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Most of what I'm interested in are balance changes which usually don't get mentioned but I'll talk about it anyway.

-Any plans to make speed-focused Zaws any stronger or faster to make up for the loss of damage? They become kinda iffy compared to heavier zaws with berserker on them.

-Any plans to make the Void better for orokin relics? It only makes sense that an unexplored Void tower would have more relics, or possibly unique ones.

-This isn't so much a question as me begging, but someone please look at Vauban's deployables because they like to throw in the wrong direction constantly, and it's been like that for a long time now.

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5 hours ago, JeyciKon said:

Q: From the day corruped mods came the game started turning from a shooter into a hack and slash game where for any players all you do is press numbers, im sure you guys regreat that, any plans to turn it around? solutions like the nullifiers do not count..

Uh, there are all of two corrupted melee mods so I don't know what you are talking about, one of them is channeling based so that especially didn't get much use. 

How about making both shooting and melee useful instead of having to make it one over the other? Just because you don't like hacking and slashing does not mean the game should just be a shooter. Melee has been in the game since the beginning, were you wanting them to just be glorified nerf bats this whole time? How pointless. We need a serious fall back for when ammo is scarce bruh, we are also space ninja, we should have exciting physicality and martial prowess.  Varied abilities basically. If anything, they could bear to make melee have more depth, as the one button inputs are pretty monotonous and limiting in regard to executing proper combos.

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What can we expect with the way Rivens are headed going foward? I have a few questions specifically regarding rivens -

  1. Re rolling Rivens feels frustrating because it currently feels like playing with a casino slot machine, you have little to no control over what you are doing with rerolls. I run into too many whiffs when rerolling rivens. Do you have any plans on making ways to have a bit more control over what stats you can get on your rivens in exchange for increasing reroll costs by at least 10-15x? The reason I have seen the arcane system introduced in PoE being recieved more positively than ones obtained from raids is that the only aspect of RNG involved in the system is gathering resources used in the blueprints building the arcanes. I'm currently enjoying the exoida arcanes from the recent plague star event for this reason as the time gate involved with getting the set was grinding the gems required to build the arcanes rather than rolling the dice and hoping you get the arcane itself as a drop from a boss
  2. What are your plans for the change in Riven Dispositions look like in the near future? I ask this specifically with regards to people's change in use of weapons with regards to shifting metas, introduction of new weapons phasing out old weapons that were once seen as classics, or even as a result of direct weapon buffs/nerfs. With regards to new weapons, I am seeing (and using) a LOT of arca plasmors and lenzes and am not sure if the amount of use those weapons are getting are consistent with other weapons with a neutral disposition. Examples of really good weapons that have came out with buffs that are seeing a lot of attention and still have strong Riven dispositions include the Opticor and the Sicarus Prime. I use both of these weapons a lot because I have good crit rivens for both of these weapons. Though it doesn't feel right to increase the crit stats of the weapons without weakening the rivens associated with them. On the contrary, I am of the opinion that Tonkor and Simulor Rivens should get some love and have their dispositions seriously buffed. Ever since they were nerfed, their use has declined way below what was seen out of weapons who originally had a riven disposition of 1/5. They absolutely did deserve to have such a weak riven disposition while they were two of the meta weapons but their nerfs have shifted their power levels to middle of the table when it comes to weapons yet still have weak riven stats. I understand that riven disposition changes should only be made sparingly and with announcement because people who buy/gather rivens expect the riven to work as described for a good period of time but It feels like you (DE) have gone completely silent on this topic during the last couple of months and I'm not sure what to expect at this point.
  3. Are you physically able to offer more Riven slots for plat at this point? As someone who obtains rivens almost exclusively from daily sorties, I am now at a position where throwing plat your way won't let me not dissolve or give away extra rivens to make me eligible for running additional sorties (I've been at 90/90 for a while now). I understand that this causes server headaches which is why riven slots cost extra plat compared to other slot types but I'm wondering if you're willing/able to work around those constraints to potentially or even partially keep up with those who get their Rivens from doing sotries on a almost completely daily basis
  4. This question is pure speculation but do you put an occurrence bonus on the odds of getting rivens for event weapons during the said event window? I'm wondering this because while participating in the plague star event, I noticed that I obtained multiple melee rivens during the event and they were all for the infested zaw strikes.
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Hello DE members, love the game I have a few questions I've wanted to ask.

Is it possible to have an option to choose select the focus school with want to use for a mission from the arsenal menu instead of going all the way to the operator or have them assigned to the loadout slot? . 

  1. Since Kubrows and Kavats can move around the ship, when will Sentinels be able to do the same?.
  2. Since the Stalker got an upgrade any chance that the Zanuka and G3 will also get an upgrade?
  3. Some time Steve spoke about expanding on the Infested room/helminth and the cyst. I was wondering if that is still incoming?
  4. Seeing as how we've had a contest for melee weapons. Any chance for a contest to design other weapons classes or even frames?
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  • News about Damage 3.0?
  • Previously you said that the status proc "strength" will scale off how much of a percentage that element is of the total damage. How will this affect weapons like the Lacera for example that proc bleed from the stance combos?
  • Any teasing info about Khora's quest? :D
  • Any Pets 2.0 news?
  • Will Khora's "Exalted Kavat" (LOL) scale with any companion mods or just Kavat and Kubrow mods? If just Kavat and Kubrow mods, would it be possible to implement a utility aspect to the "Exalted Kavat" that scales with sentinel mods (like for example mods like Sacrifice, Guardian, Medi-Ray, Coolant Leak, Sanctuary, etc.)?
  • Will we ever get a foundry queue or something along those lines? Personally for me, having to tend to it every minute while building consumables is getting a bit frustrating :/
  • Any new twin daggers, whips, daggers, or gunblades in the making?
  • Will the Quills' Amp and arcane selection ever get an expansion?
  • Like me, I'm sure that there are a lot of people who started to scan items for their codex quite late in the game. Ever considered making the normal Stalker entry to unlock with the Shadow Stalker one?
  • Any more quests currently being considered to be made replayable?
  • Is there a Chroma/Zephyr rework in the future?
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My questions:

-Will there be a non-random method for obtaining Focus Lenses?

-ETA/progress on Syndicate Assassinate?

-Ideas for Dojo and Liset rooms and decorations?

-What are Khora's abilities?

-Will we be able to pet Kubrows as the Operator?

-More focus changes?

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Question No.1: Extra Exilus Slot, in near or far future?

Suggestions: 1 Slot "Drift Exilus", other Slot "Movement/Momentum Exilus". Another option could be, prerequisite specifiq MR for acces. Or completion of a Quest.

Explanation: Mods like Aviator, Patagium, Mobilize, Intruder, Ice Spring, etc, are rarely used, especially in high level areas. An Extra Exilus Slot would maybe add an elan and euphoric feeling/experience.

Question No.2: 5. Mod Column for Warframe/Weapons/Sentinels/Companions, sooner or later? (I thought first about 3.Line, but 4 extra Slots would be pretty imba probably. :devil:)

Suggestion: Requirement to have a specifiq MR or having completing a quest.

Explanation: For Warframe there are only a few Mods, like Antioxin, Flame Repellent, Undying Will, etc., rarely to never get used, also opening playroom for modding. (e.g. combining Firewalker and Ice Spring = Blast Step, or Antitoxin and Lightning Rod = Radioactin)

Weapons: A lot of Mods which rarely to never get used, like these mods u can use for PvE and PvP(Twitch, Eagle Eye, Gun Glide, etc), Channeling mods for Melee, etc.

Would open a gigantic play room for experiments. (Don't have to be 2 Slots for evry mod there is, only for those specifiq mods which rarely get used, would be enough)

Question No.3: Is a Melee weapon incoming which is going for channeling stats?

Question No.4: 100 x Squad "___" Restore (Large) Blueprints, 1 time usage, no? ok i'll stop...


P.S. Dope Game, but don't let those compliments get to you, stay humble, because there is way to go.:devil:


Question No.5: Are you gonna add more transparency in examine other Tennos Profiles? Like, when i maxed Skana, the picture gets colored and a marker, now i sell Skana, the picture should get back to grey, BUT the marker stays. So other players see, i do not have that weapon anymore, but i maxed it at last once. *Very Important Question* :crylaugh:

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Hello! I have a strange suggestion: can you please add mendacord mechanics to Banshee? Looking at the amount of work your team has poured into the sound design and love of this system, it's a shame i's so underused. Can we please expand that? Plus, banshee already have a theme somehow related to sound. My variant of adding those mechanics to her would be something like, for example,  make her ulti change based on the song you are using, or, buffs, that her silence and sonar could give. 

P.S. My favorite frames are Oberon and Lymbo. Ty guys for the great job on their reworks, keep on the good work!

P.S.S. My top memories are: "THA WARUDO!", Octavia's quest (I myself am a musician, so it just clicked with me), and, obviously, all of PoE.

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Will you be revisiting Gara gain? The nerf to her MV makes her trash against sortie level enemies.

What about Volt? Will he be getting his damaged cap removed? Will Hydroid ever get synergy between Undertow and Tidal Surge (that way I don't fall asleep while playing as him)?

Will you ever allow for us to lock in riven stats and min/max locked in stats for Kuva? The riven system is a great start, but currently it is a mess.

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 As much as I love free stuff, I just don't think I can sit through another Twitch stream and get nothing. That winter syandana drop didn't happen even after 3+ hours on 2 different streams. Some of us don't have all this free time to sit through a stream. Twitch drops normally don't work or take FOREVER to appear. I'll give it one last try and hopefully find out something new about Khora.

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What happened to the Second Dream-style Focus abilities, like Mind Spike and Phoenix Gaze? Post-War Within players can no longer use them.

And what are Second Dream players supposed to do with their Focus pools before they've unlocked War Within? Seems odd to open the gate for them but lock 80% of the tree.

If the Plains Bounties are supposed to be content for new players as much as veterans, why are Lenses in the reward table for players who haven't played Second Dream yet? Or Kuva to players who haven't played War Within?

While Naramon has been stated to be the "Rogue" tree, Focus 2.0 has few stealth-related options in the tree in favor of simply boosting melee damage. Why?

One of the stated goals of the Focus rework was that the passive abilities players enjoyed would go to the new Arcanes. Where is my Shadow Step?

The “Hold X to self-Revive” mechanic appeases players who wanted the ability to die without being saved, but the big text in the center of the screen fools new players into wasting their personal Revives by thinking they’re contributing to their own revival. Are more UI changes coming to emphasize that it’s not the intended use?

Given the discussion of Sentinels and Vacuum in Devstream 100, could we have some means to revive dead Sentinels and Companions (like a consumable) without having to die and spend a self-Revive to do so?

The Profile video for Oberon abilities was recently updated, but did not mention important facets of his kit like the interaction between Hallowed Ground and Reckoning, the bonus damage Reckoning receives from Radiation, the bleedout buff for Renewal, etc. Many players are already unaware of the full breadth of his abilities and must use out-of-game resources to inform themselves. Is there any concern that Oberon's execution may be too complex?
What about frames like Limbo or Frost, to whom important facets (like rolling to cancel Banish or canceling Snow Globe with Freeze) are not mentioned in-game?

Since the last time you mentioned addressing “mandatory” mods like Serration and multishot, you’ve added Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point and Riven mods to the game, which simply contribute to the issue. Have you officially gone back on plans to address these mods?

Could we see more consistency to Limbo's interactions with the Rift? Presently a number of enemy abilities (like Napalm rockets or explosive effects in the Plains) have the ability to bypass the Rift without any mentioned indication. Additionally, players are able to alert enemies by bumping into them despite being in the Rift, and enemies are able to hack terminals from inside the Rift even while players cannot.

What exactly is the point of allowing Volt to pick up Electric Shield if it costs him extra energy to move while active? It directly penalizes the synergy it creates with Speed, and actively discourages charging his passive.
Simultaneously, do you have any plans to update Discharge? The damage cap on the ability means it can burn out almost as quickly as it is cast, especially in a large crowd or against armored targets. His lack of scaling means Volt still isn’t a “potent alternative to gunplay”.

In your first Reddit AMA about 2 years ago, you were asked if you'd considered adding an extra color tint option for metals on the PBR Prime items (including the frames post-Nova Prime)... and Sheldon missed the point when he answered. Would someone else care to revise?

Players allied with New Loka/Perrin Sequence have no means to obtain the Large Shield Restore blueprint. Would there be a neutral way in the future to increase the availability of this Restore?

Akvasto Prime: When?

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What happened to that modern era pistol and sawn off shotgun skin that was shown off in one of the devstreams? It'd be great to have that for fashionframe.


Best Warframe Memory of 2017:

Focus 2.5 drops and I could almost max out the focus schools I've been farming ever since focus 1.0 first came out. That had to have been like over a year now. Hitting roadblocks still with certain nodes and capacity but I'm pretty happy about that even if I think some schools like Unairu could use a buff still, especially magnetic blast.

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