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Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

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We’re back this Friday with another Devstream!  

Who: The crew is back! Join Rebecca, Steve, Scott, Geoff, and Sheldon on the couch!

What:  A Harrowing Devstream approaches… viewers will be the first to see Harrow gameplay! Want to see the thirty-third Warframe’s powers in action? Tune in! We’ll also be doing Q&A and sneaking in a few other demos. Don’t miss it.

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Banshee Prime Access!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Friday May 12th  at 2 p.m EDT (convert here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/)   

If you have questions for us please post them below! This thread closes at 10 a.m on Friday, May 12th. 

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Can't wait to see Harrow's abilites and gameplay!

Q: Token system for sorties, will it ever happen? Most of the community is for it and we definitely need the system in the game badly for a long time, it's been almost 2 years of no token system for sorties. If you've abandoned this idea, please explain why you did.

How's shield gating working so far?

Umbra reveal at all? 

Will Chroma get a legitimate passive?

Syndicate Archwing weapons, will it happen in the future?

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1) With the upcoming trade chat changes, when can we see fixes to the chat freezing in trade chat or other chat issues?

2) When can we see more Speedrun events or leaderboard features such as the Recurring Nightmares tactical alert or incident archive?

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Are there any plans for changing Chroma? When his Vex Armor bug was fixed, it was hinted that he'll be getting a closer look after Oberon. Now that Oberon is for the most part done (needs a few more tweaks here and there but they're minor), what is planned for Chroma?

I have a thread with a good amount of suggestions:


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4th ! 5th !

Q : Will we get Mag Deluxe in May ?

When will we get Focus changes ?

Are you working on new walk/run/jump/crouch animations ?

Is Bobo ( Harrow the Inquisitor Frame ) coming this month ?

When will we see Sentient Invasion or some kind of expansion ?

Any news on Shield-gating ?

Any news on Chroma rework ?




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Can we get an endgame variant of the Lato?

Prisma Lato?



New solar map is beautiful and generally awesome, but finding out what mission type is the Regular Mission of a node which has an alert, Syndicate, kuva, quest, etc on top of it requires clicking on it.

Also, if a node with no additional modes other than its Regular Mission is clicked, you are immediately sent to it.

Could we have a confirm button like we used to have?

And a way to quickly see every mission on a node? Or filters by planet, mission, alert/kuva/sortie/etc?

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Just now, Thaerath said:

What happened to Umbra?

That's the center of our next cinematic quest.

They said as much late last year.

DE doesn't want to hype Umbra in April and release it in November like they did with the TWW, so "mums-the-word" until much later this year.

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How about: 

  • new Clan management system;
  • fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
  • more flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system;
  • stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
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Any word on when the HDR for all platforms and PS4 Pro versions of Warframe are coming out? They were mentioned in December and never spoken upon again. I'm sure HDR is coming but is the Pro version even still a thing being worked on, or planned to be worked on, or was it scrapped? Just kinda like to know one way or the other. It's been six months now with no new information

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Any news on another deluxe skin?

Do you guys at DE put pineapple on pizza?

Any News on the Equinox Alt Helmet?


The Day of Dev Stream is my 1 Year Warframe Birthday \o/ 

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Will we ever see the return of the Snipetron, Machete and Furax Wraith???

Potential to have more than 1 companion roaming our ship at once? As a cosmetic option, I would love to have a baby Kubrow or Kavat walking around my Orbiter at all times just for that cute factor!

When are we going to see expansions to the upstairs of Relays?

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6 minutes ago, Thaerath said:

Q: What about Dark Sectors?
What happened to Umbra?
What happened to Ember, Zephyr and Mag Deluxe Skin?
Is Focus system ever going to change in some ways?

i assume they are saving umbra for a august~december release, just speculation, as we've seen them drom tsd and tww at those time ranges.

so probably a yearly huge story update

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Questions from previous devstream topic:

Hi! My questions below:

  1. When will you make Tonkor great again? Or at least when will you release Prisma Wraith AkTonkor Vandal Prime?
  2. Friendly fire when? Radiation from sorties isn't enough.
  3. When will you nerf other "cheesy" frames, focuses and guns (looking at you Inaros, Naramon and Tigris series)?
  4. Tonkor's grenades exploding on impact with enemies when?
  5. Tonkor's grenades bounciness revert when?
  6. Very BIG indicator where the grenades are when?
  7. No more holding fire to aim with Tonkor when?

Some serious questions:

  1. Sentient invasions when?
  2. Invasion outcome actually changing node's faction when?
  3. Baro when?
  4. Umbra when?
  5. Earth remaster when?
  6. Pablo appearance during devstream when?
  7. Clan nemesis system when?
  8. Better loot from higher lvl enemies when?
  9. Not ridiculous armour and HP scaling of our enemies when?
  10. Operator interacting with pets when?
  11. Focus changes when?
  12. Tenno grenade launcher when?
  13. Kuva boss when?
  14. Orokin derelict matchmaking when?
  15. Excavation extractor HP and shield lvl scaling when?
  16. Stances for primary weapons when? You know you want it :D
  17. More mandachord sound packs when?
  18. Silva & Aegis buff when?
  19. Tonkor 6 meter indicator when?

Keep up the good work! :)
But please reconsider at least some changes to Tonkor (you did revert changes made to Sonicor). :)

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A while back on one of Steve's Sunday streams, he showed off something he threw together with a map that allowed the player move from on-foot combat to archwing mid-mission. Has there been any effort to implement this or was it just a one-time proof of concept type thing?

Also, is there any news on the Phorid Rework?

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