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il y a 16 minutes, sniperloic a dit :

 picking the lowest prices to finally be able to seel them at a decent price.

Do you know what ? All the price listing on Warframe Market are just item that ARE NOT SOLD. All the sold item get removed, because you know, they get sold.

What you consider "decent price" is actually overpricing. You can't accept to sell it cheaper, but then, you will never sell anything. You can sell anything within minutes if you sell it cheaper than the cheapest item listed; or you can keep it forever until the game is dead and there is no more offer except yours.

Sell, or don't.

Items getting dusty in your inventory have no value as long as they stay there.

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2 hours ago, Zahnny said:

There's also another Operator Prime suit for Zephyr P


2 hours ago, (PS4)Quantaminum said:

I was around when that one was released. I started playing during Hydroid Prime's release.

I had no idea operator cosmetics were a thing for so long.

Yup, the only piece I use from the Saita Prime armor set is the hood.. Everything else Commodore Prime. pPvg4NDb0ciKJSrvxXFDLRIxKvXAg=

Love the energy color channels from Commodore prime. Hated the way the color channels are on Saita Prime. 

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DE, please, consider making the prime glyphs available on the accesories pack or in some other way.

It's very annoying that if I want to get the glyphs, I'd have to buy the highest tiers of each frame (or the dual pack). I don't want or need the platinum or the extra warframe/weapon spaces, I just want the accesories and the glyphs. Why is it so hard to do so?

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Context-wise I am going to shout, so bear with me.

Is there ANY WORD for the Cycuta Prime Sigil and the Verlorum Prime Sigil getting a PBR update like what was promised with the Rift Walker Prime Sigil? 

There have been plenty of us that are waiting patiently, very patiently, for any updates on the textures for Cycuta and Verlorum Prime sigils. Please give us some follow-ups on ANYTHING regarding these two sigils.

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On ‎2019‎-‎08‎-‎27 at 3:20 PM, Zahnny said:

Any chance that the Liset Prime can be made into a selectable ship instead of a skin? I'd like to apply skins onto the Liset Prime model if given the chance.

oh yeah! get some Liset Prime with the anniversary skin... that would look pretty cool. 

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