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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

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vor 5 Minuten schrieb MobyTheDuck:

Weird, I managed to do this by using Archwing to reach the Vallis max height, then change to KDrive and dropped into the coolant lake.


vor 1 Minute schrieb Mover-NeRo:

What do you mean? 


Yeah, I got it too. Didnt even go archwing to reach the height. Maybe they mean they just made it easier to get?

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Lately something weird is going on with my Borderless window mode.

Loads the game, and my whole screen is shifted to the left off screen, leaving a huge black bar on the right.

Alt Enter will restore position until I click on it.

Have to go into settings to do full screen mode, save, window mode, save, then borderless window mode, save, just to get it back.


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we all asia players have some deep bug that we cant play together after fortunas out and we already talk to supp and they say they cant do anything about it

the problem is that we cant invite or get invites after 5 mins login in account. the chat look normal + we can join random squads but all in 5 mins after that no inv can go out or come in

all my iranian friends and russia and andonesia have the same problem

DMZ-IP-VPN-nat forwarding-renistalling -changing ports-upnp and more things have been tested and none solve the problem and im pretty sure its on your side and not ours

hope you see it ty for reading this gl

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5 minutes ago, Lance_Lionroar said:

Thanks to whomever the hell deleted my previous reply. Anyway, still no fix for being unable to name our CRAFTED K-Drives.

Also, the MOA names appearing to clients as just MOA is apparently still not fixed.

I still haven't built my dream K-Drive because I can't name it. Almost a month now and still no word on this getting fixed. Same for the issue I've been repeatedly championing, also about K-Drives, the Jets and Reactors being too far forward. I understand other bugs need to be fixed too but at this point I'm really disappointed. I was hoping this would be fixed before I started playing smash but no dice. At this point I'm rank 5 with Ventkids and have bought almost everything. Yet so many things are still broken.


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Let Garuda's 1st ability deal damage!

What is the point of having her Talons modded if Literal "Stab" with those talons doesnt deal damage? I know you are trying to have conecction 4 to 1 ability to damage target itd. But it has an issue!


Despite actually trying to kill the target with 1, you just keep using 1 and stunning the enemy to stack your orb than release tons of burst which makes holding Orb useless as well!


@[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Pablo

Please consider adding damage to her one - let it be finisher damage of modded talons. Please. It is nice to execute etc but according to issue above and fact that you will more likely shoot the enemy with Tigris than use 4 and 1 just to kill him.

Please this is an issue in Garuda 😕

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14 minutes ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving. 

While it was mildly amusing to watch my cat going around me in circles, it became a nuisance when trying to mine. Good QoL fix, also appreciate you fixing the invisible environmental effects in Hive missions.

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