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Mesa Prime Access is Live!

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vor 13 Minuten schrieb Nitro747:

prime accessories don't include platinum. Spending that much money to get weak cosmetics that probably took a couple of hours to make and a bunch of boosters are definitely not worth the price of an AAA game.


top 10 questions that scientists can't answer. But hey, Redeemer prime is something we've wanted for a while and that thing looks beautiful. Also, its the perfect melee to a frame that is focused on guns, like, even her melee wep is a gun :V

But on PS4 there are plats included! 

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As I said previously here in the link attached below. This prime access could have been a great source of income for you guys. Funds that you could reinvest into your game to improve the infrastructure yet you shot yourselves in the foot by giving us a sugatra and accessories that we could most likely get from Tennogen. It is NOT worth the price tag, I suggest you guys throw in a syandana or something in there otherwise you will be losing out on a lot of money.


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9 hours ago, xcenic said:

Day 5. Tenno diary

DE keep deleting thread and post of criticism about the ugly and expensive mesa prime accessories.

2 day before release, still sux.


No, actually it's quite good. It's never going to replace Prime Syandanas but it does look okay for operator accessories.

The only reason I'm not going to buy Prime accessories? I am broke.

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3 hours ago, Myscho said:

So alt helmet exclusive to accessories? Really?


Community: "This Prime Accessories isn't good enough for the $50 price tag!"
DE: "Alright, I suppose for the first time ever we will release an Alt Prime Helmet in the Accessories pack this time too."
Community: "Prime Alt Helmet in the Prime Accessories Pack? HOW DARE YOU!!!"

DE: *Just walks away to deal with more important things*

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