" before having a hole blown through him with a single pew laser from a level 105 crewman. when there is an upper cap to how much an ability can do, unless it provides some form of utility, it falls off relatively quickly. its why nova, trinity, and loki are the prefered frames for the void. their abilities bring utility.

personally, if the whole combat system got a do over, depending on how its done over, i'd be okay with damage abilities beng relatively nerfed, like the more detestable forumites cry for.

if combat is desired to be drawn out, give it a reason to be drawn out. dont just abitrarily make things worse because a minority dont like being outdone by others

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[DE]Drew wrote: "“Coptering” has become such an iconic Warframe maneuver that the development team has purposefully left it in game, despite it originally being unintentional."
"Iconic" is this word where we can find the definition "relating to, or executed according to a convention or tradition." While the convention in Warframe is using Aerial Spin Attack, the tradition is getting it "nerfed", and it becoming less useful over time. New user experience, versus veteran experience can thus be differentiated.

[DE]Drew wrote: "Most players use Sliding, Coptering and Wall Flinging to quickly travel across maps [...]"
This may not be the point; but they really don't. They only do the absolute minimum that is required, because they can't travel quickly across the map. This was a design goal. Slow down players so that they cannot get 999 Orokin Cells. This is what we made Stamina for. This is why there is a spin up to sprint, and all kinds of obstacles that serves to limit player freedom along with speed.

- Aerial Spin Attack has taken a huge hit time and time again, which lead to some players reaching a breaking point.*

- Aerial Spin Attack was targetted to be weakened; to remove advantage from players who are good at speeding through tiles and accrueing large amounts of resources that way: Removing the effort in it being rewarded or appreciated from within the game, which amounted to a breaking point* for some players. Stamina and movement changes were targeting the same issue and player group, and had the same effect.

- Tilesets have been shaped so that speed running/using parcours in missions is effectively discouraged. Up to the point where it seems simply not fun to do, and not viable to do in terms of reward. There are always acrobats in any game; the majority will do what is easy though.

- The waypoint of doom, fickle in its intent, seems to do its own good part in breaking the motivation of otherwise involved and interested players.

- Convoluted tilesets with perceived atrocious navigation demands, lead to lack of fun, followed by parcours not seeming desirable or viable, followed by warframe powers for movement not generally being viable, followed by some players not enjoying the movement options in Warframe, in a progressive pattern.

- It seems plausible that the tiles were made more convoluted so that players do not see the doors as the main hindrance. Instead of being angry or accepting at the door, players now are equally angry at, or accepting, towards the entire level.

- Tile navigation now requires players to have and maintain high spatial perception skills at all times, or accept mediocrity. People under stress, or not apt at mathematics/spatial perception currently get outmanoeuvred by the game.

 - The game can inflict punishment on the player via misrepresented environment geometry and movement traps; further increasing their mobility stress levels. Mobility stress levels seem on the rise.

- Environment and mobility are permanently linked. Without an environment there is no need for movement. The amount and type of movement required, changes with the environment. Currently there seems to be a gap in what warframes can potentially do, and opportunities for its application.

- Parcours is not only subpar to coptering; it is also seemingly not viable to put up the effort for the small advantage parcours currently provides. It becomes viable during some events, which is when some people will use it.

- Effective movement speed is limited by doors. Movement speed may further be limited by Carrier Vacuum pickup speed and range.

- Players using some basic options like sliding, front-flip, copter, only serves to make the point that players use that to get around the Stamina system that seems generally despised. UI having vital information haphazardly strewn accross the screen makes for an approximate player experience that usually leads to negligence of the display. Even if Stamina bar was seen, it would neither help nor interest players. Parcours requires exact gameplay, so it is no wonder that it is defeated, since it presents the softest currency in the system.

- At this point, removing aerial spin attack would take a warframe power independent option for targeted accelerated movement away from players, while not adding additional incentive to using more parcours. User statistics will likely show that people generally do not care to bring VOLT into a mission: There seems to be no point in crashing faster into a wall.

- Slotting 2-3 mods, to be able to move like in other games, could be a design goal. History shows that a majority of players will just accept slow movement and not put up any additional effort to move faster to beat a limiting system designed to hold them back.

-The majority of the movement issues stem from environment construction not movement options.

- Quotes/Feedback:
"Stamina has become this massive sh[REDACTED]y squatty troll on our warframes back that smacks us everytime we try to have fun going fast."
"All of it adds up to an environment you don't want to play in, and want to skip as fast as possible."
"[...] they [tile sets]are frustrating, finger tiring and annoying as hell to move through."

From a gameplay standpoint, player identity seems important. The ability to feel at home comes from freedom in, and control of, an environment. Where that cannot be achieved, identity becomes a synthetic placeholder. Game experience will have a tendency to degrade to a point where there is no identity with that placeholder being pushed through missions they cannot excel at.
Feelings of "this thing doesn't do what I want" or "this causes more hassle to me than what it is worth" will provide an obstacle to player immersion.
The same seems true where player characters show less performance than the actual player has. The average warframe being able to run for a couple of seconds, rather than minutes or even hours, is one example where freedom of movement is limited to the freedom the game can provide, rather than extending the player's perceived own freedom, dreams and wishes.
The precept is that a computer gamer wants to go a short way on his peripheral hardware, to achieve a somewhat bigger effect in his game. Pushing a button down a centimeter to move a warframe a centimeter would thus not be found a satisfying game. The same would go for rapid and endless mouseclicks not tying into an overall goal apparent to the player.

We hope, while trying to shed light on unpleasant and conflicting interactions within the game, that there are enough points to draw from to see that this is intended as constructive feedback. Pointing out things where we trip ourselves must hurt; like growing tends to be an ugly process that usually hurts. There are a large number of players passionate about this game and loving it. We have a deep respect for the developers who strive to make this game better every day; and to deliver a quality that is unparalleled in other games. Also, apple slices are delicious.


Breaking point can be recognized from instances, where an entity is locked into negation towards external influence. The entity will take damage over time, cut ties to the process, or, when unable to escape the process, take steps to immunize against external influence. An example are children no longer answering to their parents, resorting to abuse, refusing reasonable communication, or not talking at all.

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i just have to say about the lack of use of other skills.


it often comes down to lack of utility and using certain corrupted skill mods that render some skills nearly useless.


my biggest gripe about skills and why i dont use them much is that their damage often doesnt scale well and they dont provide utility effects (and if they do, its minor/unbalanced and not worth the energy cost). I'd suggest include status effects on skills that can me modified for frequency and duration using mods based on their damage. you may argue that the new syndicate skill modifiers do that, but since they share the same slots as normal mods, most of the time they aren't worth the slot it takes up.


I would suggest that instead of having skill modifier mods slot into the normal slots used by the warframe, introduce special mod slots for each skill seperately (maybe 3 or 4 each skill), so one skill would use the power boost while another skill uses extended range, so on and so forth. This would increase customization and would let skills that are often unused to be used more often, as well as those basically neglected syndicate mods. This opens up to the possibility of tatering or forma-ing each sub skill mod group.




1. Introduce modifiable (in terms of chance & duration) skill based status effects based of the type of damage of said skill.

2. Introduce exclusive mod slots for each skill, increasing customization of powers.

3. Introduce utility effects and damage scaling effects (ie. percentage based damage) to all skills.

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Oh, another community topic finally.




Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:

I feel that movement as a whole just needs a few touches to fix it; coptering and air dashing is fine but the way the acceleration works (weapon speed dependent, frame speed dependent, etc) just takes away from it. Basically, some frames being faster than others and the whole animation delay is what really hurts the movement in the game (especially sliding.)




The only two issues I have with pickups are 1. Not enough health orbs unless you're Nekros or Oberon and 2. Mods / Resources should be shared pickups.



Damage levels, Powercreep, and Required Mods:

Probably the biggest issue in the game; "required mods" I don't have an issue with unless they're the stance mods since everything else is relatively easy to get provided it isn't a drop in the Void (sharing bloated drop rates.) The power creep issue in the game becomes apparent once you only see certain weapons and frame load outs required / requested for most T4 content. Too many weapons that outclass the higher Mastery Rank clan research weapons is also an issue.


I already mentioned the solution I like the best for mods: Stats should not stack. Some RPGs work this way, and if it does stack, there's a cap or they only stack on certain conditions / with special equipment.


Forgot to comment about the early Impact, Puncture, Slash procs; they feel way too powerful to be implemented early on, when you only have like 120 HP or so and each one can do 15-30 a tick. I know it's a co-op game but some people prefer to solo and it's way too early on when you're going against 4+ enemies.



Grab and Throw Mechanics:

This one is interesting, I like martial arts and pro wrestling so stuff like the stealth finishers on the Infested Chargers were awesome when I saw a German Suplex. I would prefer throws / quick take downs when enemies get too close; fast and effective so you're not stuck in an animation and then finish with a Napalm blast right on you.



Abilities and “Energy 2.0”:

Goes along with the whole power creep / damage thing. There's some frames that I still don't make use of their whole ability loadout or never use one ability. I don't think being able to spam the strongest abilities is a great idea myself but I can see why people love it (Radial Javelin, Reckoning, Molecular Prime, or even Pull before.) I'm fine with the whole energy thing though; but the fourth Warframe abilities getting a big efficiency bonus is what causes the problems with spamming in the first place. If there's a mechanic to use abilities for energy / allow the use of the more powerful abilities, the first few will have to be worth using in the first place. There's a lot of frames that could use damage revisions, maybe even make some of it not damage specific (non elemental / damage scaling as opposed to I.P.S. or elemental damage.)



Well, that's it; sorry if it's messy. Having fun with the game but some stuff just takes away a bit of the enjoyment every now and then. Would be nice to be able to use some of the supportive mods without worrying about damage efficiency or a survivability build.

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