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...don't use it if you don't like it. All it seriously needs is an animation update.

If I don't use it I get left in the dust in every mission. And anyway melee weapons should not be a source of movement, they should be for killing things. Your movement should should come from your Warframe and your ability to traverse the environment. Coptering and directional melee make most transportation abilities obsolete which is a bad thing.

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I love of idea of using enemies as meat shields like in Gears of War, since there are times when a person runs out of ammo for their primary weapon. And It would be cool to teach enemy melee units who like to rush players a lesson! XD

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Frankly, as Iconic as it is, coptering is pretty silly.


Base move speed should be faster, Sprint should be faster still, sliding should be used for slide attacks and to go under lasers.


as for damage mods, what do you propose?


up the base damage on all weapons by 100%? 


If not, then they won't work. You NEED serration on every single rifle just to make them viable, you could increase the base damage and remove serration, thus freeing up a mod slot, but if you just get rid of them without granting every single gun in the game at least double damage, then our bullets might as well be made of cheese.


as for grab/grapple, I played Vindictus before, and that as some really satisfying grab mechanics.


as for powers... a large number of warframes  have one or two great powers, and two or three useless ones. Usually your Ult is the useful one, but several frames have an Ulti that's far outclassed by one of their lesser powers.


When I started playing mag several updates ago, their final power took so long to cast, did little damage and had an absolutely pitiful range, in comparison, you could hit pull three times and kill everything in a massive arc in front of you, even out of line-of-sight.


Pull got a large nerf since then, and Crush seems to have more range now, but I still ignore her ult, mostly out of habit.


On the other hand, you have Nekros, which has Desecrate and... something about ghosts?


Frankly summoning up a handful of grineer or corpus mooks for 30 seconds isn't really worth 100energy,


Terrify is pretty uniformly useless, why scare enemies away when you could just kill them instead? Scaring them doesn't even seem to stop them shooting at you.


Soul Punch is really fun in theory (hit someone so hard that you use their own soul as shrapnel) but it's damage is pretty pitiful, even before you slap on your +range -damage mod (and if you don't have that, then you simply aren't playing that 'frame properly)

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As soon as coptering and sliding will be removed or nerfed, this game will just die.Warframe is Sonic with guns, it's game about speed and freedom of movement. I'm not going to play it without these features. Moreover, I also think that coptering must be buffed for some melee weapons, because their slowness and uselessness for acceleration make them useless. But I think that sprint really must be buffed.

BTW, I think that slowpokes-whiners are cancer killing Warframe's community.

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I want to grab other warframes and use them as meat shield (man my loki can use a rhino as one)


Only joking but hopefully we can grab, if so I will just grab ospreys and fly or grab a kubrow and use them as a mount.



+1 to your first line, but mounting Kubrows? Tha- that's just indecent. And illegal.

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IMO Coptering and sliding needs to be toned down a little, as it makes frames with mobility abilities a little bit lacking.

About pickups, Energy pickups are fine as they are now. However Health and Ammo pickups definitely should scale depending on your health/ammo pool, especially for Rifles and Secondaries.

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IMO Coptering and sliding needs to be toned down a little, as it makes frames with mobility abilities a little bit lacking.

Wouldn't it make more sense to rework the abilities since coptering has been around since the start. I really don't get why they even thought being able to jump would make for a legit ability?? I mean what is that?

"My frame is really good at jumping..." oh umm that's nice.. your frame sounds a bit derpy cause most frames are pretty agile and can jump.

Basic movements should never be an ability. If super jump could be spammed when in the air.. maybe that would be of use but a 1 time only is just a waste of ability space.

Also why the hell does excaliber get augments for melee? It has little armor and ain't that fast. Small health and energy pool... and DE figured this would be the frame for rushing into a hoarde swinging a stick around as they get beaten down by ranged gun fire O.o

It is interesting that Mag prime also gets a V polarity for her aura... Steel Charge on mag.. really?? Why DE .. Why?

So yeah perhaps before they try to butcher mobility for everyon they take a look at their handywork on frame abilities and augments etc.. and give us something we can actually use.

Poor zephyr is a glorified excaliber clone but without an ability that can get a large group of enemies off your back in a tight situation. Their ULT randomly wiggle wiggle wiggles around too so no predicting where it will finish at.

If you have no problem with these frames and abilities / polarities that make no sense in comparrison to most common builds for the frame... that's great and I wouldn't be bothered in the slightest.

Players should feel free to have fun with the frames as they are and not try to drag the rest of the game down over a few poor design decissions. We prefer to avoid those abilities because they were bad ideas so if u like those ideas that's fine but if there is a problem with how outclassed they are.. they should fix their ideas .. not nerf movement in the game.

To be clear any grumpyness is not directed at you but at DE for the 'fun' surprises I got when it came time to max out the mentioned frames. It was so frustrating to see the poor design decissions one after another I was left scratching my head as it shook in disbelief.

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Sliding et all:

I think it's mostly fine right now, but it could use a few tweaks (ie maglev needs to be a lot better), and sliding in general could be faster.


It needs a total rework. We've got weapons that should be good but aren't because of ammo (ie Castanas), we've got useless ammo pickup auras that are useless, we either have too much ammo or too little, and it's generally just a chore that forces you to put on ammo mutation for any sort of automatic gun except possibly really powerful ones like Soma Prime/Boltor Prime.


Other. Serration should go away and so should split chamber because they are effectively mandatory mods. but, they should get the same treatment warframe abilities did and get integrated into the gun and level as the gun levels. This would make levelling a gun more rewarding, would open up slots for less "vital" mods, and wouldn't be a nerf since the bonuses are still there, they're just applied differently.

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?

I think that it would be fantastic if Slide Attacks and Wall Attacks had a toggle-able option for auto-target à la Archwing melee.


With respect to non-combat utility of Coptering, Sliding, and Wall Flinging; I feel that these should only be addressed at the same time as Parkour 2.0. The problem with changing them at present is that they currently cover for deficiencies in other areas of Warframe's movement system; Coptering's aerial acceleration helps players in areas where wall running isn't working (which does happen on occasion), Sliding provides a way to preserve momentum while recuperating stamina loss (which is often critical for slower frames in Survival missions), and many parkour rooms in the Void are clearly built with present Wall Flinging in mind--in which case, slowing it down without addressing the areas that have been built around its present speed will lock those away from slower frames.


I do think that these maneuvers should be reworked, but not before the areas and elements they presently support.


Do you think pickups (orbs and ammo) need a revision?

Yes and no. The way I see it, the problem with pickups at present is twofold:


1) Ammo and Orb drops are RNG (thus inherently unreliable), meaning that late-game content builds are left with three options:

    [a] Ignore the issue entirely, and stock up on Restores with the expectation of regularly needing and using them.

    Maximized Energy/Ammo economy and modded to be self-sufficient  (e.g., 75% Energy Efficiency, Energy Siphon/Rejuvenation, Equilibrium, Ammo Mutation Mods, etc.).

or [c] Attempt to compromise, but stock up on Restores anyway because you will still end up needing them.

...all of which effectively boil down to attempting to make the impact of the presence or absence of Orbs and Ammo functionally irrelevant to your expected experience.


2) Pickups are a fixed quantity, and they only really "fit" players' needs in certain ranges, generally (IME) a bit inadequate in a number of situations. Because of (1), I've had a number of cases where the same build that was struggling for energy on a previous run through a mission (or even earlier that same mission) was then struggling to spend that energy (thanks to Vacuum).


Of these problems, 2 is the big one in my mind (although 1 certainly exacerbates the issue). This is especially true for Health pickups, particularly when not using Carrier. The problem in that case, is that 25 Health is not hugely significant (especially when Bleed procs are a thing), and in many cases going to grab an exposed Health orb could easily cause more damage than it heals. This, I think, is in many ways symptomatic of longtime issues with enemy level scaling. In many (possibly most) cases, damage to Health in higher-levels is a feast-and-famine thing. You'll be at full Health for a long time, and then suddenly be down by half (at which point, a single pickup does very little).


Overshields might help with this, but I think that getting orbs to scale would be a huge improvement.


What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?

My problem with Serration is that it competes for space with other mods. With enemy scaling, an increase in damage output is necessary for progression; the thing that separates Serration (and other similar pure-damage mods) from other mods which increase damage output is that it enhances the base functionality. This isn't a bad thing, it's why it's so good (and why it's able to compensate for enemy scaling), but it means that it is an empirically superior mod; unlike elemental mods, which are calculated based off of the base damage of the weapon, or physical damage mods, which are calculated based off of the base value of that damage type on the weapon, Serration improves the base value that those other mods use for their calculations. It's not just a damage mod, it's an amplifier for other mods.


This is my problem with a lot of the "required" mods; they inherently improve the base functionality of an item in a way which is critically important for much of the game's content (particularly with respect to endless mission types). This is why Base Damage mods are important, this is why Multishot mods are important, it's all down to them increasing the values that the other mods rely on. Similarly, Warframe attribute mods (Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber, etc.) compete for space with mods like Fast Deflection, Flame Repellent, and Warm Coat. Granted, this is somewhat less severe now that Powers don't take mod slots, but it's one of the reasons why a large percentage of my Warframe mods have never been used, and another large percentage are only occasionally used (and even then, only for specific missions).


I'm honestly not sure how I would like to see this resolved. It's a problem I can't really think of a solution for which I would be happy with. I do think, however, that it is a problem.


Would you grab enemies if you could?

I think that this depends on the circumstances, but I think that I can imagine ways this could be implemented that would be useful. Certainly, it'd be a nice CC option, and I imagine it'd be a nice way to reduce incoming damage from heavies when using a lighter frame.


On average, do you use all of your Warframe’s abilities?

This is really dependent on the Warframe and the build in question; and in some cases, it's simply a matter of personal taste. I know that I have gotten more prone to using a variety of abilities with the removal of their dependence on mod cards; though I should note that when Maximizing a build, I've found a few cases where it turned out that an ability was effected by an attribute that seemed counter-intuitive (e.g., Rhino Charge's movement distance is determined by Power Duration), so that may influence people's impression of powers that they've rarely (if ever) used prior to U15. Honestly, I suspect it's more a matter of personal preference regarding the abilities not being used.



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[DE]Drew wrote: "What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?"

My opinion is that this is a debate about having one mod slot more or less free for customization. As balance will always respect the damage that is likely to be dished out, the actual values do not play a role.

Weapons that scale according to collected experience with them would allow new players to progress more smoothly into the game without having to rely on chance/looting skills. This issue can be circumvented though, without removing mods from the game.



If damage mods would influence, or tie into, the related elemental/physical effects in a palpable way; I can see those mods playing a bigger role than currently. Example: Fire stream becomes fire wave, becomes fire rain, becomes fire storm, becomes tornado of the 4 elements, becomes chaos of the combined Elements, becomes eternal havoc, becomes chaos of the Lotus (may she live forever).



In cases where more mod slots were required, we could give players the option to "fuse" their maximum rank mods to their frames or weaponry, making them an integral part of their progress (and identity) that they then cannot lose, or give away. If we wanted to think more extreme, we could consider making the Forma reset more drastic, such as seeing it as a form of reincarnation that gives advantage towards the possible number or a divisor of the number of "fused" mods. Standing, or another required factor, could determine when, or to which degree reincarnation becomes available, in case there was an interest to gate that. The art would be to make polarization always useful, and to encourage players to develop more identity, rather than tying them to an authoritarian structure.



This, or parts of this, would present the possibility of choice in the nature/alignment/polarity of those fused mods; or just a chance for another form of balance, depending on the designers' outlook. This would make the mod system a stepping stone to a higher system that leaves the clutter behind; the further seeking perfection has gone, the less the player needed to worry about what to equip on their items, properly reflecting their game experience and decisions. It offers the possibility of acting as a mutating mutator to slotted slots. It could act as a platypus sink, credit sink, and mod sink. There could be different treatment of self-ranked mods versus traded mods. Those would be political decisions.



Designers can decide for a) experience related advantage, b) gear dependent advantage, c) overall player experience advantage, d) skill related advantage, e) weapon type related overall advantage f) player customization advantage on a broader scale, g) warframe/sentinel mods tying into damage/effects, h) challenge related dependent advantage, i) standing dependent advantage, j) player character dependent advantage e.g.: brute force vs. sharpshooter, sneaker vs. runner k) any combination of the aforementioned, etc.



A big challenge with taking high ranking mods out of the game, seems to be to properly reward the players for their invested time: Past examples show that we give cores for lost mods, or Forma for lost polarity slots; which may reflect onto players as a disregard for the actual time, effort and consideration that went into this, sometimes month-long, investment. What was done about refunding the 10 rank aura was a more elegant solution, however with repercussions to the player market and debateable advantage for some people. It is easy to see that this challenge is not easy to clear.

In my opinion, a players' time and progress might be noted and treated respectfully, since freely spent time becomes wasted time in the light of perceived broken promises. While players have no claim to any content; all decisions regarding that will tie into the faith and the identity that players hold towards the game. Players' opinions will always reflect how they feel that they were treated in the past.


Players returning to the game and finding things radically changed, where they know they reached completion in the past, is also a factor that springs to mind. I feel that the Inbox feature could help in communicating changes affecting a player's account retroactively, and help in making them aware of the positive changes for them that came with that.

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Anything that makes us go faster shouldn't be messed with.

Part of the fun in Warframe is barreling uncontrollably at the other end of the map to the other and colliding with enemies along the way at mach 1. Hell if we got ragdolling implemented where enemies we collided with went flying according to our speed at the time would be just dandy.


So I say INCREASE THE SPEED! We must go plaid!


Also I've been waiting for Serration to be integrated into weapons since I actually got Serration.

We're getting new mods that are utility based so straight up dmg upgrades should be integrated into the weapons so we have more build variety and are not forced to put Serration or any other straight up dmg boosts into the builds.

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Poor zephyr is a glorified excaliber clone but without an ability that can get a large group of enemies off your back in a tight situation. Their ULT randomly wiggle wiggle wiggles around too so no predicting where it will finish at.

If you have no problem with these frames and abilities / polarities that make no sense in comparrison to most common builds for the frame... that's great and I wouldn't be bothered in the slightest.

Players should feel free to have fun with the frames as they are and not try to drag the rest of the game down over a few poor design decissions. We prefer to avoid those abilities because they were bad ideas so if u like those ideas that's fine but if there is a problem with how outclassed they are.. they should fix their ideas .. not nerf movement in the game.

To be clear any grumpyness is not directed at you but at DE for the 'fun' surprises I got when it came time to max out the mentioned frames. It was so frustrating to see the poor design decissions one after another I was left scratching my head as it shook in disbelief.

Does one similar ability (well, two, but combined into one) makes Zephyr a clone of Excalibur? I actually created a topic suggesting some changes to Zephyr (as she's my favourite frame)a few days ago, but no one replied to that, so I thought everyone think "Zephyr is fine as it is", which is not what I think. Zephyr needs some rework of Tornado and Turbulence, as well as some more utility/use for first abilities. And actually be able to do stuff in the air, like she supposed to be.

As for coptering, I don't mind DE introducing some more ways of mobility involving wallruns, or whatever they come up with in Parkour 2.0. Improving sprinting to some extent might help to replace using sliding/coptering for speed. I don't mind them adding some charged jumps or double jumps(so you could reach higher places with any frame). But nearly flying just seems weird for me, they are ninjas sure, but they are not birds...

I didn't take your post personally, I'm always open for conversations and thoughts of other people, and I'm just sharing my views on the game :)

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I want grabbing while using an Archwing!

If we could grab, and throw like Jehuty now THAT would be EPIC!!!


Grabbing, and throwing in normal fighting would be a bit odd, but in an archwing DEFINITELY! Being able to grab an enemy, and then using your thrusters, and momentum to throw an enemy into enemies, or walls destroying one, or both now that would be cool. Even better let us grab dargyns, or certain enemies facing them away from us so they can't shoot us, and use them as rush shields. Meaning holding them and pushing through barrages of attacks as they take the brunt until death. Maybe even let us grab a Osprey in space, and just like how we do the forward momentum swing with our melee in space let us use the thrusters to do a forward flip spin to charge up momentum, and speed, and then allow us to fling ourselves forward into enemies smashing them into enemies(Brutal slam dunk of DEATH!!!), or objects to break them. Maybe even use them to shatter armor, or shields.

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-pickups: make then restore a % of the MOODED stat(ammo capacity, healt but not energy, as it would be to overpowered) or make a complete revision, something like generic pickup o something like that i cant thing someting that would work other tan % based picups.


-dmg mods: this is a stiky situation, as many playes( myself included) alrady have a maxed serration or other 10 rank dmg mod. Its has veen said already but a good option its to make every weapon get a bonus dmg while it levels up, and maybe increase that extra dmg by puting forma on it. A good point to start its to have a 100% base dmg bonus at lv 30 and increase that bonus by33% for every forma, up to another 100%. This is a bigger bonus than actual serration but to archive it you have to invest at least 3 forma on a weapon, killing 2 birds with one stone: increase build difersity and dont punish players that dont max serration.This can also be implemented trough focus, but lets just waith for it.


Another option on the same topic its to remove then and tone down higher lv enemys, increasing build diversity and maintaining a lv of dificulty.


-4 to win: This is a weird istance because it change from frame to frame. Banshee its a good example of "balanced" abilitis as she have a party buff, aura of stun and 2 panic buttons( sonic bom for medium panic and soundquake for great panic) while saryn or ember not. they both have 1 useles ability(fireblast and contagion) as they arent usefull at all in almost all situations and/or they dont fit builds. Saryn sufers this much more as its has 3 abilitis that scale of + power duraiton and one that does the oposite, being this last much more usefull, as its a nuke, triying to use contagion while runig miasma build results in durations of 1-2 seconds, not worth at all.


This issue needs to be seen frame by frame, as some sinergice well with 4 abilitis while oters punish you for specialicing in the most usefull one.

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What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Serration should be build into the weapons at level ups like the stats on warframes


-there should be an equal damage multiplier to all weapons ... like giving the melee ones less damage is not a great idea in case of verstility and customisation of our arsenal

(im talking about reducing the damage from hornet strike and putting some of that on primaries and melee weapons for example ... so that they all get an equal addition and can level up to their damage ... i think about +200% at max level for ALL THE GUNS/MELEE or LOWER would be extremely great

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Removing serration/point blank/pressure point/hornet strike  would bring nothing bad to players, so long as they were refunded credits/cores/ducats.


Removing serration/PB/PP/HS would bring everything good. It's not just a long term investment; It's the best investment. 


- Modding becomes more free-form for the early/endgame. New players galore. 

- Because players aren't doing 262262 gigatons of damage, enemies and mechanics are easier to balance and fine-tune. 

-  more focus on skill than numbers. most of what's wrong with this game is due to raw numbers. Promise. Skill;more fun. You don't have to punish players for not having skill, but you can reward them for it. 

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?

I'm fine with Sliding and Coptering as it is, but I would buff sprint slightly, if only so those who don't feel inclined to perform finger gymnastics on their keyboard can at least keep up with their team.


What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?

I'll just quote two posts of mine that I've recently written on the subject. Hopefully they are conveing my train of thoughts the right way.



I'm not sure if what I'll say is relevant directly to the topic, but it is relevant to the subject overall.


I don't think removing Serration will fix anything at all and that is marginally due to how the statistics and damage system function in Warframe. From my point of view, removing Serration will just open another slot for an elemental mod. It will obviously not scale as well and the overal damage output in the game will be reduced, but nothing will change in terms of how we mod our weapons. This is a result of damage being present through many different pipelines and since damage, whether raw or elemental is preferable over other statistics, it will remain the go-to foundation for weapon modding.


Now, this is not saying that your suggestions are bad, but they are utterly irrelevant in the face of mods that directly affect the damage output of the weapon and are at best bandaids for the shortcomings of those weapons. Let me clerify:


Ammo efficiency is very important when going on a long and/or endless runs, but there are weapons present in the game, usually some of the top-end weapons, that are very ammo efficient and have a steady ammo economy. The changes mentioned in the OP will make close to 0 difference on these weapons since they'll benefit more from damage mods. Obviously, there are the weapons who have a sub-par or inneficient ammo economy which will benefit from these types of mods, but then we bring up the question "Why would you use that weapon over the ammo efficient one?", which is a valid question, since the efficient weapon most likely has a more consistent damage output, both as a result of having better ammo management and more slots dedicated to damage mods.


In an attempt to make this more focused -- Serration is not the real culprit here and its removal is just tinkering with the symptoms instead of targeting the disease, so to speak. Taking in coniseration all the elemental mods that are now present in the game, regardless of whether we have Serration or not, the two main avenues for weapon modding will still be the rainbow builds and the crit builds, with status builds being a modification of the first, and the removal of Serration will make no difference at all in this regard. -

- and this is w/o mentioning the elephant in the room that is the terrible design of over 3/4 of the weapons in the game which are absolutely useless in the face of the top dogs. A huge portion of Warframe's arsenal is completely a waste of time, gimmicky and inneficient in the face of the Soma's and Boltor P's (or the explosive weapons for that matter)


To be able to even remotely fix this imaginary problem that Serration is creating, Warframe needs to completely revise how the weapons are designed and to make sure they are properly tiered and/or gated on the progression curve, but even more important how the available arsenal is reflecting on the environment towards which it is balanced.


tl;dr Removing Serration fixes bugger all, the problem lies elsewhere and it is far bigger than just scalable damage.



Exactly, for the most part. Removing of the extra or scalable damage doesn't fix the inherent issue that is the luckluster stat system of Warframe. DE tried to remedy that with the elemental combos, but the end result was "nothing has changed". If anything, it is made worse by the fact that the best status mods are the event rainbow mods which basically devours the potential for diversity in the status builds by making them the equivalent of rainbow builds.


Even if the pure damage mods (Serration/Hornet Strike/Point Blank/etc) are removed, the current status won't change since we'll still only have the choice between Rainbow/status builds or Crit builds (Multishot is very one dimensional and lacks variety and in its current form it is mandatory in every build)


The other thing is that even if we *repair* and modify the luckluster mods, they are still gonna remain luckluster due to them only being bandaid for luckluster weapon design. For example, why bother fixing the ammo economy/efficiency of the Supra when you can just load up Boltor Prime with double rainbows and go to town. Some will bring the argument of preference, but you can't balance your game around preference and ignore the idea of efficiency and relevance.


To put it simple, for any real build diversity, as far as weapons go, a direct gain of % damage should go the way of the dodo, elemental mods need to be rebalanced and elemental mechanics changed AND on top of everything extra stats and stat mechanics should be introduced while the weapon design takes them and their effectivnes into consideration, with enemies and encounters that are efficiently affected by them and being able to answer/counter them.


tl;dr This is a huge gemplay (re)design black hole.

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Sliding, Coptering, Wall-fling

-> Other

What I want for them is to be smoother-to-use. i.e. Movement "2.0".

I want to wallclimb when I want to wallclimb.

I want to be able to sequentially copter smoothly, and not end up air-slamming on the 2nd copter half the time. (Release shift. hold shift. Copter. Bleh.)

I want to stop automantling when I'm trying to wall-fling.



I have no thoughts on the matter beyond that.



Do you think pickups (orbs and ammo) need a revision?

-> No opinion

Need? No. It's a serviceable system. And getting restores lets you ignore them altogether, so yay.

Could definitely use? Absolutely.

A single health orb won't help a Saryn much.

A single ammo drop won't help your Glaxion.


Also, fixed-amount energy orbs greatly incentivise getting 75% power efficiency (so you can use any ability, including ults, with just 1 orb drop).



What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?

-> Other

Too-broad a question.

What values does each 'pure damage' mod have?

Is the effect additive or multiplicative?

Are enemies balanced around your having; or not having them? And at what rank?


The larger the gap between the 'have damage' and 'have-not damage', the harder DE's job of balancing the game for both.

They can balance for 'no damage' and then the 'haves' steamroll everything until level 2000+ (or they get bored).

They can balance for 'have damage', and then you either A) Have (and have to have) damage, or B) go play in Mercury and leave Earth+ to the omg so pro properly geared players. Also, bend over and prepare to get shafted spend lots of plat, or give up on crafting any Prime gear, since you need to spawn the gamut of Tower tiers to complete anything and only the gud players can do that, now.

They can try to hit some 'inbetween'... lmk how that works out for you.


I could give you a slew of numbers... but what's the point? Others have done it before me, and better.

Lowering the 'pure damage' mods' values and making them additive instead of multiplicative (and killing Multishot) would be a huge step towards making damage an actual choice as opposed to a fake one.


Do yourselves a favor:

Want to leave the gap as it is, or even increase it? No problem. But flat out make weapons and frames tiered instead of the current undirected, unstructured meandering.

Is that what I want? Hell no.
But it's the only viable solution I'm familiar with when dealing with a greater-than-x2 total character power scaling.
(HP: 100%->540%. Shields: 100%->540%. Damage (assuming max Serration, 2*90% elemental mods and multishot): x1->(7.42*1.9=)x15)
If you're hitting twice as hard for twice as long, you're doing 4 times the damage.
This...? -_-


DE need to decide what Warframe is to be.

Where it will fall on the 'importance of  player skill vs. gear stats' scale.

Where it will fall on the 'open vs. "this tall to ride" gated content' scale.

Where it will fall on the 'RNG-gate to becoming "this tall"'. (Also, why the ^!($ are even damaged mods drops instead of being scripted rewards?! (unless this's been changed since I last ran through the NPE).)

Where it will fall on the 'player choice matters vs. 'build it like this or you better have someone to carry you''...

Regarding Endless modes, what content should be easy to complete, what should be challenging, what should be hard, and what should be impossible, and then balance player power accordingly. (I remember struggling at ~17 minutes (i.e. before Rot C) in T3S. Now I can do 50+ minutes in T4S (i.e. 2.5 Rot C rewards) with no problems, barring the odd screwup. Is that really supposed to be how it works?)

Probably other things as well, but it's 5 am and I'm crazy for still being typing this.


Clearly, I seriously need to rearrange my priorities.





-> Maybe, depending.

A) Melee is at a disadvantage vs guns. You need to get up-close.

B) Melee is at a disadvantage vs guns. You do less damage.

C) Melee is at a disadvantage vs guns. You have a harder time of ducking out of a fight to breath, heal, regen, etc. Because <see A>.


Getting in some heavy's face and grabbing him lets me A) disable that heavy (theoretically), B) use it as a shield to block a large cone of incoming fire. (Because he's big, ya know?)


And it might give some CC options to weapons that aren't Jat Kittag, Orthos P, et. al.


Doesn't automatically bring melee up-to-par with guns, but it helps.



On average, do you use all of your Warframe’s abilities?

-> Other

Depends on the frame.

Depends on the mods I have available.

Depends on whether or not I have energy restores.

But mostly? Depends on my Power Efficiency.

List follows, ignoring energy restores. If there are 2 options listed, the first is 50%+ Efficiency, the second is 0% or less.


1 PE or go home.

2 not enough AoE for stun and I have Loki for invis.

3 rarely use, since finisher prompts are unreliable and I almost never need the mobility.

4 Board wipe for 100 energy, cheap board wipe for 25.



1 PE or 3 is better.

2 Radar or heavy-kill, so yes.

3 Yes

4 Situational, yes.



1 PE or go home

2 PE or ace-in-the-hole for 4

3 lolno

4 Depends on build (Yes or no Duration)



1 lolno

2 Sometimes

3 lolno, I have air melee

4 (unless supported by team composition) PE or go home



1 lolno. Can't hit the side of a barn from twenty paces.

2 Sometimes

3 All day erry'day.

4 PE or go home



1 PE or rarely

2 Yes

3 Emergency shield regen, otherwise no

4 sometimes



1 Often

2 Often

3 PE or ace-in-the-hole

4 Depends on build



1 Often

2 All day erry'day

3 Sometimes

4 :3



1 PE or CC, so sometimes

2 PE vs. Corpus or emergency heal

3 Rarely

4 Rarely



1 If I'm expecting to fight a target that needs a BOOM HEADSHOT

2 All day erry'day

3 All day erry'day

4 PE or go home for aimbot



1 All day erry'day

2 not unless for some reason I can't shoot the guy trying to start the alarm

3 All day erry'day

4 PE or emergency blind



1 Soul Survivor or go home. Since when does it interrupt reloading? >;[

2 Emergency CC, cast after 4

3 All day erry'day -_-

4 Emergency CC or all day erry'day (as long as I have creatures to feed it -_-) in 40+ minutes T4S



1 Well, I didn't have anything better to do with that energy...

2 Have pocket-nuke, will atomize sh*t.

3 When needed, so: Rarely

4 All day erry'day



1 When I feel like if, so sometimes.

2 PE vs. level<15 or lolno

3 All day erry'day :3

4 sometimes



1 PE? All day erry'day, no? 4 is better emergency CC in most situations (because creature quantity>quality)

2 lolno. Power Duration? What's that? (unless specifically chosen for anti-proc, in which case: All day erry'day)

3 As needed

4 All day erry'day or emergency CC



1 lolno. I can copter/air slam just fine, thankyouverymuch.

2 All day erry'day

3 All day erry'day

4  All day erry'day or Emergency CC



1 Rarely

2 often

3 no

4 All day erry'day



1 Emergency CC

2 All day erry'day. Would be nice if the UI showed squad energy so I could, you know, do something else every once-in-a-while.

3 All day erry'day

4 As required, so: often.



1 PE or emergency mobility

2 All day erry'day

3 When I feel like pointing and laughing

4 Depends on build



1 I didn't have anything better to do with that energy, anyway

2 Sometimes

3 Depends on build: all day erry'day or emergency CC

4 Depends on build: all day erry'day or emergency CC



1 PE or emergency CC

2 All day erry'day

3 All day erry'day

4 Depends on build/mood, either often or emergency CC



1 All day erry'day or sometimes

2 Rarely

3 All day erry'day

4 As required, so: Rarely

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I think damage mods need a serious review. Damage 2.0 brought about a greater range in types of damage, so it's not entirely about piling numbers on top of each other, but it still is pretty much about piling the numbers on top of each other.


Imagine for a moment: damage mods don't add to damage (that's mostly part of the weapon rank), but change the type of damage a given combo attack does, and that improves your damage versus a given enemy. Ranged weapons don't have combos, but they could have mods that reward consistency - repeated headshots, not missing targets, etc.


This could also open up the possibility of weapons not constantly sputtering and exploding, but showing a cumulative expression of any given element as you fulfil these conditions or combos.

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Can you add additional visual weapon customization like in game "loadout". This game is weak, but have interesting weapon customization system(always changing 3d model)?

And HOT QUESTION: WHEN YOU OPEN ACCOUNT TRANSFER?? we really need it!!!!!!! I don't want to donate TWICE(on PC and PS4). I'm playing over 2 years, last half year - year I donate every month, because I want to support your project.

last question: Is PS4 version of game will always "one-step-behind"

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Ok, if you don't want to open account transfer - make it with PAYMENT(for money). A lot of peoples understand that PC become older during 1 year and you should to have computer for 5000$ to have 60 FPS without drops(for one year), ps4 always giving 60 fps and no FPS drops. For 400$... For 3-5 years... Much better. Open account transfer for request and money! Do it please! Make money!

Or I go play Destiny :)))) I want to see my PC account on ps4!

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